Suicide, attempted suicide and self harm

“We firmly believe cannabis was the catalyst in a chain of events that ended with Lee’s death. Children who smoke cannabis are playing Russian Roulette with their lives, particularly if they are at risk from suffering mental ill health. The government should be making everyone aware that cannabis is harmful.”
Parents of Lee Wellock: Parents’ blast after cannabis led to son’s death

  1. ‘I was stood on a bridge, ready to throw myself off… this place saved me’: The drug and alcohol service turning young addicts’ lives around: “I’m not going to lie, cannabis has ruined my life”. (12 Apr 2019)
  2. ‘He just wasn’t able to deal with his demons’ – the tragic dad-of-eight found dead in an abandoned office block: ‘Claire Pritchard, Robert’s sister, said her brother had battled mental illness, including addiction, and struggled to cope with both his own demons and the stresses of being a father. She said he began smoking cannabis as a teenager and then began to show signs of mental health problems as he moved into adulthood… Evidence was read from his GP James Smith about paranoid psychosis he had suffered from, ‘thought to be the result of cannabis use’. (5 Nov 2018)
  3. Much-loved teenager found dead in woodland: ‘The former Gordano School student admitted to using cannabis on a regular basis and reported hearing voices. He was seen by GP Max Howes in June 2018, who described Theo as an ‘articulate’ youngster.’ (16 Oct 2018)
  4. ‘I felt that I had no right to grieve for my daughter’ – mother of tragic woman at centre of Garda video controversy: “But her downfall was she used to smoke weed which caused her to lose touch with reality”. (7 Oct 2018)
  5. Teenager was found dead in garden by mother, inquest hears: ‘Pathologist Dr Adnan Al-Badri confirmed that Jordan died as a result of hanging, but also revealed evidence was found of recent cannabis use.’ (15 Aug 2018)
  6. Tragedy of teenager who died from deadly heroin binge two years after family warned him about dabbling in cannabis (27 July 2018)
  7. Cannabis made me suicidal and schizophrenic – this is what I want young people to know about the drug (25 June 2018)
  8. ‘Cannabis killed my son – don’t let it do the same to you’ (3 Dec 2017)
  9. Mum, 32, who took cannabis to fight morning sickness, ‘killed herself after developing drug-induced psychosis’ (8 Nov 2017)
  10. Teenager chopped off his penis after drug use caused psychotic episode: ‘A father whose teenage addict son chopped off his own penis and stabbed his mother is backing a campaign to reclassify skunk as a class A drug.’ (5 June 2017)
  11. Recovering cannabis addict from Colney Heath found hanging in garden by step-sister (18 Oct 2016)
  12. Think cannabis is harmless? It drove this grammar school boy insane – then killed him (16 Oct 2013)
  13. Cannabis blamed for former Marlow man’s suicide (9 Feb 2012)
  14. Unlawful force contributed to death of boy, 14, in cell: ‘The inquest in Easington, County Durham, heard he was an “extremely troubled and vulnerable young man” with a history of cannabis abuse when he was sent to the centre near Medomsley, 150 miles from his home town.’ (27 Jan 2011)
  15. Life on cannabis has been far from poetry: “I can’t emphasise enough the damaging effect that cannabis had on my life”. (21 Oct 2009)
  16. Cannabis warning following A303 death: “Cannabis is a dangerous drug and is harming more and more people. It is as dangerous as hard drugs. I think the psychiatrists did all they could to help his condition. He was a young man and if he had been through rehab he may have kicked his habit.” (21 Apr 2010)
  17. Girl killed herself after row over £5 to buy drugs: ‘Grace Travis’ mother Wendy had refused to give her the cash because the 17-year-old wanted to buy cannabis with it… Grace, a former pupil at North Manchester High School for Girls, returned to live with her mum in late 2007. Her mother described how Grace would drink alcohol and smoke cannabis regularly.’ (8 Feb 2010)
  18. Student suicide over course worries after cannabis use (30 Oct 2008)
  19. Children’s author Harry Horse ‘stabbed his wife 30 times’ as probe casts doubt on ‘Romeo and Juliet suicide pact’: ‘It is understood the author, known to use ecstasy and cannabis, had taken a ‘cocktail’ of drugs. Witnesses said he was roaming the house hours before the killing, proclaiming: ‘It’s a wonderful night for a killing.” (13 July 2008)
  20. Gruffalo author backs cannabis crackdown after son’s suicide (11 May 2008)
  21. Cannabis linked to man’s suicide (7 Apr 2008)
  22. Bridgend teenager hanged himself after telling ex-girlfriend he would ‘kill himself and it was her fault’: ‘An inquest was also opened into the death of 16-year-old Jenna Parry, whose body was found hanging in Cefn Cribbrw on Tuesday […] Jenna had been taking cannabis and prescribed drugs. Hanging was given as a provisional cause of death.’ (22 Feb 2008)
  23. ‘Heartbroken’ mum’s alert over drugs: ‘A mother has warned of the perils of cannabis after her son took the drug to ease his depression.’ (19 Oct 2007)
  24. Descent into madness: High flyer who was driven to psychosis by cannabis (6 Sep 2007)
  25. Mother blames cannabis for suicide of promising violinist daughter (5 Sep 2007)
  26. Rick Stein restaurant worker commits suicide by slashing throat after mind warped by cannabis (27 July 2007)
  27. Tragedy of A* student who took his own life after struggling with stress of Manchester University five-year medical course: ‘Although test showed no recent drug use, the Manchester hearing was told he had been self harming and had taken various drugs including LSD cocaine and Ecstasy. He admitted he had harboured suicidal thoughts when under the influence of cannabis.’ (19 July 2017)
  28. Mum and son in BBQ tragedy: ‘The hearing was told Anjun was hooked on cannabis and feared her son had been abused. Anjun, was psychotic and delusional at the time, possibly caused by smoking two or three joints of cannabis a night.’ (9 July 2007)
  29. Cannabis linked to solicitor in death leap at Tate (16 May 2007)
  30. ‘Did cannabis trigger my son’s suicide?’ (2 Apr 2007)
  31. ‘Skunk killed my beloved son’ (26 Mar 2007)
  32. ‘Like Cameron, my son smoked his first joint as a teenager, ten years later he was close to death.’ (18 Feb 2007)
  33. Parents’ blast after cannabis led to son’s death: “If it was not for Lee using cannabis in his late teens then he may not have developed schizophrenia and would not have then took [sic] his own life. We firmly believe cannabis was the catalyst in a chain of events that ended with Lee’s death.” (13 Apr 2006)
  34. File closed on attack that left young mother paralysed: ‘His “psychotic” state was a result of his long-term abuse of cannabis and amphetamines, said Mark Rowley, the assistant chief constable of Surrey.’ (23 Nov 2005)
  35. Family blame drug use for student’s death: “We believe that cannabis was a directly-contributing factor towards his death and no one will ever convince me otherwise. He was a perfectly healthy and happy young man until he started to use cannabis. Eventually, it caused his depression and he was smoking it to heal himself. There are a lot of young people out there killing themselves through drug use and more needs to be done to raise awareness. We believe cannabis caused the depression and more should be done to investigate its links with mental illnesses.” (13 June 2005)
  36. Drugs warning by tragic Joanna’s dad: ‘Her father Carl, of Elm Avenue, Lutterworth, believes Joanna’s dependency on the drug, which she would sometimes smoke for seven hours a day, started the decline and led her onto harder drugs. He said: “I am for anything that gets the message across to people, particularly young people, that cannabis is very, very dangerous.”‘ (12 Feb 2004)
  37. Cannabis linked to student’s suicide: ‘Charles King, 23, a student at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, had left a note saying, “cannabis has ruined my life”.’ (9 Sep 2003)

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