Murder, manslaughter and infanticide

“This was an appalling attack of extreme and persistent violence. And I have no doubt it would not have happened if you had not consumed cannabis.”
Judge Findlay Baker QC

  1. Two teens sentenced for gruesome attack where they repeatedly stabbed and hacked at factory worker with a sword: ‘Mr Makepeace said:
    • Youth tried to scale a fence
    • PAVA spray had to be used on him twice before he was arrested on suspicion of murder
    • He responded as if surprised: “Murder?”
    • A sample taken 24 hours afterwards detected alcohol and cannabis in his system’. (Yorkshire Live, 2nd September, 2020)
  2. Knifeman, 29, who murdered Russian businessman, 39, in east London street in row over cannabis then put on ‘impressive act’ to ‘feign ignorance’ to police is jailed for at least 22 years: ‘He had recently left his grandmother’s home, gave up work and resorted to ‘intense cannabis use’.’ (Daily Mail, 28th August, 2020) 
  3. KILLER ‘SCUM’ Teen thug who ‘internally decapitated’ man, 61, by stamping on him in brutal murder unmasked as he turns 18 (Sun, 27th July, 2020):
  1. Teenage drug dealer gets life sentence for ‘senseless’ murder of Sheffield dad: ‘A teenage drug dealer who left a customer with serious head injuries over a £200 debt then stabbed the man’s son to death has been locked up for at least 16 years. Emar Wiley, 17, was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 16 years’ detention today (Monday) over an assault on Danny Cutts and the ‘senseless’ murder of his son Lewis Bagshaw… Jurors in the trial heard Wiley started smoking cannabis at the age of 13 or 14 and was recruited by drug dealers to sell the drug.’ (Yorkshire Examiner, 20th July, 2020)
  2. Blackpool woman ‘begged’ medics to treat killer grandson: ‘Conor Clarkson punched Marlene McCabe, 71, to the floor and pinned her down before inflicting a sustained assault at the family home in Blackpool. He pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court to her manslaughter… Prosecutor Rob Hall said Clarkson started smoking skunk cannabis at the age of 13, withdrew from the world aged 20 and then used large quantities of cocaine.’ (BBC News, 7th May 2020)
  3. Youth became involved in in aftermath of “truly horrific” murder of Mohammed Feazan Ayaz due to drug dealing, court told: ‘He had been lured by the easy money and “superficial glamour” of drug dealing, and was a cannabis user himself, the judge said.’ (The World News, 12th March, 2020) | Prosecution opening continues in murder trial of Mohammed Feazan Ayaz: ‘Robert Wainwright will accept he was present at unit throughout attack but will say he was asleep throughout the attack, or smoking cannabis. He will deny playing any part in violence.’ (Telegraph & Argus, 16th Jan. 2020)
  4. Jordan Snoddy jailed over death of Robert Molloy-Jones: ‘During the trial, Snoddy gave evidence and said that after meeting Mr Molloy-Jones on the street, he went back to his flat and smoked some cannabis. As Snoddy was leaving the flat to go and buy a bag of 50 Diazepam, Mr Molloy-Jones accompanied him to a dealer’s house. Snoddy said he gave Mr Molloy-Jones five tablets, and as they made their way back, he was pushed from behind at a set of steps then punched by the older man, who tried to take the bag.’ (Belfast Telegraph, 4th March 2020)
  5. Parents of man killed in horror daylight neck stabbing will never set foot in street again: ‘Abdulla – also known as Abdillahi – Ahmed went on a violent rampage in Toxteth on March 28 of last year. He attacked first his own brother with a knife in the flat they shared, and then arranging to meet his friend Hassan Mohamoud, whom he killed with a single stab wound to the neck in the middle of the street in broad daylight… The court heard the 28-year-old suffered from undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenia, which was exacerbated by his abuse of alcohol, and the drugs cannabis and khat, which he had been taking on the day the attacks occurred.’ (Liverpool Echo, 10th Jan 2020)
  6. As it happened: The trial of 14-year-old boy found guilty of killing man in St Paul’s: ‘The boy said when he cycled from the shop he was going off to smoke cannabis. He said he wasn’t aware Mr Edgington was cycling after him. The boy said he cycled to an alley, and he was not expecting Mr Edgington to arrive after him.’ (Bristol Post, 19th Dec 2019)
  7. Hillingdon man lured ex-girlfriend to his house and brutally murdered her with claw hammer: ‘Tadewicz was taken to hospital and spoken to by police officers. He said he had smoked cannabis the night before and did not remember how he had got cut.’ (My London, 5th Dec 2019)
  8. Heartless killer smirks at family of young dad stabbed to death: ‘Bala Lloyd-Evans sent friends a message saying “what a time to be alive” before celebrating the Reds’ win on June 1. Just hours later the young dad was knifed in the heart by Ramal Edwards, 19, as Kieran Perry, 25, held him in a “bear hug”. Edwards admitted slashing the 33-year-old’s chest and stabbing him in the heart, after the dad-of-two punched him…Edwards accepted he had smoked cannabis and drunk around five bottles of Desperado and six Jack Daniel’s and coke.’ (Liverpool Echo, 3rd Dec 2019)
  9. Exeter triple killer found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity: ‘A 28-year-old paranoid schizophrenic was insane at the time he bludgeoned to death three elderly people in Exeter, a murder trial has found. Alexander Lewis-Ranwell battered Anthony Payne, 80, in Bonhay Road and then used a shovel to kill brothers Roger and Dick Carter in Cowick Lane…The defendant, a privately-educated cannabis user, was suffering from a severe mental illness at the time and later told doctors he thought he was uncovering a paedophile ring.’ (Devon Live, 2nd Dec. 2019)
  10. ‘I’ve lost my son and John is dead’: Mother blasts ‘horrific’ NHS failings after her schizophrenic son, 28, slit his own father’s throat after he was sent home from hospital early by MISTAKE: ‘Mrs Hird said her son was a ‘bright and intelligent’ boy who excelled at athletics and did well at school. John MacMillan, 70, (pictured) was found with serious chest and neck injuries before being pronounced dead at the scene. But after going to sixth form college, he started going off the rails. His parents initially put his problems down to being a teenager, smoking cannabis and hanging around with the wrong crowd.’ (Daily Mail, 1st Dec. 2019)
  11. Woman jailed for killing of partner in stabbing: ‘Paul Taylor, 45, died as a result of a single stab wound to the chest following an altercation with Nicola Lee, at their South Tyneside home, in the early hours of March 31. The scheming 44-year-old then called emergency services claiming her partner had been brandishing a knife, threatening to take his own life… “The combination of anti-psychotic drugs, anti-depression drugs and smoking cannabis led you to become aggressive, argumentative and eventually violent.”’ (Northern Echo, 31st Oct. 2019)
  12. Jury retires in murder trial of Broadstairs baby killer Lee Vernon: ‘Weeping, he told how he had been drinking and smoking cannabis the night before the incident and woke feeling “grotty and tired”.’ (Kent Online, 22 Oct. 2019)
  13. Aron Warren murder: Mum’s heartbreaking tribute as teen Kamari Gordon is jailed for life over Greenwich knife attack:
Kamari Gordon, 16, five hours after the murder, wearing the watch belonging to victim Aron Warren. (Evening Standard, 12th Sep. 2019)
  1. Man ‘killed pensioner after exchanging sex for alcohol’: ‘Two days after Mr Phillips’ death, Carney told a forensic doctor he drank 60 units of alcohol a day, smoked 40 cigarettes and took amphetamine, cocaine, heroin and cannabis.’ (Metro, 22nd Aug. 2019)
  2. Live updates as teens sentenced for role in fatal Chelmsford shooting of John Pordage: “Despite his previous lifestyle and background, at 16 it was a bitter shock to him when his father died and he was thrust into the criminal lifestyle and resorted to smoking cannabis…He has been associated with Bradley Blundell [murder suspect at large at the time of writing] from an early age but things have not always gone smoothly. He was reliant on him for a supply of cannabis. Something quite extraordinary happened in 2016. A friend of my client claimed he had been kidnapped by Blundell and other boys over a drug debt and had alleged they wanted to kill him. He said they bundled him into a car at knife point and stabbed and hit by a metal pole repeatedly.” (Essex Live, 13th Aug. 2019)
  3. Man killed gran Dorothy Bowyer, 77, and dog with bayonet believing she had been replaced by ‘witch’: ‘After carrying out the attack her grandson William Blunsdon, who lived at the address for about 18 months, drank two glasses of wine and smoked cannabis, the court heard.’ (Birmingham Mail, 7th Aug. 2019)
  4. Killer who ‘thought he was God’ butchered neighbour in savage ‘blood moon’ attack: ‘Kierran Fletcher believed he was God when he ran out into Turchill Drive, Walmley and launched a ferocious assault on a complete stranger on July 27, 2018. Victim Nigel Abbott had been walking to meet a friend at The Oak pub – as he had done for years – when he was punched, beaten with a spirit level and his own walking stick and stabbed more than 50 times… He previously smoked cannabis ‘quite heavily’ for around two years before setting up his own company. Ms Sturdy [the defendant’s girlfriend] said: “He was a very hardworking, family-orientated, happy guy willing to help anybody. He was generally a good guy. “His mental health was never an issue before. Kierran smoked cannabis in 2012, he smoked quite heavy then completely came off it and set up his business. “Then he recently started again only one or two maximum a day and it wasn’t every day”.’ (Birmingham Mail, 27th July 2019)
  5. Viktorija Sokolova: Boy who murdered schoolgirl named as Ayman Aziz: ‘One message sent by him to her suggested they ‘hang out and smoke weed’ together before he moves away to London… She then asked if he had “fags” and “weed”. He said yes… She asked what they were going to do and he said ‘smoke weed and talk about stuff’. At 10.27pm, the accused messaged Viktorija, telling her to go to the ‘black house’. (BBC News, 25th July 2019)
  6. Mary Sowerby death: Son jailed for stabbing mum as she watched TV: “The defendant was experiencing hallucinations, hearing voices and tried to cope by drinking and smoking cannabis.” (BBC News, 24th July 2019)
  7. Care worker found guilty of rape and murder of Lucy McHugh, 13: ‘Care worker Stephen Nicholson has been found guilty of raping and murdering schoolgirl Lucy McHugh after she told him she was pregnant with his child. The 25-year-old repeatedly raped the schoolgirl, with whom he’d had a secret year-long relationship, before stabbing her to death… She had been slashed with a knife 27 times and died from “catastrophic bleeding” two miles from her home, with a blood-stained hoodie containing DNA from both Lucy and Nicholson found near her body’ (Sky News). ‘The defendant…told the court he smoked and sold cannabis and would sell more than £500 worth a week – and that Lucy had been aware of his habit.’ (Daily Star, 18th July 2019)
