Murder, manslaughter and infanticide

“This was an appalling attack of extreme and persistent violence. And I have no doubt it would not have happened if you had not consumed cannabis.”
Judge Findlay Baker, QC, 9 October 2006, jailing Laurie Draper for life for stabbing a friend to death with a pair of garden shears

  1. Teenage killers smoked cannabis before murdering innocent father-to-be yards from his home
  2. Cannabis smoker found guilty of murdering girlfriend
  3. Cannabis smoker convicted of manslaughter over six-month-old son’s death
  4. Cannabis smokers jailed for murder, robbery
  5. Cannabis smoker jailed for brutal murder of young barmaid
  6. Cannabis smoker charged with kicking puppy to death
  7. Cannabis smoker who killed his mother sentenced to life in prison
  8. Cannabis smoker found guilty of murdering friend
  9. Cannabis smoking admits killing and dismembering refugee
  10. Cannabis smoker jailed for violently murdering baby daughter on Christmas Day
  11. Man who murdered Cerys Yemm in ‘sustained and barbaric’ attack smoked cannabis from age 11
  12. Cannabis smoker who stabbed new father to death given indefinite hospital order
  13. ‘Man slain in video game rage by ‘cannabis fiend’’
  14. Killer of Becky Watts was ‘fuelled by a diet of extreme hardcore porn and cannabis’
  15. Pair who beat elderly church organist to death on Christmas Eve had been drinking and smoking cannabis all day
  16. Teenager who killed PC Dave Phillips with truck had ‘smoked cannabis since age 6’
  17. ‘Killer dad smothered baby son to death in rage ‘triggered by smoking cannabis every day”
  18. Cannabis smoker found legally insane after beheading elderly woman
  19. ‘Paranoid factory worker stabbed parents to death in frenzied attack during psychotic episode after smoking cannabis for years’
  20. Cannabis smoker jailed for killing mum and baby
  21. High on drink and cannabis, man beat heavily pregnant ex-girlfriend to death, court hears
  22. Cannabis smoker detained indefinitely for killing nine-year-old brother
  23. ‘Care in the Community patient with 39 convictions free to stab father to death in cannabis-induced psychosis’
  24. NHS failed to investigate why cannabis-smoking mental patient was free to murder, says mother
  25. ‘Edlington attacker watched porn films and smoked cannabis aged nine’
  26. Cannabis smoker admits beating man with chain shortly before Wealdstone murder
  27. ‘Cannabis-smoking mother stabbed young sons to death after begging social services to collect her children’
  28. ‘Cannabis-smoking father jailed for life after fatal stabbing’
  29. ‘Schizophrenic cannabis user jailed for stabbing policeman to death’
  30. Father asks why cannabis-smoking youth who killed his son was on the streets
  31. Man who smoked cannabis before savagely killing stranger he thought was the devil found not guilty by reason of insanity
  32. Father high on drink and cannabis who killed his 11-week-old son by throwing him down the stairs is jailed for life
  33. ‘Cannabis-smoking schizophrenic butchered gran on Christmas Day after wishing her a ‘merry Christmas’’
  34. ‘Cannabis smoking led to brutal killing, court hears’
  35. ‘Cannabis addict jailed for life for stabbing Good Samaritan to death as he tried to protect elderly neighbour’
  36. Children’s author who smoked cannabis and took ecstasy stabbed wife 30 times before killing himself
  37. Cannabis-smoking youths convicted of beating former soldier to death
  38. Cannabis smoker killed his ex-girlfriend in front of son then himself just hours after being released, inquest hears
  39. Grieving widow says she would execute teenage thugs who killed her husband while drunk and high on cannabis
  40. ‘Deranged cannabis smoker obsessed with Satanism stabbed vicar to death’
  41. ‘Mother’s pleas for help ignored then ‘skunk’ smoker killed friend’
  42. ‘Son twisted by ‘skunk’ knifed father 23 times’
  43. Cannabis smoker William Jaggs sentenced for “ferocious and unrelenting attack” on young fashion designer in her home
  44. Teenager who murdered young father after he challenged youths’ cannabis smoking is jailed
  45. Teenage girls drank and smoked cannabis before kicking elderly man to death on beachfront, court hears
  46. ‘Skunk addicted schizophrenic fulfils sick fantasy by killing a black woman’
  47. ‘Life for double killer hooked on cannabis’
  48. ‘I just thought I’d have to kill them all’: words of ex-soldier driven mad by cannabis
  49. Family angered by sentence for teenage cannabis smoker who killed pregnant mother and her son in hit-and-run
  50. ‘Teenager jailed for stabbing friend during alcohol and cannabis binge’
  51. ‘Cannabis session led to soldier killing teacher’
  52. Gang high on drink and cannabis tortured 14-year-old boy for hours before murdering, beheading and dismembering him
  53. ‘Extreme level of violence’ due to alcohol and cannabis, says judge in manslaughter case

In 1998, the government launched an inquiry after 35 babies died following heart surgery at Bristol Royal Infirmary. Do the victims in these 53 cases not deserve an inquiry to determine whether cannabis played a leading role in the actions of their killers? If you think so, please sign our parliamentary petition: