Cannabis and gang rapes

As in cases of ‘Islamic’ terrorism, the matter of cannabis in cases of gang rapes of young girls (I try to avoid the awful word ‘grooming’) is often overshadowed by polemical discussions on race, religion and immigration. This is as true in the following recent case from Huddersfield as in any other: ‘All the evidence that led to pair being found guilty of abusing Huddersfield grooming gang victim’. Nevertheless, I shall point out that at least one of the two defendants smoked cannabis, though you’ll have to scroll to the end of the article and wait for several days of evidence to load before finding it:

The complainant said Akram was a drug dealer, but he denied that he has ever been a drug dealer.

Asked about a text he sent her about money, he said it would have been to buy cannabis.

He said he had been smoking cannabis for a number of years at that point.

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