Dale Cregan

Since I began working on this site in October of last year, I have several times thought that I had discovered every major instance in the last 20 years or so of a cannabis smoker committing violence, only to come upon yet another terrible case.

For example, many weeks after I’d published a hard copy of ‘Attacker Smoked Cannabis’ and posted it to a number of politicians, journalists and activists, somebody pointed me towards the case of Jodi Jones in Scotland, murdered in 2003 by her 15-year-old boyfriend, who, by his own admission, smoked more cannabis in a day than many heavy smokers would consume in a week.

Not long after reading about this case, I read about the murder of Rhys Jones, inadvertently gunned down by a local thug who spent much of his young life smoking cannabis.

Today, during what might be called a routine online search of various local papers, I came upon one Dale Cregan, one of the most notorious murderers of recent times.

As with many such cases, I discovered his appalling criminal record by chance, after reading of the recent conviction of his brother, Dean Moores, who uses a different surname to his biological sibling. Last month, Moores was jailed for five years for stabbing his sister’s ex-boyfriend, and, surprise, surprise, for cultivating cannabis. Needless to say, cannabis also features prominently in Cregan’s litany of psychopathic violence.

A drug and arms dealer from his teens, Cregan is currently serving a whole life prison order for four counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder, all of which occurred in one five-month period of 2012. First, in May, Cregan shot dead the son of a rival drug dealer, and attempted to murder three other men in the same incident. Three months later, he killed the drug dealer himself, by shooting him nine times and throwing a grenade at him, blowing him to pieces.

A month later, he made a bogus 999 call, claiming there had been an incident at his house. Two police officers, Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone, attended the call. Cregan lured them into a trap, shot them each at least eight times, and threw a grenade at them. He then drove to a local police station and confessed his crime. In June the following year, he was sentenced to life in prison.

Many news reports have noted that Cregan dealt cannabis. In addition, two years after his conviction, Cregan was placed in solitary confinement for smuggling a mobile phone and cannabis into his prison cell, and a subsequent drugs test reportedly found traces of cannabis in his urine. Despite all this, however, his consumption of cannabis, though seemingly obvious and relevant, has only been noted by one site, rather inappropriately named ‘The Famous People’.



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