  8. Granny sex bondage pervert jailed for 40 years for murder committed before he killed barmaid: ‘In mitigation, Jeremy Dean QC told of Lewis’s “dreadful” upbringing which led him on a path of crime to feed his cannabis and cocaine addiction.’ (Daily Record, 18th July 2019)
  9. Killers of adoring dad Anthony Winter locked up: ‘A teenager who murdered a loving young dad and the killer accused of ordering the fatal knifing over a drug debt have both been jailed. Anthony Winter, 32, was found lying in a pool of blood on a footpath near woodland in Cardiff“You were not the ringleader. You had smoked cannabis but not crack. You did not try to dispose of evidence.” The judge said if he was an adult she would have sentenced him to 18 years.’ (Wales Online, 16th July 2019)
  10. Blood-drinking son admits stabbing mum to death after claiming he’d ‘died for the Devil’: ‘A mentally ill man stabbed his own mother to death in their home. Ian McKenzie, 34, killed his mother four to six days after he stopped taking potent anti-psychotic medication which kept him stable in the community…The mother and son both had difficulties with drugs and mental health, his disorder seemingly brought on by cannabis and cocaine use in his teens. He heard voices, had drug-induced delusional thoughts and was admitted to a mental health facility from 2006 to 2009.’ (Gazette Live, 12th July 2019)
  11. GUILTY: Train-rage killer was schizophrenic cannabis-addicted gangster with 30 convictions who psychiatrist had ruled was NO DANGER to himself or others – just 24 hours before he stabbed father 18 times in front of his son, 14: ‘Pencille is a career criminal who bragged about his convictions for carrying guns and knives and battling rivals ‘to the f***ing death’ for his South London gang, MailOnline can reveal. The cannabis-addict was a lieutenant in the South Man Syndicate [SMS] crew in the capital whose members have terrorised the areas of Tooting, Streatham and Thornton Heath since the 1990s.’ (Daily Mail, 12th July 2019)
  12. Sidali Mohamed death: Boy guilty of student’s murder outside college: ‘Mr Burrows [prosecuting] said around two months earlier Russell Molloy had challenged the defendant after he found him smoking cannabis in a communal block of flats. A few days later the 17-year-old and a man had chased after Mr Molloy and after cornering him had stabbed him in the arm when he tried to protect himself.’ (BBC News, 12th July 2019)
  13. Victim’s family hit out at ‘unacceptable’ mental health services after man found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity: ‘The court heard that Mr McLaughlin broke down the door of Mr Loughlin’s home at 1.18pm and beat him to death with a crowbar while suffering from delusions brought on by paranoid schizophrenia. Pathologist Dr Linda Mulligan said the deceased died from traumatic head injuries sustained during an assault… He stopped taking the “depot injection”, smoked cannabis and read the bible all day, said the witness. In the months leading up to the attack, Mr McLaughlin began hearing voices and began to believe he was Lucifer, said Dr Kearns.’ (Breaking News Ireland, 9th July 2019)
  14. ‘Controlling’ boyfriend, 34, ‘with drink problem murdered mother-of-one, 33, by plunging 10-inch knife into her back after finding her at home with male neighbour’ in early hours of New Year’s Day: ‘The pair went back to her home, where she lived with her adopted mother Peggy, and they began drinking beers, smoking cannabis and taking cocaine.’ (Daily Mail, 3rd July 2019)
  15. Benefits Street star shouts at judge ‘that is absolutely sound’ as he’s jailed for murder: ‘Benefits Street star Neil Maxwell told a judge “that is absolutely sound” as he was today jailed for his part in a murder. Maxwell, 40, from North Ormesby, Middlesbrough, has been sentenced for life with a minimum term of 30 years over the death of Lee Cooper. Mr Cooper was brutally kicked, stamped on, stripped naked, slashed and bludgeoned to death in a “rampage of violence” shortly before Christmas, the court heard… Meanwhile, Maxwell portrayed himself as a ‘King of Kids” who smoked a bong for breakfast, showed off his cannabis stash for the cameras and turned up late for court in the first episode of the controversial 2015 TV series.’ (Manchester Evening News, 20th June 2019)
  16. Tragic Kane, 10, praised for bravery after saving life of girl from Coupar Angus killer: ‘Kane Morris, from Coupar Angus, died on November 11 last year after he was stabbed in his bed six times by his father Karl Morris, also known as Andrew. An eight-year-old girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was stabbed in her lung and survived the attack. Paramedics found that Kane, after being stabbed once in the chest and five times in the back, attempted to reach the room where the girl had been sleeping. At the High Court in Glasgow, Morris, 38, admitted a charge of culpable homicide, reduced from murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility, accepting he fatally struck Kane several times with a knife. He also admitted a charge of attempted murder against the girl and a third charge of possessing cannabis on November 11 last year.’ (Dundee Evening Telegraph, 19th June 2019)
  17. Robert McWhir jailed for minimum of 18 years after being found guilty of murdering mother-of-two Marissa Aldrich: ‘Marissa and McWhir, known as Bobby, had an “off and on relationship” according to friends. They had been together with friends that night, where both had consumed alcohol, cannabis and cocaine.’ (Hunts Post, 14th June 2019)
  18. Andrew Timney convicted of manslaughter and jailed for 14 years after death of Jason Dean: ‘Andrew Timney had denied murdering 43-year-old Jason Dean in what the prosecution described as a “sustained attack” in the victim’s Bankfields flat. Mr Dean was found unconscious in a communal corridor with fractured ribs, cuts, bruises and internal bleeding. He died despite attempts to resuscitate him…Results from Timney’s blood tests, carried out 18 hours after the incident, showed the use of cocaine, cannabis and the sleep-inducing drug zopiclone.’ (Gazette Live, 28th May 2019)
  19. Killer chats up barmaid on two-day bender after stabbing girlfriend to death: ‘Adam Brettle, 24, murdered mum Samantha Gosney on November 24 last year in an attack that a paramedic described as “pure butchery”. Brettle stabbed the 29-year-old 19 times before abandoning her in a massive pool of her own blood on the floor of her St Helens flat in Merseyside, reports the Liverpool Echo… Brettle, who was jailed for life at Liverpool Crown Court, met his grandmother in the car park of the St Helens Premier Inn on Carr Mill Road where she handed him £150. She said it was nothing unusual because he was always asking for cash and his family routinely needed to pay off drug debts caused by his cocaine and cannabis use.’ (Daily Mirror, 21st May 2019)
  20. Murderer jailed for life after ‘frenzied’ baseball bat attack on ‘brother’: ‘Justice Murray described the incident as a ‘frenzied attack’, in which Osman had struck Hagi some 60 times – breaking all of his ribs and even bruising his heart…He [Osman] gave police a prepared statement in which he said he and Hagi had been drinking, smoking cannabis and watching TV…[Consultant forensic psychiatrist] Dr Tomison said Osman admitted using a lot of cannabis as well as the drug spice. He said Osman’s drug use could be connected to trying to erase memory of his traumatic past.’ (Bristol Post, 16th May 2019)
  21. Hashim Ali’s murderers jailed for a minimum of 30 years each over fatal shooting in Hayes: ‘They “could not find any decent weed” and ended up buying from a “white dealer” in Uxbridge known as “Creams”, the court heard. However, both men were disappointed in the quality and headed back to Central Avenue “to chill”, jurors were told.’ (My London, 14th May 2019)
  22. Radstock stab killer who faked 999 call jailed: ‘Mr Dawkins had introduced Mr Jones [the victim] to the defendant more than five years ago and they would smoke cannabis together, the court heard.’ (BBC News, 14th May 2019)
  23. Three men guilty of killing teenager Brandon Regan: ‘He [Steven Jones, found guilty] has been in trouble with the police before. August 6, 2013, he was convicted by magistrates for possessing an offensive weapon in a public place. He was 18. He says it was a knife. “It was just in me bag, it was not brandished, there was no violence.” He accepted this in interview and pleaded guilty. October 23, 2013, he failed to comply with his community order and received further days. March 23, 2015, possession of cannabis. February 25, 2015 possession of cannabis. May 24, 2016 possession of cocaine and cannabis. November 15, 2016 driving a motor vehicle while over the limit for a controlled drug – cannabis. December 29, 2016, possession of cannabis’. (Liverpool Echo, 3rd May 2019)
  24. Guilty of murder: Stephen Charlton convicted of strangling Middlesbrough mum: ‘Natalie Saunders died following an “orgy of violence” during which she received over 50 separate blows to her body and 85 injuries, the trial heard. Charlton, 24, of Finsbury Street, Gresham, Middlesbrough, had denied murdering her at her home in Tomlinson Way, Brambles Farm, Middlesbrough… The prosecutor says the couple spent the day together on October 6. That evening they went to Grove Hill where cannabis and probably diazepam were bought… Stephen Charlton told him [clinical care assistant Stephen Bell] they had taken 10 diazepam tablets, he had been smoking weed since 8pm the previous evening as well as drinking vodka and bottles of lager… Makepeace [prosecuting]: “How are you going to get your tablets?” Charlton: “I wasn’t going to get tablets… I had cannabis”.’ (Gazette Live, 17th Apr. 2019)
  25. Who is Dee Lawrence? Profile of the woman convicted of her boyfriend’s manslaughter: ‘The jury heard the woman who left school at 16, where she was introduced to cannabis, lived in various supported housing schemes before settling in Columbia Close.’ (Gloucestershire Live, 11th Apr. 2019)
  26. Scots dad stabbed to death by wife in London flat as son played Fortnite upstairs: ‘The pair had a toxic relationship and both drank heavily and smoked cannabis on Friday nights which was dubbed “fight night”, the court heard.’ (Daily Record, 11th Apr. 2019)
  27. Pendine caravan murder: Steven Baxter guilty of stabbing: ‘At this stage he [Baxter] told the jury he picked up a brick from the rockery in his garden and thew it at the pair in an attempt to get them to stop fighting. Asked by his barrister why he had done this Baxter replied: “We have all got cannabis in our caravans. If people saw the fighting they might call the police”… The witness said he grabbed a knife from his caravan and went to close the garden gate so his puppy would not escape. Asked why he had armed himself in that way he said Mr Clark was “ranting” and was “on one” and the knife – a scaling knife used in fishing – was for “protection”. Baxter then described how the two men confronted each other over the garden fence. He said he tried to calm things down by asking Mr Clark if he wanted to smoke some cannabis but Mr Clark started hitting him with the poles he was holding and threatening to “get the boys around” to sort him out.’ (BBC News, 8th Apr. 2019)
