Drug driving

  1. Teen ‘thrown into the air’ from stolen motorbike after violent Barr Beacon robbery: ‘A post mortem revealed Mr Purewal, of Copthall Road, Handsworth, suffered multiple skull fractures and died of the fatal head injuries sustained in the crash – which took place at the junction between Beacon Road and Wimperis Way. Toxicologists found evidence of cannabis in his blood and urine but could not determine exactly when he had taken the drugs, the court heard.’ (Birmingham Mail, 22nd September 2021)
  2. He felt ‘untouchable’ as he ‘drove like The Stig from Top Gear’ during drugged-up police chase – then he crashed: ‘During a drug test, Wiles tested positive for cocaine and cannabis. He was also found in possession of white powder, which he said was crack cocaine.’ (Manchester Evening News, 3rd September 2021)
  3. ‘I won’t ease up the way I ride’: Speeding, drug-fuelled biker killed woman – but still refuses to accept blame: ‘A drugs test also found more than 8 microgrammes of cannabis in Campbell’s system, four times the legal limit.’ (Manchester Evening News, 26th August 2021)
  4. Three young parents died in 85mph roundabout crash, inquest hears: ‘Toxicology tests showed driver Mr Simpson, from West Derby, was over the drink drive limit and had cannabis in his system, while Miss Ford, from Old Swan, had cannabis in her body and Mr McEvoy cannabis and cocaine.’ (Manchester Evening News, 19th August 2021)
  5. Dad-of-two died after being hit by cannabis smoking speeding driver in Nechells: ‘A dad of two died after being struck by a car being driven at more than double the speed limit as he tried to cross a road in Nechells. Junior Thompson had been smoking cannabis before he hit 55-year-old Ammon Madzokere who died at the scene from “catastrophic” injuries.’ (Birmingham Mail, 16th August 2021)
  6. Large knife recovered after police stop driver smoking joint in car: ‘The 40-year-old was stopped in Heysham Road, Netherton by patrolling police, and officers searching the vehicle found cannabis, cocaine and a large knife.’ (Liverpool Echo, 12th August 2021)
  7. Shocking photos show mangled police car as drug-driving lorry driver is jailed over horror crash: ‘Christopher Swain, 38, left two officers seriously hurt when he ploughed his HGV into the back of a stationary police car after ignoring a lane closure and smoking cannabis.’ (Yorkshire Post, 11th August 2021)
  8. Asylum seeker fled police in stolen BMW driven at 97mph: ‘Durham Crown Court heard the trio of occupants fled, but driver, Harem Hassan, who was left wearing only a single training shoe, after one became stuck under a pedal, was detained. He gave a positive test for the level of cannabis in his system, exceeding the permitted limit for driving.’ (Northern Echo, 4th August 2021)
  9. Coked up driver ran 11 red lights with three wheels on his van in police chase: ‘He provided a positive breath test for alcohol and a saliva test was positive for cocaine and cannabis. Inquiries showed he was uninsured and was disqualified from driving until October this year.’ (Liverpool Echo, 27th July 2021)
  10. Speeding driver, 23, who killed two cyclists after colliding head on into them at 70mph in a stolen car while high on cannabis is jailed for 11 years: ‘The court heard Smith, of Halewood, was more than twice the legal limit for cannabis’. (Daily Mail, 24th June 2021)
  11. ‘NO REGARD’ Mercedes driver high on cocaine and cannabis slammed into boy, 6, at 60mph and ‘didn’t care if he was alive or dead’: ‘A MERCEDES driver who slammed into a six-year-old boy while high on cocaine and cannabis “didn’t care if he was dead or alive,” a court heard. Harry Summersgill, 24, left Noah Herring with a bleed on the brain after smashing into him – and a bus stop – at 60mph.’ (Sun, 27th May 2021)
  12. Kristiyan Trendafilov from Tunbridge Wells jailed for death by dangerous driving after couple killed on A228: ‘A learner driver killed a loving couple after losing control of his car with alcohol and cannabis in his system.’ (Kent Online, 25th May 2021)
  13. Horror CCTV shows moment baby in a pram is pinned against the wall after drug driver, 29, lost control of his Audi at 40mph and smashed into 13 people – as he is jailed for three years: ‘Kamran Khan was high on cannabis driving a racy Audi RS6 when he collided with another car and crashed into a church building with dozens of people inside. A video clip shows the moment a person and a child walking with a pram were ploughed into by one of the vehicles and sent flying through the air.’ (Daily Mail, 13th May 2021)
  14. Marcus Haynes crash death: Hastings man Christopher Fenton jailed: ‘A SPEEDING drug-driver ploughed into a family car and left the driver dead and passenger seriously injured. Christopher Fenton, 40, was over the limit for cannabis when he got behind the wheel of his Audi to go home to his home in Fairlight.’ (Argus, 11th May 2021)
