Teenager killed his father and attacked his mother after taking drugs and playing violent video games

An appalling story which, despite occurring nearly ten years ago, I have only discovered today (24th April 2021). As I point out in my book, the cases I have amassed, which now run into the thousands, are just the tip of the iceberg.

Daily Mail
20th July, 2012

A teenager who stabbed his father to death and injured his mother in their bedhad been detained indefinitely after it emerged that drugs and violent video games had ‘contributed’ to his mental illness.

Jordan Ryan from Blackburn, Lancashire, who is was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, had been playing a violent video game and also smoked cannabis and taken ‘bubble’ – a street nickname for mephedrone – on the night he fatally knifed Neil Ryan, 46, and injured his mother Deborah, 41.


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Dad-to-be killed in crossbow attack over eviction threat

BBC News
12th April 2021

The court heard Ms Sugden had complained to police and alerted the letting agency about “horrendous” cannabis fumes emanating from Lawrence’s house which entered her daughter’s bedroom, aggravating her asthma.


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