  28. Samuel Gildea jailed for baby son Alfie’s shaking death: ‘Blood samples taken from the defendant the day after his son’s death showed traces of cocaine and cannabis in his system, consistent with recent use.’ (BBC News, 29th Mar. 2019)
  29. Judge said death of Lee Marshall was a ‘senseless and wholly avoidable loss of life’: ‘Ward [the defendant] had been smoking cannabis and drinking.’ (Nottingham Post, 22nd Mar. 2019)
  30. Neighbour who Googled ‘How long for murder?’ before stabbing mother and daughter to death with a carving knife is found guilty of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility: ‘He [the defendant] said Mrs Harris [the victim] did not like him smoking cannabis and he wrote her a letter to apologise for ‘snapping’ at her seven months earlier.’ (Daily Mail, 19th Mar. 2019)
  31. Teen who stabbed Joan Hoggett to death warned medics a year earlier: ‘Someone will get killed’: ‘Mountain [the defendant] said he started taking cannabis at age 15 but cut back because he experienced “profound hallucinations”.’ (Chronicle Live, 11th Mar. 2019)
  32. First pictures of killers who murdered Jaskaran Kang in ferocious knife attack: “This was a pre-planned attack as the offenders knew the victim and had previously purchased drugs from him.” (Birmingham Mail, 25th Feb. 2019)
  33. Alesha MacPhail’s murderer revealed as boy, 16, who bought cannabis from victim’s father: ‘The schoolgirl suffered 117 injuries in the violent attack, with a pathologist telling the jury he had never seen anything like the injuries inflicted on her private parts. Campbell accused of killing her was arrested on July 4. It emerged on the first day of the trial that he knew the family because he had bought cannabis from Alesha’s father.’ (Daily Telegraph, 22nd Feb. 2019)
  34. Man, 23, found guilty of murdering child killer David Gaut: ‘Harley said he asked Mr Gaut to redecorate his flat and the two of them would drink and smoke cannabis together. When asked if he considered him a friend, he said he did.’ (Guardian, 18th Feb. 2019)
  35. Couple killed friend, set him on fire and then had sex to celebrate, court told: ‘Evil William Vaill and Deborah Andrews were handed life sentences for killing Skelmersdale dad Eamon Brady in a “brutal and sustained” attack… The evil couple, who had been friends with Mr Brady for several years, bumped into him by chance after Vaill had attended a funeral. They went back to his flat in Elmridge, Skelmersdale, where they drank and smoked cannabis… Defending Vaill, Stuart Denney said he had begun cannabis and alcohol use since before he was a teenager and that Skelmersdale was “the worst place in the world for him”.’ (ITV News, 16th Feb. 2019)
  36. Three ‘cowardly’ murderers locked up for life for vicious knife attack in Cardiff: “It seems that his addiction to cannabis has led to his involvement in all of this.” (Wales Online, 15th Feb. 2019)
  37. Craig Barker murder trial: Jury return guilty verdict on Nathan Davis: ‘Armed with axes, Davis, who had spent the morning smoking cannabis, crept into the property to hunt for a man he believed had assaulted his girlfriend only hours earlier.’ (Northern Echo, 12th Feb. 2019)
  38. Three men found guilty of killing 20-year-old Malaciah Thomas in Cardiff: ‘PH [prosecuting]: Tell me about your sense of perspective on drug dealing. Before drug dealing, you were unemployed weren’t you? AJ [defendant]: I was still working a couple of days in the restaurant. PH: Did you find it terribly exciting? AJ: It meant I didn’t have to spend all my wages on cannabis. PH: It was important that you didn’t upset Daniel Roberts? He was your drug ticket? You were earning good money, having as much cannabis as you wanted? AJ: Yes.’ (Wales Online, 12th Feb. 2019)
  39. Reading man jailed for killing father of two in random attack in Bracknell: ‘Sentencing, Judge Paul Dugdale said: “I find that it is more likely than not that Liam Turner was not suffering from either schizophrenia or from a schizoaffective disorder at the time of the murder.” He instead theorised that a mixture of anti-social behaviour, anger, stress, alcohol and cannabis abuse were more important factors.’ (In Your Area, 12th Feb. 2019)
  40. Thug, 23, who murdered his girlfriend’s baby daughter by inflicting ‘car-crash like’ injuries described as the ‘worst a doctor had ever seen’ on the one-year-old before trying to blame her mother is jailed for life: ‘Giving evidence today, the girl’s mum said her partner smoked cannabis on a daily basis and had seemed “moody” on the day he is accused of battering her to death.’ (Daily Mail, 1st Feb. 2019)
  41. Crime spree killer high on drugs thought murder mayhem was all a dream: ‘The former Royal Mail worker claimed to have drunk beer and smoked cannabis before taking a “fake drug” which he thought had been cocaine but which caused him to experience different effects that he was not used to.’ (Daily Record, 31st Jan. 2019)
  42. Teenager Luke Pearce ‘brutally’ stabbed vulnerable pal Michael Deary in sickening attack: ‘Mr Jewell [prosecuting] said that Pearce, who had smoked cannabis since he was 12, also told his mother that he had committed the attack because he needed money for food and drugs.’ (Birmingham Mail, 30th Jan. 2019)
  43. Faces of evil: Murderers who launched frenzied knife attack on Cambridge common: ‘A witness called Mr King was walking in Stourbridge Common and saw two males near bridge smoking cannabis.’ (Cambridge News, 29th Jan. 2019)
  44. Mental health workers TWICE ‘missed’ illness that drove man to kill his mum: ‘He went to Barcelona with a friend last February and confessed to his dad he felt like jumping out of his hotel window, having taken “cannabis cookies”. When he returned to live with his dad, he said he was smoking cannabis, refused to get out of bed in the mornings and was “withdrawn”.’ (Liverpool Echo, 28th Jan. 2019)
  45. Sam Mechelewski trial: The full story of swaggering murderers that lured friend to woods for vicious baseball bat and knife attack: ‘Shepherd [the defendant] said: “I was introduced to Sam through friends about five years ago. I went with one of my friends and smoked a joint in a field, and he and his brother were there. Sam [the victim] was selling cannabis already. [He] would come to me for advice on how to weigh and sell it.” Shepherd then told the court that he started dealing cannabis about six months after first meeting Mr Mechelewski.’ (Cambridgeshire Live, 28th Jan. 2019)
  46. Man blames cannabis for brother’s decline before being stabbed to death: ‘A man has spoken about his brother’s mental health decline through cannabis, after he was stabbed to death in a home for people with drink, drug and mental health issues. Steve Melhuish lost his brother Robert Cox after he was admitted to the home in Egerton Road, Bishopston, in 2013. The 24-year-old was stabbed to death in the home by 42-year-old Derek Hancock.’ (Bristol Post, 28th Jan. 2019)
  47. ‘Freddy Krueger’ killer butchered brother he feared was having affair with lover: “He was listening to conspiracy theories on his laptop and smoking cannabis.” (Daily Mirror, 15th Jan. 2019)
  48. The teenage murderer who started using drugs when he was 10: ‘Facey [the defendant] told the court he started using cannabis “skunk” when he was 10 and started dealing drugs for the Monkey Line, then known as the CJ Line, when he was 15. He said he first used cocaine when he was 17, used diazepam “once or twice” and while he did not use heroin he was addicted to cannabis and cocaine. The court heard he smoked skunk “every single day”, sometimes spending £80 a day on the drug. Asked where he got the money from, he replied sometimes from his grandmother and sometimes he stole it. Ms Radford [defending] asked him how the cannabis made him feel. He replied: “At the time, I did not really see an effect, but now I think it messed my head up. I just think it made my brain slow. I could not think as fast”.’ (Wales Online, 19th Dec. 2018)
  49. Russell Bishop: Paedophile guilty of 1986 Babes in the Wood murders: ‘Bishop told jurors he had smoked cannabis for “pain relief” for an injury to his left shoulder and had known Mr Fellows through playing football in the park… As he walked home wearing a “blue flecky jumper” he came across the park keeper in Wild Park and saw girls from a distance, he said. From there, Bishop said he dropped by the home of Angie Cutting to buy a “small amount of cannabis” which he rolled into a joint.’ (BBC News, 10th Dec. 2018)
  50. Woman in ‘man hating’ group chat ‘murdered sleeping partner then smoked weed’: ‘A girlfriend who was part of ‘man-hating’ WhatsApp group stabbed her partner to death as he slept then calmly smoked a spliff, a court heard. Alex Glanfield-Collis, 25, plunged a knife into partner John Maclean’s neck at her London Docklands flat on April 12, it is claimed.’ (Daily Mirror, 7th Dec. 2018)
  51. Gosport baby death: Mother and partner jailed for 10 years: ‘Both tested positive for cocaine and cannabis after their arrests on 21 March, when the baby was taken from the flat in Garland Court. Stanley died in hospital seven days later. Judge Miller said the pair’s frequent use of cocaine and cannabis during parenthood was “irresponsible in the extreme”.’ (BBC News, 7th Dec. 2018)
  52. Ryan Thornton murdered Stela Domador-Kuzma at their shared flat in Bournemouth: ‘He said that the defendant had spent the day of July 7 watching the England v Sweden World Cup match in a pub and had gone on to buy lager and gin before returning to the flat in Richmond Gardens where he also smoked cannabis.’ (Bournemouth Echo, 1st Dec. 2018)
  53. Mother screams ‘murderer’ at ex-partner as pair found guilty over baby son’s death: ‘“The extent of Stanley’s injuries at such a young age were truly shocking, no child should have to suffer in the way that he did.” The court heard that the former couple, who are not married but share similar surnames, had a difficult relationship. Police being called to their Gosport flat on March 13 by neighbours who reported shouting coming from inside. The first sign that Stanley had suffered any harm was when a health visitor found a bruise behind his right ear on 16 March – which a hospital consultant misdiagnosed as a birth mark, according to the BBCBoth defendants tested positive for cocaine and cannabis following their arrest after Stanley was taken to hospital that day.’ (Independent, 28th Nov. 2018)
  54. Two jailed over death of toddler who was confined to ‘cage bed’: ‘James Pickup QC, representing Hitchcott, said the defendant had been thrown out of home at 16, partly because of his cannabis addiction, and had lived on the streets and in supported accommodation before moving in with Coyle and Ellie-May.’ (Liverpool Echo, 16th Nov. 2018)
  55. Sally Hodkin murder: Killer ‘had miscarriage’ prior to fatal stabbing: ‘A patient who murdered a grandmother believed she had suffered a miscarriage and was smoking cannabis in the lead up to the killing, an inquest has heard.’ (BBC News, 29th Oct. 2018)
  56. Sword murder accused told police: “Oh dear, I thought at most it would be manslaughter.”: “The defendant was on the phone and was heard to say, ‘I love you dad’. The defendant then sat down and began smoking a cannabis joint.” (Liverpool Echo, 17th Sep. 2018)
  57. Five teenagers guilty of fatally stabbing man in London: ‘He says the five of them [the defendants] had been at the house of the 16-year-old drug dealer who admitted murder, listening to music, smoking cannabis and playing video games when they came up with the plan. The teen who was expelled from Stoke Newington School, said he was “frassed” or stoned when they left, and “didn’t realise anyone had knives”. In October 2016 he was convicted himself for possession of a 10cm kitchen knife and a bag of cannabis after being caught red-handed by police.’ (Guardian, 4th Sep. 2018)
  58. Cannabis link to killer bagel heir Joshua Cohen: ‘Joshua Cohen, 28, has been held at Broadmoor high-security hospital since his arrest for the frenzied attack on his mother, Louise, 64, and sister Hannah, 33, at their six-bedroom mansion in Golders Green, north London, last August.’ (Times, 2nd Aug. 2018)
  59. Man on ‘drugs spree’ who stabbed girlfriend to death then jumped out of window jailed for minimum of 21 years: ‘A man who stabbed his girlfriend to death before jumping out of a window and attacking passers-by has been jailed for a minimum of 21 years… The couple had been out to watch a film on the evening of 12 February before returning to the apartment in Ancoats, where they both smoked cannabis and used a crack pipe to take cocaine, the court heard.’ (Independent, 3rd Aug. 2018)
  60. Father convicted of manslaughter over six-month-old son’s death: ‘Walker [the defendant], who had a small level of cannabis in his blood at the time of the death, told his trial he could be “heavy-handed” but denied fatally shaking the child.’ (Belfast Telegraph, 1st Aug. 2018)
  61. Addiction and violence recurring themes in Amy McCarthy’s tragic demise: ‘Addiction was to be found throughout the tragic story of a 22-year-old Cork woman who died at the hands of her boyfriend in a squat no more than 100m from some of the busiest nightspots in Cork city. Adam O’Keeffe was beaten by his father as a child and began drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis at the age of 10. By 16, he was using amphetamines, cocaine, and heroin. He was also living on the streets.’ (Irish Examiner, 21st July, 2018)
  62. Former Dawlish patient jailed for murder: ‘Former psychiatric patient Rose had taken amphetamines and smoked cannabis during the hours before he killed 32-year-old Geraldine, known as Gerry, at the supported housing where she was living in Exeter on January 10 this year.’ (19th July 2018)
  63. Carl Madigan knifed Sam Cook in heart two weeks after friend slashed man’s stomach open: ‘Facebook accounts show Carl Madigan, 23, and Shaun Bethell, 19, hanging around together and smoking cannabis before the shocking offences which will now define their young lives.’ (16th June 2018)
  64. Jailed for life: two thugs who murdered youth worker for his iPhone pincode: ‘The killers had smoked a vast amount of cannabis before arming themselves with a knife for the mugging spree on October 16 last year.’ (15 June 2018)
  65. “Sadistic” killer who recorded himself butchering friend jailed for life: “It is true that alcohol and cannabis use has played its part in both your rather aimless lives.” (14 June 2018)
  66. How drugs turned James Cromwell and Abdul Korim Ali’s friendship into a deadly street stabbing: “They were high on coke, weed and alcohol. James gets robbed of his product and general chit chat turned nasty. One man ended up dead but they were all in a group of up to eight lads that night.” (4 June 2018)
  67. Facing life: violent teenagers who murdered youth worker Abdul Samad in drug-fuelled four-hour moped rampage in London: ‘Gilmaney and Thomas had spent the evening smoking cannabis before starting the robberies, taking it in turns to ride the moped and be the knife-wielding attacker.’ (18 May 2018)
  68. Dean Lowe’s Facebook page reveals warped life of killer who bludgeoned Kirby Noden to death and dismembered her body: ‘Lowe’s Facebook page is littered with pictures of drug paraphernalia and in one comment he tells a friend that he can’t cope without cannabis in his system. The convicted killer even brands himself “the biggest stoner in the world” and in one post boasts of smoking “f*cking mental concentrated weed”. Amid the drug-related photos Lowe posts pictures of his dogs and talks of battles with the RSPCA to keep hold of the animals. He also uploaded a picture of a pasty and a cannabis bong on Christmas day, describing it as his festive lunch. In an accompanying post he told a family member he was unable to visit her as he was “a bum”.’ (10 May 2018)
  69. This is the face of teen who murdered OAP with hammer and then falsely claimed he was a paedophile: ‘Giving evidence for the first time today, he told a jury how he had smoked cannabis since the age of 11 and described himself as sometimes not sleeping for three nights due partly to drug abuse.’ (27 Apr 2018)
  70. Dad who suffocated wife and drowned two children in bath GUILTY of murder: ‘Salem [the defendant] said he had been using one and a half grams of cannabis per day but had stopped after attending the hospital… Dr Lutte said he believed cannabis was the main cause of Salem’s symptoms but recalled him saying that he had been worried about a contract at work.’ (19 Apr 2018)
  71. Northern Ireland man who admitted to kicking his puppy to death cries in court: ‘A small amount of cannabis was also found and the constable confirmed Sarre [the defendant] may have consumed some before he kicked the puppy.’ (17 Apr 2018)
  72. Great-gran raped and murdered by drug crazed neighbour who cut off her wedding ring: ‘The heroin, cocaine, cannabis and spice user sent him a text saying he had done her gutters, adding: “I’m looking out for her mate, don’t be worrying”.’ (10 Apr 2018)
  73. Mum had ‘intimate relations’ with brute who shook tot to death as dying child lay next door: ‘She said the pair denied being drug users but forensic tests showed they had smoked cannabis together, with Hayley [the victim] in the room, the night before the youngster was fatally injured.’ (4 Apr 2018)
  74. Faces of killers who tied up and beat Nuneaton mum to death: ‘Proceedings opened with consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr Nuwan Galappathie taking to the witness box and being questioned about a report he was asked to prepare on Elizabeth Ellis. Dr Galappathie said he looked at her medical history, citing a time in 2015 when she visited a GP surgery seeking help for depression. He said Ellis had told the GP ‘there was something wrong with her head’ and that she was taking the drugs M-Cat and cannabis.’ (8 Feb 2018)
  75. Mother-of-four’s family slam her Muslim husband for murdering convert wife ‘in such a brutal way’ as he is jailed for 22 years for killing her with claw hammer then burning body: ‘Miss Wooding, who had adopted the Islamic name Zakirah, believed her husband might be having an affair with Ahmed, also 27, because he regularly visited her, the court heard. But Mr Campbell [prosecuting] said it was possible their friendship was platonic and that it was cannabis that drew them together. Police later found cannabis growing at Ahmed’s home.’ (17 Jan 2018)
  76. Man (25) sentenced to life for murdering mother while high on drugs must wait to hear outcome of appeal against conviction: ‘By the time of his mother’s death, he was unemployed and taking amphetamines (speed), methamphetamines and cannabis, along with prescription medication.’ (19 Dec 2017)
  77. Man says he battered stepdad to death after he was sexually abused by him aged seven: ‘Leeds Crown Court heard that he had taken an ounce of amphetamine when he woke up around 9am or 10am on June 27 before smoking cannabis for the rest of the day.’ (5 Dec 2017)
  78. Bradley Wood guilty of Lee Jay Hatley murder: ‘She had gone to sleep in the bedroom of her flat and left Wood and Mr Hatley, of Barnsbury, socialising together in the living room before the attack. They had all been drinking and smoking cannabis together that evening.’ (28 Nov 2017)
  79. ‘Bad man’ jailed for beating a grandfather to death in vicious Spice assault at West Drayton immigration facility: ‘He lived in London and has convictions for 33 offences of dishonesty, violence and harassment. The court also heard how he had mental health problems and smoked skunk cannabis which made his condition worse.’ (13 Nov 2017)
  80. Man found guilty of murdering girlfriend’s toddler before claiming he slipped underwater in bath in 999 call: ‘Smith [the defendant] was also found to have a high reading of cannabis in his bloodstream almost six hours after the 999 call – while a makeshift Ribena bottle ‘bong’ and the remains of six cannabis joints were found in a rear annex.’ (2 Nov 2017)
  81. Life sentence for woman who murdered girlfriend she had abused for years: ‘Neighbours, shopkeepers and other witnesses told how Vaux [the victim] was often seen being dragged by her hair and assaulted as Reid [the defendant] screamed abuse at her in the streets around their home in Platt Bridge. Vaux was often sent by Reid limping into the streets in the rain to go begging and scrounging to get money for scratchcards, “smoke and cans” to feed her alcohol and cannabis habits. If she did not bring back enough money she would be beaten.’ (13 Oct 2017)
  82. Man admits killing his Kurdish refugee neighbour before chopping his penis off: ‘He is reported to have been drinking heavily and smoking cannabis and in the days before had been admitted to a secure psychiatric facility after masturbating in public.’ (3 Oct 2017)
  83. Judge tells murderer he showed ‘no remorse’ as he gets life sentence for savage murder of friend at Leeds flat: “Very shortly after the incident began, no doubt fuelled by alcohol and cannabis, you picked up a Phillips screwdriver and attacked him with it. Your attack was brutal, savage and prolonged. The attack was of such severity, I am entirely satisfied, that there was a time during the course of this incident that you formed the intention to kill Robert Milner.” (22 Sep 2017)
  84. Killer Mark Minott jailed for life as victim Beverley Robinson’s family vow never to forgive him: ‘The court heard Minott had drunk brandy, smoked cannabis and taken Ecstasy and cocaine prior to the attack in the early hours of the morning.’ (15 Sep 2017)
  85. Lee Parker jailed for 15 years after murdering his baby by striking her head against a door on Christmas Day: “On Christmas Eve at about 9pm a tragic and dark change occurred in your behaviour, no doubt because you were drinking heavily and had used cocaine and cannabis”. (4 July 2017)
  86. Aidan McAteer fled to Amsterdam to ‘smoke some weed’ after crash that killed Violet-Grace (19 May 2017)
  87. The fortnight that saw Matthew Williams released from prison and turn into a killer: ‘At the age of 11 he started smoking cannabis, two years later he was expelled from school for fighting and by the age of 15, he had dropped out of the school system altogether… His persistent drug use had led to negative psychological and psychiatric effects, according to a Healthcare inspectorate Wales (HIW) inquiry which was carried out following Miss [Cerys] Yemm’s murder.’ (5 Apr 2017)
  88. Drugs, guns and murder – the toxic friendship of Brandon Bilsborough and Connor Hunt: ‘The day after the shooting Bilsborough and Hunt were able to flee to Malaga in Spain, where they spent five weeks partying with £4,000 of drugs cash.’ (Liverpool Echo, 27th Feb. 2017)
