Suicide and self harm

“We firmly believe cannabis was the catalyst in a chain of events that ended with Lee’s death. Children who smoke cannabis are playing Russian Roulette with their lives, particularly if they are at risk from suffering mental ill health. The government should be making everyone aware that cannabis is harmful.”
Parents of Lee Wellock, who killed himself in 2005

  1. Beloved mentally ill teenage cannabis smoker found dead in woodland
  2. Cannabis smoker believed to have taken own life after Gardaí video controversy
  3. Teen smoked cannabis shortly before taking own life, inquest hears
  4. ‘Tragedy of teenager who died from deadly heroin binge two years after family warned him about dabbling in cannabis’
  5. ‘Cannabis made me suicidal and schizophrenic’
  6. ‘Cannabis killed my son – don’t let it do the same to you’
  7. ‘Mum, 32, who took cannabis to fight morning sickness, ‘killed herself after developing drug-induced psychosis’’
  8. ‘Recovering cannabis addict from Colney Heath found hanging in garden by step-sister’
  9. ‘Think cannabis is harmless? It drove this grammar school boy insane – then killed him’
  10. ‘Cannabis blamed for former Marlow man’s suicide’
  11. ‘Cannabis warning’ following suicide
  12. ‘Student suicide over course worries after cannabis use’
  13. Children’s author who smoked cannabis and took ecstasy stabbed wife 30 times before killing himself
  14. ‘Gruffalo author backs cannabis crackdown after son’s suicide’
  15. ‘Cannabis linked to man’s suicide’
  16. Teenage girl who smoked cannabis and took prescription drugs kills herself
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  20. ‘Rick Stein restaurant worker commits suicide by slashing throat after mind warped by cannabis’
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  22. ‘Did cannabis trigger my son’s suicide?’
  23. ‘Skunk killed my beloved son’
  24. ‘Like Cameron, my son smoked his first joint as a teenager, ten years later he was close to death.’
  25. ‘Parents’ blast after cannabis led to son’s death’
  26. Police confident that cannabis smoker who committed suicide is man who stabbed young mother Abigail Witchalls
  27. Father of daughter who committed suicide: “Cannabis is very, very dangerous”
  28. ‘Cannabis linked to student’s suicide’
  29. ‘Family blame drug use for student’s death’

These 29 cases of suicide and self harm are by no means the only such tragedies that have occurred in the UK and Ireland in the last 30 years or so; they are simply those that I, one man working alone, could find. The list is in reverse chronological order until the last story. Published in 2005, it concerns the suicide of a student in December 2004, a story I only happened upon by chance. How many more such tales might a professional inquiry uncover? Sign our petition and ask the government to find out: