Drug-driver mowed down three children while fleeing row with her girlfriend

This trend alone, of drivers high on cannabis causing death or injury, ought to halt the legalisation movement. I don’t usually include them, as the link is undeniable, but this one is noteworthy for its terrifying nature, the fact the driver was a woman, and the fact that she was given only a two-year prison sentence for all offences: Drug-driver mowed down three children while fleeing row with her girlfriend.

A drug-driver who mowed down a mother and three children with her car whilst she was fleeing her girlfriend following a bust-up has been jailed.

Samantha Ogden, 28, was high on cannabis and had been reversing at speed when she mounted a pavement and ploughed into Natalie Mulligan who was walking hand-in-hand with her 11-year-old daughter and two other children aged 11 and six.

As paramedics were called to the scene and the youngest girl was pinned to a fence unconscious with a fractured skull, Ogden tried to explain her behaviour to an incredulous Miss Mulligan saying: ”I was just having s**t with my bird and I needed to get off.”

Tests showed she was three times the drug-drive limit.

Doctors said the six-year-old girl’s injuries will take nine months to heal.

She now won’t sleep in her own bed and has nightmares and flashbacks from the incident.

Miss Mulligan’s daughter is now afraid to walk home from school. Miss Mulligan and the other two children suffered minor injuries in the impact.

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