  89. Xixi Bi Llandaff murder: Jordan Matthews jailed for life: ‘He accepted he was smoking “quite a lot” of cannabis at the time and the court heard he felt “insecure” when his girlfriend visited her family in China.’ (21 Feb 2017)
  90. Teenage drug dealers who killed man who tried to rob them locked up: ‘During the interviews that followed, the boy [the defendant] said he had risen that morning, smoked cannabis and headed out.’ (22 Dec 2016)
  91. Drug-crazed schizophrenic Polish warehouse worker broke into a family home and stabbed a mother-of-two to death while her helpless husband listened on the phone: ‘Porczynski, who was later found to have cocaine and cannabis in his system, seemed ‘distant’ and ‘confused’ but after searching him he was released. But he then went the short distance to his house at 10.50pm and armed himself with a kitchen knife, the court heard. Porczynski, who admitted smoking cannabis, returned around 11.20pm and first smashed his way into her next door neighbour’s house, Mr Shar, but ran away when he confronted him.’ (17 Dec 2016)
  92. Killer dad smothered baby son to death in rage ‘triggered by smoking cannabis every day’: ‘Kane Kennedy, 20, was ordered to serve at least 18 years behind bars after he was convicted of murdering seven-month-old Oskar Jobey-Kennedy. Court heard Kennedy would snap after smoking cannabis and go off on violent temper tantrums when the baby started crying. The baby’s teenage mum told him to give up his habit over fears for the child’s safety, but Kennedy refused and threw the tot round “like a toy” and pushed his fingers down his throat “to silence him”.’ (15 Dec 2016)
  93. Josh Price murder: Man jailed for life for killing Wolverhampton father: ‘He [the defendant] said he was relying on a £10-a-day cannabis habit to resolve the mental problems and had been buying drugs from Mr Price for a couple of months before the stabbing which occured [sic] on September 27 2014.’ (7 Dec 2016)
  94. Hammer attack killer ‘raped his girlfriend’s dead body before bludgeoning her mother and dog to death before telling police’: ‘Showers [the defendant] claimed he had gone to the house to speak to Jade to ask why she was ‘blanking him’ – and that they had smoked cannabis, told each other how they missed each other – and that ‘the mood was affectionate and they began to have sexual intercourse’.’ (1 Dec 2016)
  95. The murder of Paul Jefferies: ‘Bamford [the defendant] himself told the court he had met up with Mr Jefferies that night in the hope he would help him pay off his debt. Beforehand he had taken Valium and smoked cannabis.’ (22 Nov 2016)
  96. Church-going cannabis user who strangled his grandmother and drowned his aunt is jailed for life: ‘Christopher Whelan, 21, armed himself with an axe and a pen knife during the killing of Julie Hill, 51, and 75-year-old Rose Hill after cannabis use “exacerbated” his violent thoughts linked to an obsessional disorder.’ (21 Nov 2016)
  97. Lewis Dunne trial: Three jailed for Liverpool teenager’s murder: ‘Jake Culshaw, 25, admitted he was a cannabis-smoking burglar who “sells smack and crack” but denied firing the shotgun which killed 16-year-old Lewis.’ (16 Nov 2016)
  98. Man jailed for drowning friend on fishing trip in Wirral: ‘Christopher Davies [the defendant] said he went “off his head” after his colleague Barry O’Reilly, a day short of his 38th birthday, gave him cannabis mixed with Spice during a fishing trip on 15 May.’ (9 Nov 2016)
  99. Femi Nandap: Mentally ill student handed indefinite hospital order for Dr Jeroen Ensink murder: ‘The court heard Nandap’s mental illness began after he began to use cannabis heavily while living in the United States.’ (10 Oct 2016)
  100. Man guilty of murdering friend after row about Fifa and cannabis: ‘A man has been found guilty of murdering his friend after they smoked cannabis together and traded vulgar insults about each others’ mothers.’ (27 Sep 2016)
  101. Belfast schizophrenic jailed for killing friend in knife frenzy: ‘The court heard that Noor [the defendant] had been smoking cannabis for several hours on the day of the attack, and that voices his head had told him to attack his friend.’ (16 Sep 2016)
  102. Man slain in video game rage by ‘cannabis fiend’: ‘Azeem Issa, 22, fatally stabbed 28-year-old Sahill Roy in a “senseless” attack in the Ivybridge estate in Isleworth on Sunday, April 10, after a row over rolling a cannabis joint, the Old Bailey was told.’ (7 Sep 2016)
  103. Shocking footage shows laughing couple smoking huge cannabis bong hours before murder of baby: ‘A sick couple smoked an enormous cannabis bong with holes for three spliffs just hours before the murder of tragic Noah Serra-Morriso. Noah’s mum Ronnie Tayler-Morrison, 22, is seen laughing and drinking vodka in the video taken with her boyfriend Hardeep Hunjan, hours before he battered the tot to death.‘ (28 July 2016)
  104. Bootle double killer Peter Fox locked up for life: ‘The court was previously told that Fox – who began smoking cannabis at the age of nine – was allowed to “run riot” by his “very protective” mum.’ (20 June 2016)
  105. Ayeeshia Smith murder: Mother weeps as she is jailed for stamping her toddler to death: ‘On one occasion Smith, who was addicted to cannabis, even told social workers to take her daughter away insisting she was a **** mother.’ (12 Apr 2016)
  106. Mother found guilty of stamping her 21-month-old daughter to death as shock new pictures are revealed: ‘After the child’s death, police discovered cannabis at the couple’s flat stored in a Tommee Tippee plastic cup and the jury heard both regularly smoked the drug.’ (8 Apr 2016)
  107. Teenager who killed PC Dave Phillips with truck had ‘smoked cannabis since age 6’: ‘Manchester Crown Court heard that Clayton Williams, 19, from Wallasey, Merseyside, had been buying drugs and smoked a “spliff” before stealing a Mitsubishi pick-up truck in a burglary before using it as a murder weapon on PC Dave Phillips.’ (14 Mar 2016)
  108. Lee Nolan jailed for life for murder of Katelyn Parker whose body was found in boot of car in Heywood: ‘The court heard he [Nolan] had consumed whisky, amyl nitrate and cannabis at the time of the killing, and had suffered some mental instability in the past, but it wasn’t enough to support a ‘diminished responsibility’ defence to murder… He had visited the victim before, and remembers going to her house on the fateful morning, that she let him in, and that he smoked some cannabis, but claims to remember nothing after that.’ (9 Feb 2016)
  109. Corkscrew used when Liverpool dad killed family and then himself in Gibraltar, inquest hears: ‘High levels of testosterone in his urine sample indicate he was under the influence of steroids, and he had also been smoking cannabis.’ (7 Dec 2015)
  110. Newbiggin Hall stabbing teen jailed for life for murder of mother’s new boyfriend: ‘A court heard that, having left the home and then been refused entry back in, furious Burke, who had been drinking and smoking cannabis, went to friend Richard Prigmore’s house nearby and armed himself with a kitchen knife.’ (4 Dec 2015)
  111. James Clarke who stabbed former heroin addict dad to death is jailed for 10 years: ‘He stabbed the 52-year-old 18 times with a knife, and when the handle snapped, starting punching him. He only left when he believed he was dead or dying, and after he had punched his uncle’s partner, who was also in the house, in the face, leaving her needing stitches. He spent the night drinking and smoking cannabis before handing himself to police the day afterwards on April 6.’ (Manchester Evening News, 16th Nov. 2015)
  112. [Becky Watts] Victim at age 8: ‘Twisted Nathan Matthews killed stepsister Becky almost a decade after his growing lust for young girls saw him touch her inappropriately when she was just eight. The murderer, who was 19 at the time, put his hand on the schoolgirl’s inner thigh in a disturbing incident she would only reveal to friends years later. His depraved interest in young girls, fuelled by a diet of extreme hardcore porn and cannabis, had set him on a path that would eventually see him plot to kidnap and kill Becky.’ (12 Nov 2015)
  113. Family of Ilkeston man who was stabbed to death: “We can finally start to grieve”:  ‘Genovese, who had been smoking cannabis on the night of the attack, had double locked all of the doors and hid the keys – which he claims to have no recollection of.’ (23 Oct 2015)
  114. Acton hammer murderer sentenced to life in prison: ‘Lomedico [the defendant] had occasionally worked but moved around from bedsits and sometimes even slept on the street, drinking and smoking cannabis when he could afford it, the court was told.’ (12 Oct 2015)
  115. Man beat Liverpool dad to death in drink and drug fuelled ‘appalling’ violence: ‘Daiken [the defendant] went to a house party in Anfield on February 28, where he admitted drinking vodka, snorting cocaine, smoking cannabis and taking ecstasy.’ (3 Aug 2015)
  116. Worksop man Kamil Dantes jailed for parents’ stab killings: “Your deteriorating mental health had much to do with your history of drug use and in particular your cannabis habit. This is another example of the danger of cannabis use and its ability to induce psychotic behaviour in young men.” (21 July 2015)
  117. Family of decapitated woman tell of despair as killer cleared of murder: ‘[The defendant’s] friends told police he regularly smoked skunk cannabis, took cocaine and had been known to drink whole bottles of spirits each day.’ (23 June 2015)
  118. Paranoid factory worker stabbed parents to death in frenzied attack during psychotic episode after smoking cannabis for years: ‘He had been smoking cannabis for 12 years and was sectioned in 2011 after calling police and saying his parents had been murdered and ‘replaced by imposters [sic] who were wearing their faces’. After he was released back into the community he was seen on a regular basis by a community mental health nurse – but hid his drug use, which also included amphetamines, from her.’ (27 May 2015)
  119. Former law student jailed for life for killing stranger with house brick: ‘He was carrying skunk cannabis, told police he had taken cocaine, cannabis and MDMA and also tested positive for ethylone, which has the same effect as ecstasy and amphetamines, and cannabis.’ (16 Mar 2015)
  120. Asbo teen Connor Doughton jailed for life for murdering good samaritan Michaelee Emmett: ‘The court heard how the teenager has a “severe conduct disorder with callous and unemotional traits”. He started smoking cannabis at the age of 11 and had a history of using drugs including cocaine.’ (15 Jan 2015)
  121. Levi-Blu Cassin: Parents jailed over toddler’s death: ‘Cassin admits she and Piper smoked cannabis that night. She can’t remember if she smoked any heroin that day but says she might have.’ (22 Dec 2014)
  122. Gemma Simpson death: Martin Bell jailed for 12 years: ‘The new report confirmed that doctors had considered Bell’s cannabis use may have contributed to or exacerbated Bell’s illness and he had smoked the drug on the day he killed Miss Simpson in his Harrogate flat.’ (19 Dec 2014)
