Thug jailed for violent attacks

Dangerman Thomas Masserick has been jailed for seven years and ordered to keep away from the woman he tormented for life.

Masserick was locked up at Newcastle Crown Court for a string of assaults against the mother and her young daughter.

His former lover broke down and wept with relief after the tall, tattooed 27-year-old was sentenced.

The court heard how Masserick had a tragic family background with the deaths of his parents in childhood and then years later his adoptive sister.

But today his victim said this could never excuse the violence he inflicted on her and her four-year-old child.

Speaking exclusively to the Chronicle she said: “He smirked at me when he saw me walk into court for the sentence.

“I told my mother he can’t harm me any more. I’m going to stay strong no matter what he did to intimidate me, even in court. It was only afterwards I started to cry. I’m so grateful to the judge for giving him seven years.”

Masserick, the adopted son of a former prison governor, is banned for life from approaching or harassing the woman after a judge slapped on an indefinite restraining order.

Judge David Hodson said: “You have been charged with one count of harassment, three counts of threatening to kill and five counts of common assault between July 2004 and February 2005. After you had been arrested for these and were on bail, you committed two further offences of witness intimidation.”

He said that he had taken into account what the defence told the court about Masserick’s tragic family background but he could not overlook the many and violent crimes committed by Masserick.

Masserick’s 26-year-old former partner, who the Chronicle is not identifying, said: “The waiting game is over for him. Now he’s out of my life for good.

“I want to look forward to the future, especially for my daughter, when I get my confidence back.

“He won’t rule my life again. My little girl is settled in school and she’s looking forward to Christmas. I want to start afresh in a new home, but I won’t be driven away from the region.”

The mum, from Newcastle’s West End, told the Chronicle how her attraction for the body-builder turned to fear.

In the eight-month relationship, she became trapped in her own home and was locked into vicious spiral of beatings and demands for sex by Masserick.

She said: “During the time I was seeing him I suffered a split lip; I was kicked, punched and sent flying across the floor and I also suffered a burn with an iron when he knocked it over in a rage. He’d beat me up then demand sex. I was so scared of him because he became a control freak who’d lock me in my home.”

Police found Masserick had shot holes in snapshots of the woman and her daughter, obliterating their heads with airgun pellets. The final straw came when the dope-smoking tormentor turned his anger on the youngster. She managed to eventually flee the house with her little girl when Masserick’s mother came to pick him up and take him shopping.

Masserick, from the West End, had denied child cruelty and possession of a prohibited weapon and ammunition, which were left to lie on file.

Prosecuting Robin Patton told the court Masserick was a violent man with a history of violent crime. He said when Masserick moved in with his then partner and four-year-old child last year he started taking testosterone to build himself up at the gym. He tried to counter its effects on his personality with cannabis.

Masserick had pleaded guilty on August 22 to the common assaults and two offences of witness intimidation and threats to kill. The court heard he intended to kill a witness in a letter to a friend of Masserick’s, already in prison.

Mr Patton told the court that in Masserick’s letter he had said he knew someone in Scotland with a cliff outside their back door. He would take the witness up there, kill him in his friend’s kitchen, then take him outside and throw him into the sea.

Defending, Glen Gatland said Masserick suffered in childhood when his mother then his father were killed. His adoptive sister was later killed in a road accident. Reports said this affected his personality and went some way to explaining his actions.

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