Peter Hitchens: ‘A foolish silence’

Mail on Sunday | 2nd January 2022

‘For some time I have tried to find out if drugs – especially marijuana – may have been involved in cases of apparently irrational violence. This is because the excellent Ross Grainger has compiled the website Attacker Smoked Cannabis, which records the huge number of crazed violent crimes in this country, where the perpetrator has been found to have been taking this drug. I suspect there are many more, where it never comes out.

The police are astonishingly unhelpful in such matters. I think this may be because they are rightly embarrassed about their almost total failure to enforce the law against marijuana possession.

Anyway, you might like to know that when I asked if any investigation had been made into whether the suspect in the recent Windsor Castle incident had used illegal drugs, Scotland Yard refused to answer the question.’

One thought on “Peter Hitchens: ‘A foolish silence’”

  1. Extremely compelling stats , this needs putting into a professional spreadsheet ,crime, age ,sex drug use at the time of crime/incident or in their system, how long using the drug.
    I wonder what percentage of crime is actually done by people using cannabis ,specifically because everyone thinks its safe fun and normal it really is not ! Thank you for your insight Mr Grainger /Mr Hitchens has been talking about this for some time its now getting traction especially as Mr Khan wants it completely legalized. Cannabis is the biggest driver of crime & gangs in this country , I would say more than any other drugs , maybe I am wrong


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