  123. Gemma Finnigan’s killer Daniel Johnson from Boldon jailed for life: ‘Meanwhile, consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr James Stoddart, who works at St Nicholas Hospital, Newcastle, told Mr Justice Green that Johnson’s use of drugs like cannabis, which he grew at home, was likely to have exacerbated his psychotic behaviour.’ (13 Nov 2014)
  124. Killer boyfriend who stabbed pregnant partner 60 times is jailed: ‘The court heard that Kirsty had been worried about Hussain’s drug-taking before he murdered her. He had started taking cannabis but had escalated to using cocaine.’ (30 Sep 2014)
  125. WATCH: Jailed killer James Burton with noose around his neck as police storm house: ‘The cannabis-smoking killer, 32, of Parry Close, Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, was unanimously convicted of murder.’ (1 Aug 2014)
  126. DJ slaughtered by cocaine-crazed pal who smashed car into pub and fatally knifed himself in chest, inquest hears: ‘Toxicology tests revealed Gasper [the defendant], who had been smoking cannabis since he was 13, had recently taken cocaine which was still in his blood.’ (24 July 2014)
  127. Cannabis-smoking father jailed for life for murdering his baby daughter by ‘vigorously shaking’ her: ‘The trial of Ross Conlin, 29, of Sandy Lane, Farnborough, Hampshire, heard that he caused four-month-old Kiera Conlin to suffer a heart attack and bleeding to the brain while she was alone in her care on the bank holiday of May 6 last year.’ (11 July 2014)
  128. Joshua Ribera murder trial: Armani Mitchell found guilty of stabbing 18-year-old rap star to death: ‘The teenager accused of murdering Birmingham rap star Josh Ribera had been smoking cannabis and was carrying a knife on the night the victim died, a court was told this morning.’ (28 Mar 2014)
  129. Karen Leonard murder: Killer’s chilling warning before violent murder: ‘He admits having issues with his medication and smoking £5 of cannabis a day.’ (9 Feb 2014)
  130. If Alan could have spoken he would have told me ‘please forgive my killers’: ‘The pair [of killers] had been drinking and smoking cannabis all day prior to the attack.’ (27 Dec 2013)
  131. Dad shook baby daughter to death as he was agitated at running out of cannabis: ‘William Stephens, aged 25, shook daughter Paris so violently she suffered catastrophic head injuries and was bleeding in the eyes. The thug attacked 16-week-old Paris for crying after he was left to look after her while mum Danah Vince, 19, went to see a doctor.’ (13 Dec 2013)
  132. Evil Wesley Williams jailed for life after killing girlfriend and her baby boy: ‘Jailing Williams for a minimum of 29 years at Birmingham Crown Court, the judge described the cannabis user as being “clearly evil and dangerous beyond measure.”’ (11 Dec 2013)
  133. Eystna Blunnie murder case: Tony McLernon ‘beat’ pregnant ex-girlfriend: ‘Unemployed Mr McLernon, who had been drinking and using cannabis, forced Ms Blunnie to the ground and repeatedly kicked and stamped on her, the court heard.’ (20 Feb 2013)
  134. EastEnders’ Gemma McCluskie murder: Brother guilty: ‘Miss McCluskie’s mutilated body was found floating in the canal in east London on 6 March last year. She was killed by being hit over the head at least twice and her body was hacked into six pieces using a cleaver and a knife. McCluskie, a window cleaner and skunk cannabis smoker, claimed to have lost control after a tirade of abuse from his sister.’ (30 Jan 2013)
  135. Rio Smedley murder: Mother jailed over toddler death: ‘Kirsty Smedley, 24, from Bolton, was found guilty of allowing or causing the death of a child during the trial at Manchester Crown Court. Her boyfriend, Daniel Rigby, 23, was sentenced to life imprisonment in November for the murder of Rio Smedley… The court heard Smedley knew her son received two injuries the day before in Rigby’s sole care but left her home in Bolton to get cash to buy cannabis for her boyfriend. Rigby, 23, of Dorset Avenue Tyldesley, Wigan, had denied “losing his rag” with the toddler because he was having to look after him instead of going to his sister’s house to smoke cannabis.’ (21 Dec 2012)
  136. Grandson ‘killed Regan while ill’: ‘The grandson of anti-gun campaigner Pat Regan stabbed her to death while suffering from paranoia and mental health issues after smoking cannabis since the age of 11, his mother has told an inquest.’ (5 Nov 2012)
  137. Praise for police as “sadistic” killer is jailed for life for brutal murder of King’s Lynn man: ‘King even boasteds [sic] to one friend, Samuel Smythe, at King’s Lynn Railway Station, to look at the papers as he has stabbed someone up, before then smoking drugs. This was not a man saddledracked [sic] with guilt or remorse, but seemingly proud about the reputation this brutal slaying might give him among his peers, who he spent his life hanging around with and taking doing [sic] drugs. An unemployed painter and decorator who had little to do with his three children or their mother’s [sic], King lived a chaotic lifestyle that was to breed a contempt for life so evident in the way he disposed of Mr Williams.’ (15 Oct 2011)
  138. Alami Gotip ‘murdered after garlic bread row’: “Mr Ellis committed this offence after taking a number of valium tablets and smoking several cannabis joints. The repercussions of this tragic incident will stay with both of Ms Gotip’s children for the rest of their lives.” (7 Sep 2011)
  139. Bartley Green Uncle jailed for killing toddler niece: “But I accept you had been taking more and more responsibility for her care as she was progressively neglected by her own mother who pursued her relationship with her new partner to the detriment of her child. I am satisfied that you loved Aalihya and that you placed great store in her welfare. You were left caring for Aalihya having had no sleep for the previous 24 hours and having taken cannabis at some stage during that time.” (20 July 2011)
  140. Chilling diary extracts of Birmingham taxi driver killer Andrew Bayliss: ‘The drug user knifed Birmingham father-of-four Mohammed Arshad to death in a remote lane during an attempted robbery…Bayliss was a cannabis and alcohol user with spiralling credit card debts, brought on by gambling and drug problems.’ (10 Apr 2011)
  141. Violent North Shields thug jailed for attacks on pal: ‘Cannabis addict Rai was yesterday jailed for six years, with three years extended licence, at Newcastle Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter.’ (12 Mar 2011)
  142. Man jailed for killing sister’s partner: ‘However, in interviews with gardaí, McKenna [the defendant] who originally comes from Artane, north Dublin, admitted that he could not fully remember the events of the night because of the amount of alcohol he had consumed and his previous use of cannabis.’ (18 Jan 2011)
  143. Mental health patient detained indefinitely for killing brother, nine: ‘The court heard that he [the defendant] had often failed to take medication after being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and also had problems with alcohol and cannabis use.’ (17 Jan 2011)
  144. Huddersfield men guilty of Gurmail Singh murder: ‘He [defendant Nabeel Shafi] told a jury at Bradford Crown Court yesterday that he had smoked two skunk cannabis joints and had shared a bottle of whisky and coke with Aslam and Khalid before he got a phone call from the fifth defendant 18-year-old Shoaib Khan.’ (21 Oct 2010)
  145. Peter Tobin prescribed same drug he used to help kill victims – but he swaps it for goodies inside jail: ‘In 1991, when Tobin moved to Bathgate, his doctor prescribed him amitriptyline and diazepam, a sedative. He also took amphetamines and smoked cannabis – and had a collection of violent pornographic videos and magazines. It was in Bathgate that he found Vicky, who was frightened after getting lost in the town centre on a winter’s evening. He coaxed her back to his house, where he gave her a hot drink laced with his prescription sedatives, then raped and killed her.’ (21 Sep 2010)
  146. Couple who murdered British toddler jailed for life: ‘But Boleyn [the defendant], who like her boyfriend was addicted to cannabis and alcohol, refused to let the mother in as Ryan’s face and body was covered in bruising.’ (29 July 2010)
  147. Huyton teen who shot best friend dead locked up: ‘Mr Carville said the defendant, victim and a third youth were in Eastham’s bedroom smoking cannabis when Eastham’s mum heard a bang and her son quickly ran from the house.’ (2 July 2010)
  148. Huddersfield tattooist’s Thai wife stabbed mum-in-law to death: “It was her extreme emotional state coupled with smoking cannabis more which led into a downward spiral.” (19 May 2010)
  149. Youth jailed for double murder: ‘Curran told the court he had spent most of that day drinking and taking drugs. He had been drinking vodka and alcopops and smoking cannabis. He had also taken between 15 and 20 Diazepam pills. He said the effect was the same as usual. He was “off [his] head”.’ (7 May 2010)
  150. Care in the Community patient with 39 convictions free to stab father to death in cannabis-induced psychosis: ‘A violent psychopath who stabbed a young father to death four months after walking free from court over another brutal attack has been jailed for life. Colin Welsh, 42, was sentenced to at least 12 years in prison today as a judge described him as ‘clearly dangerous’. After 20 years of smoking powerful cannabis the paranoid schizophrenic believed a ‘transmitting device’ had been implanted inside his inner ear by criminals to send him mad.’ (16 Mar 2010)
  151. ‘NHS failed to investigate why mental patient was free to murder my son’: ‘McKenzie, 25, had a history of mental illness but was being cared for in the community. He had stopped taking his medication and was smoking cannabis before he bought a carving knife and murdered the sound engineer.’ (25 Feb 2010)
  152. Liverpool court hears the details of Joseph Lappin death: ‘Graham Wood QC, told how the 23-year-old [the defendant]… had acted totally out of character and that it was to his “eternal regret” he had not refused to go with the group. He added that smoking cannabis may have encouraged McDonald, who looks after his younger brother, to pick up a stick for “protection”.’ (2 Feb 2010)
  153. Edlington attacker watched porn films and smoked cannabis aged nine: ‘Over the next two years he carried out a series of assaults on adults and children, which culminated in the 90-minute attack, conducted with his brother, on two other boys. The pair, aged 10 and 11 at the time, had a “toxic” home life, as two of seven brothers in a household with a history of domestic violence. At the age of nine, the older of the two was smoking 10 cigarettes a day, drinking vodka and using cannabis grown on his father’s allotment.’ (22 Jan 2010)
  154. Wealdstone killing paints a ‘dark and troubling picture’: ‘A “CHAIN-WIELDING lunatic” accused of murder over a Wealdstone killing only went to the area to buy “high grade” cannabis, a court heard.’ (13 Jan 2010)
  155. Jessica McCagh’s killer gets 21 years under tougher sentencing rule: ‘A youth who murdered his girlfriend by soaking her in petrol and then setting her alight was ordered yesterday to serve at least 21 years’ detention, in one of the first tests of Scotland’s new, tougher sentencing regime for killers…Blackburn [the killer] was from Dundee and spent much of his childhood in foster care. He subsequently moved to a small flat in Arbroath and often smoked cannabis there with other teenagers.’ (5 Jan 2010)
