Violent husband slashed wife from mouth to ear with Rambo-style knife as they watched TV

Liverpool Echo | 17 July 2019 |

Adrian Sword attacked his partner of 32 years after an argument broke out over cannabis, while the couple watched TV, in their Wirral home.

A violent husband told his wife “your claret will be all over my tiles” as he sliced her from mouth to ear with a Rambo-style knife.

Adrian Sword attacked his partner of 32 years after an argument broke out over cannabis, while the couple watched TV, in their Wirral home.

Liverpool Crown Court heard how at around 11.30pm, on March 30, the 54-year-old picked up the frightening 8ins long bladed weapon, placed one hand over his wife Jacqueline’s mouth and swiped the knife across her right cheek.

The court heard the dad-of-two, who was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, had become “angry” that his wife had taken some of his cannabis and then erupted after he accused her of selling some of it.

In a fit of rage the grandad chillingly told his wife “your claret will be all over my tiles” – in reference to her blood – before slicing her face, causing a deep, 10cm wound.

Following the attack Sword went to the house of a friend and said: “I’ve done Jackie.”

Judge Gary Woodhall said: “You told your friend you had cut your wife’s throat and you said ‘the knife was f*****g sharp’

“You then said both ‘I hope I have not killed her’ and ‘I hope I have killed her’.”

Prosecutor Simon Duncan told the court how, after the attack, Sword tried to barricade himself into his friend’s home.

Mr Duncan said: “The defendant attempted to barricade the back door.

“He has a machete and talked about ‘going down fighting’

“His friend told him ‘don’t be stupid’.

“The defendant then handed over the machete to another friend who had arrived.

“I hope I have not killed her, I hope I have killed her”

“When the police did turn up the defendant came out the house alone and there was no issue with his arrest.”

On his arrest for [sic] Sword told Merseyside Police: “I don’t know what you are on about”.

He subsequently answered no comment to many questions when interviewed but claimed that his wife of 12 years had in fact sliced her own face, in a bid to “stitch him up”, because he said “I was going to leave her”.

In a victim impact statement read by defence barrister Nicholas Walker, Mrs Sword told how she can’t sleep since the attack on March 30.

She described her husband as having multiple personalities one which she said was “horrible and violent”.

Reading her statement Mr Walker said: “Mrs Sword says she is struggling on a daily basis even though that is with the knowledge that the defendant is locked away and he can’t get to her now.”

Mrs Sword, who has been left with considerable scarring, said she feels “nervous, scared and paranoid” thinking that people are staring at her when she goes out.

Mr Walker added: “She said ‘I can’t wait to go back home when I do venture out because I feel safer indoors’.”

The 57-year-old also told how the events of that evening come “flooding back” to her every time she looks in the mirror and sees her injury.

“It’s like I’m watching a DVD that keeps playing over and over.

“I feel like I am on a roller coaster and then what happens hits me like a sledge hammer.

“I try and put on a front in front of my kids and grand children but inside I’m a complete wreck.”

The statement added: “There are no winners [in this case], I have lost my husband. Their kids have lost their dad and the grandchildren their grandad.

“We are all grieving.

“I wish I could turn the clock back.

“I want to try and rebuild my life, I don’t want this to ruin what life I have left.

“I didn’t think this would be my future after being with him for 32 years.”

However despite the horrendous attack, which Judge Woodhall described as “calculating”, Mrs Sword was in court to support her husband.

And in court she stood up and said: “I still love him and want us to work it out.

“I have been with him 30 odd years and I can’t just chuck that away for one night of madness.”

Sword, of Hopfield Road in Moreton, has no previous convictions for violence, however the court heard five days before the attack he had thrown a beer can and glass at his wife, in another argument.

‘I still love him and want to work it out’

For the majority of the hearing and in particular when hearing his wife’s comments, he cried and asked for tissues.

Nicholas Walker, defending, told the court how his client is “ashamed” of his actions and “utterly remorseful”.

He said: “He is distraught at what he has done to his wife of three decades.

“He can’t believe he did it and told me he is ashamed.

“He has tried to kill himself on a number of occasions and said he can’t live with what he has done.”

‘He said he can’t live with what he has done’

Mr Walker said a combination of alcohol and drug abuse coupled with a number of “very sad events” in his client’s life, including the death of a friend, nephew and grandchildren had led Sword to “snap”.

He said he suffered with mental health problems and depression.

Sentencing Sword to nine years for wounding with intent, Judge Woodhall said: “The wound you caused to your wife’s face is very significant.

“It stretches from the corner of her mouth to her ear.

“She required 15 stitches and although the muscle was visible thankfully no nerve damage was caused.

“I saw pictures of the wound and I have seen your wife in the court room today and she will suffer a scar to a prominent part of her face for the rest of her life.

“It was a very serious injury.”

Sword will serve half of his sentence in custody and half on licence.

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