Edward Reeve: Two teens jailed for stabbing vulnerable man to death

BBC News | 28th September 2022

Two teenagers who befriended a vulnerable man before stabbing him to death in his own home have been jailed.

Jack Hindley and Samuel Jones, both 17, killed 35-year-old Edward Reeve in Christchurch, Dorset, on 31 December.

Winchester Crown Court heard the pair “berated” Mr Reeve in front of their friends before stabbing him eight times and fist-bumping in celebration.



Bournemouth Echo

“Whilst there the two defendants were smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol. The group moved up to the music. 

“[O]ne girl described how the defendants came into the music room and moved a chest of drawers in front of the door, preventing him from coming back in.

“They began to punch the walls, causing damage to the plaster. The girls began screaming at them to stop which they did, Mr Reeve came back asking why are they trashing the house.”


2 thoughts on “Edward Reeve: Two teens jailed for stabbing vulnerable man to death”

  1. You do realise it means nothing. Crimes were always committed long before cannabis smoking took off in society. Only thing you’re proving is that more people smoke cannabis than ever. Overall crime rates are down since 60’s to 90’s. Unfortunately with easier and much more wide spread reporting of crimes in newspaper, we get a impression that the crime rate is actually up, when it isn’t. As such I’d challenge you to make a website that report all the crimes committed by those who didn’t smoke cannabis. Because all you do with this website is create unhealthy bias.


    1. Is there a link between violence and alcohol? Of course – but how do we know this? Because there are thousands of cases of drunk people committing violence. Well, now we have a catalogue of evidence that cannabis smokers also commit violence, but of a different, more psychotic nature.


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