  156. ‘Evil’ drug user jailed for killing girlfriend’s toddler: ‘The court heard that Davenport, who had been smoking cannabis, launched into the attack after flying into a rage when the youngster woke up.’ (3 Oct 2009)
  157. Cannabis-smoking mother stabbed young sons to death after begging social services to collect her children: ‘Jael Mullings, 22, had smoked large amounts of strong ‘skunk’ cannabis and begun suffering religious delusions in the days before the killings, a court heard today.’ (28 Apr 2009)
  158. Cannabis-smoking father jailed for life after fatal stabbing: ‘Imran Khan, 21, knifed 17-year-old Devoe Roach through the heart in March last year shortly after taking the drug. Judge Giles Forrester said his consumption of strong skunk cannabis was to blame for his deteriorating mental condition.’ (27 Mar 2009)
  159. Schizophrenic cannabis user jailed for stabbing policeman to death: ‘The jury heard that 36-year-old Pc Henry was called to George Street in Luton just after 7am after Obih had stabbed window cleaner Stephen Chamberlain. As he tried to arrest him, the paranoid schizophrenic knifed Pc Henry, then stabbed him with the 4.5in (11.5cm) blade a second time as he lay on the ground.’ (24 Mar 2009)
  160. Dad jailed for murdering girlfriend: ‘Jones [the defendant], 25, decided to murder Stephanie because he was driven by ‘anger, sexual frustration and sexual jealousy’ which was heightened by a cocktail of steroids and cannabis.’ (10 Mar 2009)
  161. Man guilty of killing girlfriend’s toddler son: ‘Cunningham [the defendant] told the court he smoked cannabis “most days”.’ (3 Mar 2009)
  162. Doctors knew my son’s killer was a mentally ill skunk user: ‘Tung Minh Le, 17, was stabbed once in the heart in an “unprovoked, unpredicted [sic] and inexplicable” attack as he left a West End nightclub. His 18-year-old killer Chien Nguyen had become ill after starting to smoke cannabis at the age of 13.’ (12 Feb 2009)
  163. Man found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity: ‘The jury had deliberated for under one hour and had returned during that hour to ask if the fact that Mr Connors had smoked cannabis before the killing was relevant to his culpability.’ (4 Feb 2009)
  164. Man jailed for samurai sword attack on neighbour over football row: ‘Judge Christopher Moss said Kelly had been drinking and smoking cannabis before arming himself.’ (31 Jan 2009)
  165. Teenager found guilty of fatal stabbing of Luke Howard: ‘During the week-long trial, the court heard a group of teenage boys, including the victim and defendant, had gone to the house and drank alcohol, smoked cannabis and snorted cocaine.’ (22 Jan 2009)
  166. Drug addict who killed his three month old son by throwing him down the stairs is jailed for life: ‘Craig Goddard, 24, who was known to social services, was high on alcohol and cannabis when he inflicted fatal injuries on his son Alfie.’ (16 Jan 2009)
  167. Benjamin Vine and Alex Farrelly must serve 12 years for killing of William Wickham: ‘The pair then kicked him as if they were ”playing football” with his head with Vine, then aged 16, stamping on his head with such force that the print from his trainers was imprinted in his face…Michael Hubbard, representing Vine, said that his client, a promising footballer, had started to get into trouble as he got involved in cigarettes, alcohol and cannabis.’ (18 Dec 2008)
  168. Rhys Jones killer Sean Mercer gets 22 years: ‘Mercer and his friends led unremarkable lives. They spent most days in a cannabis fog playing video games, going to each other’s houses and riding their bikes.’ (16 Dec 2008)
  169. Cannabis-smoking schizophrenic butchered gran on Christmas Day after wishing her a ‘merry Christmas’: ‘Labourer Maxwell Twyman, who had smoked super-strength skunk for the previous 10 years, knifed 62-year-old Valerie as she lay in bed in the Kent home they shared. After the brutal killing the 25-year-old calmly walked round to his aunt and uncle’s house to wish them season’s greetings and deliver presents before confessing: ‘I’ve killed my grandmother.’ (21 Nov 2008)
  170. One fateful night that began a lifetime of suffering: ‘Colclough [the defendant] was described in court as being more drunk than his other friends, having consumed eight glasses of wine and smoked cannabis.’ (2nd Nov 2008)
  171. ‘I’ve been on telly… I’ve just murdered some guy’: Killer’s boast after stabbing disabled man: ‘Lorenzo Alonzi, defending, said that Kean, of George Street, Ayr, had a serious drug problem which began with him smoking cannabis when he was just 11. He added that at the time of the offence, Kean was taking 50 diazepam tablets a day combined with 50ml of methadone and cannabis.’ (14th Oct 2008)
  172. Cannabis smoking led to brutal killing, court hears: ‘Marc Middlebrook, 27, had ignored repeated warnings to quit the drug when he stabbed Stephanie Barton 15 times with three knives as she lay naked in his bed. Middlebrook had become convinced she was part of a plot to kill him and he “wanted to put her out of her misery”.’ (7th Oct 2008)
  173. Life sentence for Polish squatter: ‘On December 20, the two Polish men had been drinking and smoking cannabis together in a squat they shared when a fight broke out and Staskel stabbed his housemate.’ (16th Sep 2008)
  174. Laughing killer is face of ‘pure evil’: ‘O’Brien “fell into the clutches” of those who exploited his vulnerability when he was 16, barristers once told a judge. It led to him smoking cannabis and leading a chaotic teen lifestyle.’ (4th Sep 2008)
  175. Sentence cut for murderer of prostitute: ‘The court heard that Haynes, who had a previous conviction for carrying a knife, was drunk and had smoked two joints of cannabis before leaving the house he shared with his mother and younger brother.’ (7th Aug 2008)
  176. Teen guilty of dog walker murder: ‘Adrian Jones, 17, beat Kelly Hyde, 24, from Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, around the head with a barbell. Jones did not know his victim and police said they still did not know his motive. He sobbed in the dock as the verdict was read out… He told the jury he came across a dog lead used by Ms Hyde as he walked along the bridle path smoking cannabis on the day she disappeared.’ (17th July 2008)
  177. Cannabis addict jailed for life for stabbing Good Samaritan to death as he tried to protect elderly neighbour: ‘Rafiq Kashmiri, 50, launched the frenzied attack on Jon Cooper-Taylor after he rushed upstairs to help the 83-year-old woman after hearing the sound of crockery smashing in her flat… Psychiatrists discovered he was suffering from a manic episode bipolar disorder caused by a long history of cannabis dependency and abuse which caused ‘uncontrollable violence’. (16th July 2008)
  178. Children’s author Harry Horse ‘stabbed his wife 30 times’ as probe casts doubt on ‘Romeo and Juliet suicide pact’: ‘It is understood the author, known to use ecstasy and cannabis, had taken a ‘cocktail’ of drugs. Witnesses said he was roaming the house hours before the killing, proclaiming: ‘It’s a wonderful night for a killing.” (13th July 2008)
  179. Man(21) gets life in jail for murder of father: ‘The Central Criminal Court heard that Seamus was a “loving child” but his attitude “changed completely” around the time of his Junior Cert, when he was 15. His sister noticed this change “from growing up, loving and caring, involved with friends and drama groups” to being “very withdrawn” and “quite the opposite”. Seamus started sniffing glue and aerosols aged 11, and then began to smoke cannabis. He became prone to mood swings and aggressive behaviour.’ (30th May 2008)
  180. Bailed to murder: Gang of teenage hoodies kicked former soldier to death for £5 they wanted to spend on booze and drugs: ‘The 55-year-old was kicked, stamped on and battered with a large stick by the yobs, who needed cash to buy more alcohol and cannabis.’ (23rd Apr 2008)
  181. Mark Dixie: 20 years of sexual violence: ‘Born in Streatham on September 24, 1970, Dixie lived with his mother and step-father in south east London and started smoking cannabis at 14.’ (12th Apr 2008)
  182. Why Shane Haynes killed Geraldine Brocklehurst remains mystery: ‘A 22-YEAR-OLD man will spend at least 16 years behind bars for murdering a Huddersfield prostitute. But the reason why cannabis-smoking Shane Haynes stabbed 40-year-old Geraldine Brocklehurst – leaving her to bleed to death – are [sic] unclear.’ (1st Mar 2008)
  183. Beatings, threats and abuse but still addict was freed to murder ex-lover: “He was obsessive and followed her around. He was always on drugs, cannabis and crack, and used to beat her up. She always had black eyes and was covered with bruises.” (28th Feb 2008)
  184. ‘I’d like to execute the thugs who kicked my husband to death’, says the grief-stricken widow of Garry Newlove: ‘The gang was also high on skunk cannabis when they attacked the father-of-three when he remonstrated with them for vandalising his wife’s car.’ (12th Feb 2008)
  185. Teenager murdered friend, 15: ‘A TEENAGER was detained for life yesterday after admitting murdering his best friend in a drink and drug-fuelled rage. Billy Dunwoodie was [“]mortal”, having drunk three litres of cheap sparkling white wine when he stabbed 15-year-old Shane Jackson 55 times with a kitchen knife. The prosecution accepted that he snapped after a drunk Shane waved a Stanley knife at him and cut his finger. Newcastle Crown Court heard that both boys had been drinking and smoking cannabis in Shane’s bedroom in Throckley, Newcastle.’ (Northern Echo, 22nd Jan., 2008)
  186. Teenager jailed for party murder: ‘Prosecutor Charles Miskin QC said Wright later carried out the murder “for no better reason than ill temper fired up by drink and an amount of cannabis”.’ (BBC News, 13th Dec. 2007)
  187. Killer celebrated with champagne: ‘Derek Blair, 42, and his girlfriend Esther Thistleton spent the night in a city-centre hotel drinking pink champagne bought with money stolen from the “defenceless” middle aged couple he had battered to death. They also stayed at the couple’s home for three days drinking and smoking cannabis as Blair’s victims lay dead in the house with horrific head injuries.’ (Manchester Evening News, 23rd Nov. 2007)
  188. Deranged cannabis smoker obsessed with Satanism stabbed vicar to death: ‘Father Paul Bennett, 59, was killed in a vicious daylight attack by Geraint Evans as he tried to protect his family. His horrified wife fought desperately to fend off paranoid the schizophrenic as he knifed the grandfather repeatedly in the head and throat.’ (Evening Standard, 16th Oct. 2007)
  189. ‘Cannabis made my boy a killer’: ‘The mother of a violent schizophrenic who stabbed his best friend to death last night described how her son’s long-term cannabis habit turned him into a monster. Julie Morgan, formerly from Cardiff, claimed her 20-year-old son Richard Harris’ ‘kind and gentle’ side disappeared not long after he started smoking cannabis from the age of 14.’ (Wales Online, 5th Aug. 2007)
  190. Son twisted by ‘skunk’ knifed father 23 times: ‘A former student suffering delusions blamed on his extreme use of cannabis killed his loving father in a frenzied knife attack after becoming convinced his parents sexually abused him as a child. Daniel Wilson, 28, stabbed Terry Wilson 23 times as he slept on the sofa at the family home.’ (Evening Standard, 23rd July 2007)
