Gateshead rapist jailed for vile attack on teen

TWISTED Dennis Gray was today behind bars for a vile campaign of abuse against a teenager which ended in rape.

Gray had already beaten his victim black and blue, even attacking her with vacuum parts.

And after subjecting her to a series of violent assaults he ended up raping her.

Now he has been locked up for five years and two months after pleading guilty to rape, assault and threats to kill.

Jailing him at Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Roger Thorn said Gray’s drug abuse had been part of the problem.

Judge Thorn said: “Your heavy abuse of cannabis is a part explanation for your irrational and excessive behaviour.”

Gray first struck in August 2009, pinning his victim down and choking her then punching her in the stomach even though she was pregnant.

He was then convicted of battery in April last year after strangling her, pinning her against a wall and throwing her around. He got a community order for that attack.

His latest offences began in August when Gray again choked her, leaving her with bruising on her neck.

On another occasion he threatened to kill her with a kitchen knife.

The abuse scaled new heights in October after yet another attack.

The victim managed to calm him but he then raped her. The court heard no force was used but he pleaded guilty on the basis he couldn’t have believed she was consenting.

Initially the woman didn’t tell police but then he attacked her again.

The victim’s baby was crying and he told her either she put it in the cot or he would attack her.

Despite her following his orders he still beat her, grabbing her by the hair, slapping her then hitting her with vacuum tools.

After that the victim told her mother, police were contacted and Gray arrested.

As well as the jail term Gray, 25, of Wilberforce Walk, Redheugh, Gateshead, must sign the sex offender register for life and was given a restraining order to keep him away from the victim when he is released.

Carl Gumsley, defending, said: “He accepts he has problems with violence.”

After the case, his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: “This has been a difficult time for my family and me. The sentencing today brings a small amount of closure and I just now want to move on with my life.”

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