Frenzied stabbings and savage assaults

‘Cannabis f***** him up. He’s smoked it all his life.’
Brother of Joe Xuereb

  1. Cannabis smoker jailed for stabbing friend
  2. Cannabis smoker jailed for assaulting his mother
  3. ‘Thug high on cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis, stabbed cabbie ‘after girlfriend cheated on him”
  4. Cannabis smoker jailed for hammer attack on prostitute
  5. Cannabis smoker sentenced for knife attack at Leicester hospital
  6. ‘Pictured: Office worker fighting for life with mother after horrifying hammer attack as family of man, 27, charged say ‘cannabis messed him up and he was sectioned eight years ago”
  7. Cannabis smoker jailed for violent jewellery robbery
  8. ‘Crazed cannabis user, 31, who gouged a seven-month-old boy’s eyes then threw him and his mother out of a window is jailed for life’
  9. Teenage cannabis smoker sentenced to one year for vicious stabbing of shopkeeper
  10. Cannabis smoker sentenced for string of violent attacks
  11. Cannabis dealers jailed for sexually violent kidnap of taxi driver
  12. Cannabis smoker jailed for attacking woman in supermarket car park
  13. Cannabis smoker pleads guilty for ‘savage’ attack on friend
  14. Cannabis smoker convicted of attempted murder of his children has sentence increased
  15. Cannabis-smoking teenage girl jailed for stabbing boyfriend
  16. Cannabis smoker jailed for spitting blood and saliva into policeman’s mouth
  17. ‘Teenage thugs shot men in face because they ‘desperately needed cannabis”
  18. ‘London teenager pleads guilty to stabbing mother 23 times in ‘cannabis-linked attack”
  19. Cannabis smoker jailed for machete attack
  20. Cannabis smoker receives hospital order after frenzied knife attack in park
  21. Cannabis smoker leaves woman in ‘persistent vegetative state’ after unprovoked attack
  22. Cannabis smoker knifes friend in supermarket
  23. Cannabis smoker jailed for stabbing disabled woman 31 times
  24. Cannabis smoker jailed after bludgeoning police woman with axe
  25. Cannabis smoker jailed after fracturing girlfriend’s skull
  26. Cannabis smoker receives supervision order after attacking girlfriend
  27. ‘Father jailed for vicious attack on baby son after night spent smoking cannabis’
  28. ‘Accused in the knife murder bid on three people blamed cannabis addiction, trial told’
  29. Cannabis smoker admits attacking 4’6″ disabled pensioner
  30. Cannabis-smoking mother jailed for stabbing woman
  31. Cannabis smoker given community sentence for baby attack
  32. Cannabis smoker jailed over ‘ferocious’ attack on ex-girlfriend
  33. ‘Man launched “ferocious” attack on Hilperton woman while high on cannabis’
  34. Cannabis smoker begins life sentence for gruesome attack on housemates
  35. ‘Chaotic Coventry criminal smoked cannabis aged eight’
  36. Cannabis smoker throttled ex-girlfriend, court hears
  37. ‘Guilty: Heavy cannabis user stabbed millionaire’s wife 12 times with screwdriver as she walked her dog’
  38. ‘Cannabis user fined after attacking wife’
  39. ‘Cleared Bristol man in cannabis warning over stabbings’
  40. Teenage cannabis smokers jailed over mugging which left boy in coma
  41. ‘Cannabis-smoking dad shook 11-week-old daughter, causing brain injury’
  42. ‘Teen who battered man with bar says cannabis was to blame’
  43. ‘Teenager high on cannabis stabs girlfriend 32 times during bondage game after being wrongly told she had AIDS’
  44. ‘Concerns over rise in cannabis and alcohol-fuelled violence’
  45. ‘Cannabis user jailed over attack’ – A schizophrenic and regular cannabis user who attacked his girlfriend’s mother so viciously that she had to have her face rebuilt has been jailed.
  46. ‘Cannabis smoking leads to criminality, judge tells arsonist’ – Judge Anthony Niblett told an arsonist who had set fire to his former girlfriend’s house while under the influence of the drug: “Those whose minds are steeped in cannabis are capable of quite extraordinary criminality.”
  47. Man, cannabis smoker since age 12, pleads guilty to ‘chilling’ armed robberies
  48. ‘Cannabis abuse blamed for ‘very serious attack”

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