‘Paranoid factory worker stabbed parents to death in frenzied attack during psychotic episode after smoking cannabis for years’

27 May 2015
Mail Online

A paranoid factory worker stabbed his parents to death in a frenzied attack during a psychotic episode after years of smoking cannabis, a court heard today.

Kamil Dantes, 28, left his disabled father, Leszek Dantes, and mother Malgorzata, both 54 and originally from Poland, with more than 30 wounds each at their home in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

When detectives arrived at the semi-detached home in April last year, they found the couple slumped on their bedroom floor and a bag containing two 10-inch knives.

The attack had been so ferocious the tip of one of the knives had broken off.

A post mortem examination found his father, who had walked with a frame since undergoing brain surgery in 2010, had suffered 30 stab wounds and his wife 40.

Nottingham Crown Court heard Dantes, who came to the UK in 2006, claimed he thought his parents were ‘adding something to his food’ and ‘trying to control him’.

He had been smoking cannabis for 12 years and was sectioned in 2011 after calling police and saying his parents had been murdered and ‘replaced by imposters who were wearing their faces’.

After he was released back into the community he was seen on a regular basis by a community mental health nurse – but hid his drug use, which also included amphetamines, from her.

Michael Burrows QC, prosecuting, told the court Dantes killed his parents on Easter Monday last year before dialling 999 himself at 6.55am.

After his arrest, Dantes told detectives that killing his parents was ‘the biggest mistake of my life’, but that ‘I didn’t have a choice because my nervous system was very damaged’.

Mr Burrows added that police found around five grams of cannabis in Dante’s room and he admitted smoking around 12 hours before the attack. He also told officers that smoking the drug affected him ‘strongly’.

The prosecutor said it was the unanimous opinion of medical experts that Dantes was suffering from an ‘abnormality of mental function’ that impaired his ability for rational judgement and self-control.

He added: ‘It is common ground that taking drugs exacerbated his mental condition and the Crown say he must take responsibility for that exacerbation.’

The court heard that after being sectioned in 2011 and held in a psychiatric unit, Dantes was ‘warned then that drug taking was not efficacious of his condition’.

Mr Burrows said that 12 months later, a report about that incident stated: ‘Kamil has good insight into the triggers of his psychiatric illness approximately one year ago.

‘Kamil believes smoking cannabis led to his hospital condition. He must have known smoking cannabis adversely affected his mind.’

The hearing was told Dantes is still undergoing treatment in Rampton high security hospital in Notts, with a possible diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia.

He has told doctors he spent £10 a week on cannabis and the same amount on amphetamines, using them ‘like medicines’ because they ‘made him forget his worries’.

Mr Burrows said: ‘There seems to be some agreement that whatever form his mental condition takes, it may recur, without the trigger of further illicit drug taking.

‘But the risk of it recurring is increased if there were further illicit drug taking.’

He added Dantes’ sister had noticed ‘something wrong with him’ as long ago as 2006 – and now realised he was probably using cannabis back then.

She went on to say his ‘behaviour changed’ in 2009 following a break-up with his girlfriend after he accidentally sent a text message about cannabis to her that was meant for someone else.

Mr Burrows said: ‘He began mentally tormenting his family, and blamed his sister and her husband for the break-up.

‘In 2009, he went back to Poland for the wedding of his sister, but refused help, saying he did not think he needed it.’

Dantes, who admitted manslaughter by diminished responsibility, will be sentenced at a later date. He was remanded back to Rampton.


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