  15. Doncaster drug driver jailed for just three years for killing father of four and serving soldier from Thirsk in horror crash: ‘Thompson failed a police drugs test, which showed he had illegal levels of cannabis in his system. During interviews, he initially tried to blame his victim for the collision. But he was charged with causing Mr Blain’s death by careless driving while being over the prescribed limit for illegal drugs. He pleaded guilty at court.’ (Yorkshire Post, 7th May 2021)
  16. Knife crime campaigner caught driving over twice the legal cannabis limit after police spotted ‘a lot of smoke’: ‘Bamber was behind the wheel, and two children were in the back who were not properly restrained with “booster seats appropriate for their age and height”. Officers arrested him after a positive drug wipe.’ (Liverpool Echo, 7th May 2021)
  17. Convicted killer in 90mph police chase spared jail because of his family: ‘Mr Wilson added: “His offending history is largely due to him not controlling his impulsivity due to his ADHD and also his cannabis misuse.” He said a letter from the Stein Centre in Birkenhead showed Mello was trying to address his adult ADHD and that Mello was concerned about his mental health and its impact on his decision making.’ (Liverpool Echo, 13th April 2021)
  18. County Durham driver found with cannabis in system after travelling to take dog for walk: ‘A driver was found to be over the limit for cannabis after he travelled to take his dog for a walk. Members of the public rang the police after they smelled the class B drug coming from Stephen Drape’s parked car in County Durham.’ (Chronicle Live, 11th April 2021)
  19. Fire crew finds cannabis in drug driver’s car after he flipped it on North Shields road: (Chronicle Live, 4th April 2021)
  20. Teen tearaway who said he ‘wanted to change’ broke into homes just a month later: ‘Then aged just 16 he was spared jail, but last May during a scrambler bike chase he fist-bumped onlookers at 50mph. The yob sped along pavements and through parks, endangering the lives of children and adults, while high on cannabis.’ (Liverpool Echo, 22nd March 2021)
  21. Teenager was in ‘dark place’ when he led police on chase: ‘Swainson, who had a female passenger, was arrested and gave a positive test for the presence of cocaine and cannabis, but further blood analysis could not be made as he was said to be prone to feinting when injected.’ (Northern Echo, 5th January 2021)
  22. Drug-fuelled speeding driver killed girl as she walked to school – and blamed her: ‘Driver Kevin Pryce, 45, had been driving at 57mph on a 30mph road when his car hit Mia Strothers, 14. Pryce tested positive for cocaine and cannabis, and had been driving a car with faulty brakes’. (Daily Star, 4th Jan. 2021)
  23. Wallsend driver found with cocaine in his system caught behind the wheel with young child in car: “The defendant admitted he was a drug user and had had some illegal drugs the previous evening. Officers did a roadside drug swipe, which gave a positive indication for cannabis, so he was arrested.” (Chronicle Live, 2nd Dec. 2020)
  24. Stoned drug dealer caught driving Audi argued cannabis ‘just a plant’: “Yep, I’ll be honest, there’s a fair bit in my car. I’ve been selling to my mates.” (Liverpool Echo, 20th Nov. 2020)
  25. Teenager had smoked cannabis before fatal County Durham crash, inquest told: ‘Toxicology reports found what assistant senior coroner for County Durham and Darlington Crispin Oliver termed “very high” levels of THC – psychoactive constituent of cannabis – in his system. This showed he had smoked the drug “immediately prior to the incident” with the affect that it would “make a competent driver or rider incompetent”, the court was told.’ (Chronicle Live, 10th November 2020)
  26. Drug driver from Bishop Auckland hit tree trying to flee police: ‘Williams gave two blood samples at hospital, confirming the presence of cannabinoids three-and-a-half times above the limit to drive.’ (Northern Echo, 6th November 2020)
  27. Drug driver hit man on pedestrian crossing: ‘Alexander Lee Hall has previously also admitted he was over the limit to drive because of the cannabis in his system at the time, 7mg compared to the legal limit of 2mg.’ (Northern Echo, 3rd November 2020)
  28. Banned driver, of Willington, rammed police car while on drugs: ‘A police officer was following Yeoman when he started driving dangerously, all whilst under the influence of cannabis, cocaine and cocaine derivative benzoylecgonine.’ (Northern Echo, 12th October 2020)
  29. Delivery driver who crashed into A55 barrier took cannabis to help him sleep: (North Wales Live, 29th Sep. 2020)