  191. College sex attack drug addict knifed girl 66 times: ‘The court heard that Jaggs [the defendant] started drinking heavily at Harrow when he was 14. He moved on to cannabis, then cocaine.’ (Irish Independent, 13th July 2007)
  192. Teenager sentenced to life for fatal shooting: ‘He died after confronting them about smoking cannabis outside a supermarket.’ (Guardian, 4th May 2007)
  193. Teenage girls ‘in gang who kicked elderly man to death’: “There was smoking of cannabis.” (Evening Standard, 18th Apr. 2007)
  194. ‘Feral’ teens get life for manslaughter: ‘The two boys had been drinking and smoking cannabis when they visited Mr Atherton’s flat in Howley, Warrington, on May 8 last year.’ (Irish Examiner, 4th Apr. 2007)
  195. Skunk addicted schizophrenic fulfils sick fantasy by killing a black woman:  ‘Psychiatric reports stated that Maxwell was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, and his abnormality was so great that it affected his judgment [sic]The reports also said his condition was exacerbated by the heavy use of skunk.’ (Daily Telegraph, 3rd Apr. 2007)
  196. Life for double killer hooked on cannabis: ‘Tom Palmer was 18 when he attacked the boys with a hunting knife. So savage was his assault that one victim was almost decapitated. Palmer, addicted to cannabis, hacked them to death after a minor disagreement as they walked on a woodland footpath in Wokingham, Berks.’ (Daily Telegraph, 21st Mar. 2007)
  197. Family fury over sentence for hit-and-run killer of pregnant mother: ‘Faisel [the defendant], who was on bail for robbery and had been smoking cannabis, then carried on for 450 yards with seven months pregnant Mrs Hunt wedged under the car.’ (Evening Standard, 20th Feb. 2007)
  198. ‘I just thought I’d have to kill them all’: ex-soldier: ‘An ex-soldier methodically executed four members of his family after years of heavy cannabis abuse wrecked his mental health.’ (Evening Standard, 29th Jan. 2007)
  199. Driver caught in gang’s ‘revenge’: ‘The 41-year-old minibus taxi driver was dragged screaming from his cab and beaten to death in July by several white teenagers in Huddersfield… Some of the teenagers had been drinking and smoking cannabis with some girls, who they then persuaded to call up and order the minibus – with fatal consequences.’ (BBC News, 26th Jan. 2007)
  200. Son killed dad at family party: ‘Mr Justice Field said both father and son had taken cocaine and drunk large quantities of alcohol and the defendant had also smoked cannabis.’ (Birmingham Mail, 6th Dec. 2006)
  201. Teenager jailed for stabbing friend during alcohol and cannabis binge: “You were the worse for drink and under the influence of cannabis at the time. I am satisfied that had you been sober, this incident would never had happened.” (Evening Standard, 14th Nov. 2006)
  202. Cannabis session led to soldier killing teacher: “This was an appalling attack of extreme and persistent violence. And I have no doubt it would not have happened if you had not consumed cannabis. Anyone who unlawfully takes a dangerous mind-altering controlled drug and who then finds that his mind is altered in unexpected and undesired ways must take responsibility for his subsequent actions.” (Guardian, 10th Oct. 2006)
  203. Man killed friend in cannabis row: “The stab wounds showed this was a frenzied and violent attack.” (BBC News, 15th Sep. 2006)
  204. Brother baffled by knife attack: ‘Last November 15-year-old Daniel Barker stabbed one of his brothers to death and left another fighting for his life after an evening at home drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis.’ (Yorkshire Post, 26th Apr. 2006)
  205. Teenager jailed for alleyway murder: ‘A 17-YEAR-OLD who murdered a disabled man in an alley by stamping repeatedly on his head is starting a life sentence today. John McCallum was left dripping in blood after his apparently motiveless attack on Stephen Humphries… The court heard how the killer had drunk vodka and wine and smoked two cannabis joints in the hours before the murder, on Thursday, October 6, last year.’ (Northern Echo, 21st March, 2006)
  206. MEAT CLEAVER MURDERER GETS LIFE – Victim’s head and arms buried in Royden Park: ‘Jailing him for life, Mr Justice McCoombe said that on the night of the murder Wynne had drunk a large amount of alcohol and taken cannabis and cocaine…Wynne had enjoyed his army service but was discharged for smoking cannabis and later worked as a labourer. He had not targeted his murder victim and the violence he used was utterly out of character.‘ (Wirral Globe, 25th Jan. 2006)
  207. Racist thugs face 30 years in prison for axe murder: ‘The two men who murdered black teenager Anthony Walker were last night each facing up to 30 years in jail after the trial judge ruled the killing was racially motivated, effectively doubling the time they will serve… Anthony Walker wanted to be a lawyer, maybe a judge. He loved God, worked hard at his studies, practised his basketball skills whenever he could, though not on a Sunday if it clashed with church. Paul Taylor and Michael Barton revelled in the nicknames Chomper and Ozzy. One wanted to be a burglar, the other wanted to join the army, but was too stupid to pass the exams. They spent their time hanging around, smoking cannabis and, in the words of one, “going out robbing”.’ (Scotsman, 1st Dec. 2005)
  208. Asian gang kicked man to death: ‘Three Asian men who kicked a white computer expert to death and bragged: “That will teach an Englishman to interfere in Paki business” were found guilty of murder at the Old Bailey yesterday… The court heard that the three had been drinking all evening in the West End before returning to east London to drink vodka and smoke cannabis.’ (Guardian, 23rd Nov. 2005)
  209. Tallaght man not guilty of murder, but of manslaughter: ‘On the night of the stabbing Mr Warner [the defendant] had been smoking cannabis and drinking when he was alerted to a disturbance at the Cunningham household across the street.’ (Irish Examiner, 3rd Nov. 2005)
  210. Knife attack killer jailed: ‘Judge Clement Goldstone said it was clear the pair were fuelled by a cocktail of booze, while Lees had also smoked cannabis before they went to Mr Beattie’s flat in Alexander House, Derker, Oldham, one night last July.’ (Manchester Evening News, 30th June 2005)
  211. Jodi’s killer to serve at least 20 years in jail: ‘The boyfriend of Jodi Jones was told yesterday that he would spend at least 20 years behind bars for the murder of the 14-year-old schoolgirl. Sentencing Luke Mitchell, 16, at Edinburgh high court, Lord Nimmo Smith linked the attack to the killer’s heavy cannabis use and fascination with the occult and the goth rocker Marilyn Manson… The judge also linked Mitchell’s use of cannabis to the killing. “I do not subscribe to the notion that this is a harmless recreational drug,” he said. “In your case, I think that it may well have contributed to your being unable to make the distinction between fantasy and reality which is essential for normal moral judgments [sic]”.’ (Guardian, 12th Feb. 2005)
  212. Brother of killer bled to death: ‘Ashley Ward died in minutes of massive blood loss after Mark Cheneler cut his jugular and carotid arteries during the dispute in April 2004. A jury at Oxford Crown Court was told Mr Ward, 22, had twice launched attacks on his girlfriend Lamara Walton and had threatened to kill her because she was going to be a witness against his brother Nicholas in a murder case last year.Richard Latham QC, prosecuting, said Cheneler and Mr Ward had been drinking and smoking cannabis in Didcot for much of Friday, April 2.’ (Berkshire Live, 11th Jan. 2005)
  213. Youth jailed for stabbing death: “Fuelled by a cocktail of whisky, cannabis and valium you first attempted to try and stop a heated argument between Louisa Baker, whom you looked upon as a second mother, and Mr Gray, with whom she lived. When that argument became increasingly heated and they began to exchange blows you intervened further by taking up a kitchen knife and stabbing Mr Gray, effectively in the back, inflicting fatal injuries upon him.” (Yorkshire Post, 14th June 2004)
  214. Policeman’s son faces life for murder of boy, 14: ‘The gang, taking ecstasy, smoking cannabis and drinking, launched their vicious assault after the youngster was said to have begun ‘whingeing’ about splitting up with his girlfriend.’ (Evening Standard, 4th Dec. 2003)
  215. ‘Extreme level of violence’ due to alcohol and cannabis, says judge in manslaughter case: ‘Sentencing Corway, Mr Justice Paul Carney said that the “extreme level of violence in the case” had come about as a result of the combination of the abuse of cannabis and alcohol.’ (Irish Examiner, 17th Jan. 2003)
  216. Killer’s chilling promise to victim: ‘She [Stephanie Hancock] was strangled, battered and stabbed at her Hampshire home. Winchester Crown Court heard how Caswell, 31, was unable to accept their relationship had ended. Days before the murder he told a friend that he would “probably kill her”. He fulfilled his promise on July 22 by murdering Stephanie as she slept at their home on Pegasus Close, GosportThe court also heard how Caswell suffered from a personality disorder because of a long-term dependence on cannabis.’ (Southern Daily Echo, 19th Dec. 2002)
  217. A violent, bloody murder: ‘A former heroin addict was today starting a life sentence for the frenzied stabbing of Southampton man Ian O’Brien. Loner Liam Jones, who had an obsession with martial arts and weapons, plunged a knife into the 40-year-old’s head and throat during an argument outside flats in Portswood… Jones, an only child, had started smoking cannabis at the age of 12.’ (Southern Daily Echo, 12th Dec. 2002)
  218. Cannabis fuelled hatred of dad killer: ‘A WOMAN bludgeoned her elderly father to death after developing “acute paranoid psychosis” because she was addicted to cannabis, a court heard yesterday. Bill Pyle, 77, suffered 85 wounds in the onslaught after his daughter flew into a violent rage attacking him with a poker, a walking stick and a knife. Experts who examined 42-year-old Ann-Marie Pyle concluded the rage had been brought on by years of cannabis abuse.’ (Northern Echo, 17th July, 2002)
  219. Youth guilty of Dundee murder:  ‘The court heard that McIntosh [the defendant], who had been smoking cannabis, alarmed three strollers on Law Hill with his odd behaviour shortly before the killing.’ (BBC News, 17th Apr. 2002)
  220. ‘Toddler died after horror shaking attack’: ‘Cruel Richard Baxter bit his 14-month-old son then shook him to death when he would not stop crying, a jury heard yesterday. Mr Baxter allegedly carried out a prolonged and savage attack on Jake Baxter after a drink and cannabis binge.’ (Northern Echo, 19th March, 2002)
  221. Woman kicked to death over cannabis, trial told: ‘Opening the prosecution case before a jury of 10 men and two women, Mr Sean Ryan SC said that the evidence would show that after a day spent drinking and smoking cannabis, the couple had an argument, which according to the accused, was over the whereabouts of a £5 hash deal Ms Mooney had just bought.’ (Irish Independent, 12th Oct. 1999)

And counting.