Violent rapist who attacked pregnant girl in Blackpool gets extended prison sentence

A convicted sex offender who subjected a vulnerable teenager to a brutal rape on the day she discovered she was expecting a baby has been jailed – more than a decade later.

Judge Philip Parry branded the violent attack as “of the utmost depravity” as he found Michael Allen MacKenzie to be a dangerous offender who posed a substantial risk to women.

He imposed a 14 year jail term with an extended licence period of five years.

MacKenzie, 69, of Keswick Road, Blackpool, had failed to attend his trial at Preston Crown Court in March and was later found in Blackpool attempting to commit suicide.

But after being assessed by a psychiatrist and found fit to face trial, he admitted two rapes and two indecent assaults against the victim, who cannot be identified.

He was prosecuted as a result of a separate Lancashire Police investigation into the sexual exploitation of children in the resort, though he is not linked to that probe.

Prosecuting, Katie Jones said the complainant, now a married mum, had revealed the rape to her husband in 2013. She said she had been a vulnerable girl, her family were known to social services and she went to a local school in Blackpool.

She got to know some girls, and through their friendship she got to know MacKenzie.

Miss Jones added: “So it was that she got to know the defendant and he used to give the girls money, which they would spend on cigarettes, sweets and alcohol, and he would also give them cannabis.

“He would pay her compliments. It used to make her feel uncomfortable and she didn’t like his attention.”

The court heard she went to the defendant’s Blackpool flat with her friend the day she found out she was pregnant after her family’s reaction. She was told the defendant had keys to a flat he was “looking after” and could stay there.

Miss Jones said: “At the flat, the prosecution say, all three spent time drinking alcohol he had brought with him and smoking cannabis. She remembered the cannabis made her paranoid.”

The court heard the girls fell out, and the friend left the flat, leaving the pair alone. After locking the door MacKenzie then launched a vile attack, putting a washing line around the terrified teen’s neck and dragging her onto the floor and into the bedroom where he punched her. He ripped her clothes off and attacked her multiple times, holding her by her throat or by her hair. The attack went on throughout the night.

Miss Jones added: “She asks herself why she didn’t try and get out. She felt like her body had given up and would rather him do the awful things he was doing and get out alive for the sake of her unborn child.”

The following morning, after he left the flat, the youngster went to Blackpool Police Station and stood outside for a while, but did not have the courage to go in. In a victim impact statement she said she feared she would be judged because she was pregnant.

She said: ” I felt ashamed and dirty and I couldn’t tell anyone what he had done to me. “After all who would believe me? I was young and pregnant.” She also said she feared she could have lost her baby as a result of the violent attack.

MacKenzie has 20 convictions for 35 offences including unlawful sexual intercourse with 15 year old girl, an attempted rape in 1989, and violence.

Defending, Sara Haque asked for credit for his guilty pleas and argued he did not pose a risk to the public as 15 years had passed since his last conviction.

Judge Philip Parry said: “The victim was in my judgement an incredibly vulnerable young teenager.

“Set about that depressing background she was desperate for friendship and genuine affection.

“She was that day even more vulnerable and in need of comfort and affection than ever before.

“She cried out and begged you to stop.

“She was by now utterly terrified and in fear of her life.”

“She has nothing to be ashamed of – the shame Mr MacKenzie, is all yours.

“In my judgement you destroyed her childhood years and many of her adult years too.”

He must sign the sex offender’s register for life.

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