  30. Byker drug driver banned from the roads after being caught with cannabis and cocaine in his system: ‘The 30-year-old was “surprised” when a subsequent blood sample proved he was over the limit for both cannabis and cocaine as he’d taken the latter two days earlier and assumed it was out of his system, a court heard.’ (Chronicle Live, 12th July 2020)
  31. Cannabis smoker caught doing 50mph in a 30mph zone admitted ‘I shouldn’t be driving’: (Chronicle Live, 4th Jan. 2020)
  32. Driver on cannabis who left woman fearing she’d never walk again after smashing into her car sobs in the dock: ‘At Manchester Crown Court, a heartbreaking statement was read out as Ramos, 23, was jailed for three years and four months after admitting causing serious injury by dangerous driving. Tests showed he had 3.3mg of cannabis per litre of blood in his system. The drug driving limit is 2mg per litre. He was also flouting a road ban at the time of the incident.’ (Manchester Evening News, 23rd Dec. 2019)
  33. Cannabis driver ploughed Audi A5 into family car at 60mph leaving three injured after jumping red light: ‘A driver smoked cannabis, jumped a red light and careered at 58mph in a 30mph zone – before crashing in a collision which left three people injured. A trio of people were left injured as a result if mindless Manuel Bangoura’s actions before he ran off – leaving the 21-year-old’s victims stuck in their vehicle.’ (Birmingham Mail, 28th Sep 2019)
  34. Drug-driver Luke McErlean who was on school run killed ‘doting dad’ motorcyclist Dominic Bassett: ‘McErlean, a cannabis user since he was 15, had 3.5 micrograms of THC (the active chemical in cannabis) per litre of blood in his system. The legal limit is two micrograms.’ (Birmingham Mail, 29th July 2019)
  35. Stoned driver killed biker: ‘Luke McErlean, 35, admitted ploughing into Dominic Bassett, 41, on the Sidcup Road in Eltham. on October 9 this year. The victim was taken to Kings College Hospital in a critical condition but nothing could be done to save him.’ (Court News UK, 28th June 2019)
  36. Jail for the stoned driver who killed at 70mph (Court News UK, 22nd Feb. 2019)
  37. Slater Street hit and run driver was fleeing a drug “beef”: ‘Rose, 19, who had been smoking cannabis, ploughed into two young men who were innocently crossing the road with two friends in the early hours of Christmas Eve.’ (Liverpool Echo, 22nd Feb. 2019)
  38. M4 horror crash driver smoked cannabis before killing best friend at 110mph in Nissan car: ‘A man jailed for more than five years had an “appalling” record for motoring convictions before killing his friend. A court heard how Jason Ryan was driving back from a festival having smoked cannabis before hitting an articulated Iceland lorry.’ (Bristol Post, 18th Feb. 2019)
  39. Police officers’ son, 17, who was high on cannabis when he drove his parents’ Audi and killed two pedestrians is SPARED jail: ‘The seventeen year old son of two police officers walked free from court today despite hitting and killing two men while driving his parents’ powerful Audi when he was high on cannabis.’ (Daily Mail, 30th Jan. 2019)
  40. Hayes Shepiston Lane crash: Dangerous driver Jaynesh Chudasama has sentence for killing three teenagers REDUCED: ‘Jaynesh Chudasama was two-and-a-half times over the drink-drive limit and had been smoking cannabis earlier in the day when he lost control of his Audi A5 on Shepiston Lane on January 28.’ (My London, 22nd Dec. 2018)
  41. Mercedes driver who killed student while high on cannabis caged for six years: ‘James Wilson, 19, was also uninsured when he mowed down Charlie Heywood as he crossed the road on his way home from a party.’ (Daily Record, 21st Oct. 2018)
  42. Cannabis user was ‘driving like an idiot’ when he killed an outstanding young doctor in high speed smash: ‘A habitual cannabis user, who killed a “truly outstanding” young doctor when he ploughed into his motorcycle while overtaking at almost 90 miles per hour, has been jailed for seven years.’ (Daily Telegraph, 2nd Oct. 2018)
  43. Birmingham death crash driver lost control at 100mph, inquest told: ‘The driver of a high-powered car involved in a crash that left six people dead after losing control at 100mph had cannabis in his system, a coroner has heard.’ (Coventry Telegraph, 29th May 2018)
  44. Driver involved in 100mph crash that killed friend in Bootle given five years in Young Offenders Institute: ‘In December, Connerty [the defendant], who had been smoking cannabis before driving, admitted causing death by dangerous driving and appeared yesterday before Judge John Roberts to be sentenced.’ (Liverpool Echo, 8th May 2013)
  45. Life sentence for killer driver: ‘Thomas Kenny, 33, drank lager, smoked cannabis and took a heroin substitute on the night his car struck father-of-two Neil Pearson.’ (BBC News, 28th Nov. 2002)

And counting.

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