‘Cannabis addict’s student career wrecked after being jailed for robbing elderly shop assistant’

24 October 2008
Daily Mail

A man whose university career was wrecked by cannabis has been jailed after his craving for the drug led him to rob an elderly shop assistant.

The way the Class C drug has ruined Damon Woodhouse’s life and devastated his ‘decent’ family should be a ‘cautionary tale for those who think it is a harmless drug,’ said the judge who jailed him.

Both Judge William Hart and Woodhouse’s mother spoke out against the dangers of cannabis, which many say should be legalised.

Gloucester crown court heard that Woodhouse, 23, had dropped out of his Maths degree course at Cardiff University because of his cannabis addiction…

At first he tried to finance his heavy cannabis use by selling off his possessions – but when they had all gone he turned to crime and carried out a shop robbery armed with a screwdriver and then a till snatch theft on the same day.

They were his first criminal convictions, the court was told…

Judge Hart told him ‘The person who committed these offences on 12th September was not the real you, was it.. It was a you driven by the need for money to fund your cannabis addiction, for addiction it clearly was.

‘As I have already remarked, your case is a cautionary tale for those who think cannabis is a harmless drug.

‘Quite how you managed to persuade yourself that an offence of the gravity of this charge was something you were prepared to do I confess I cannot really begin to imagine.

‘It was a planned robbery and you took a weapon, a screwdriver.’


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