Suicide, self harm and misadventure

“We firmly believe cannabis was the catalyst in a chain of events that ended with Lee’s death. Children who smoke cannabis are playing Russian Roulette with their lives, particularly if they are at risk from suffering mental ill health. The government should be making everyone aware that cannabis is harmful.”
Parents of Lee Wellock: Parents’ blast after cannabis led to son’s death

  1. Father, 49, who fell to his death down a lift shaft after the elevator broke down had cannabis in his system and may have suffered an ‘anxiety attack’ due to feeling claustrophobic, inquest hears: ‘A father who fell to his death down the shaft of a broken down lift had cannabis in his system and may have had ‘some kind of anxiety attack’ in the lift due to feeling claustrophobic.’ (Daily Mail, 9th November 2022)
  2. Muckamore inquiry: Ex-patient’s mum gives harrowing evidence as she suggests daughter should still be alive: “I noticed she was acting strangely in the house, and I worked out she’d been smoking cannabis. She was honest about it — admitted she’d been doing it from 14.” (Belfast Telegraph, 28th June 2022)
  3. Staffordshire man left ‘shocked’ after waking up to find partner dead in bed: ‘A man has told how he woke up to find his partner of two-and-a-half years dead in bed next to him. Alex O’Connor had gone to bed just before midnight after spending the day drinking and smoking cannabis, an inquest heard.’ (Birmingham Mail, 24th April 2022)
  4. Heartbroken mum issues warning as ‘very kind’ law student dies after ingesting cannabis gummy: “It’s a tragic warning to all young people about how they live their lives. They should resist drugs.” (Bristol Post, 6th April 2022)
  5. DRUGS HELL I smoked 15 joints a day for 25 years – my kids hated me, I felt suicidal: ‘Joanna, 46, from Glasgow, told how her £30-a-day habit saw her smoke up to 15 joints a night for 25 years, barely missing a day.’ (Scottish Sun, 24th February 2022)
  6. Troubled son told dad ‘I love you’ before he was found dead at probation hostel: ‘He had started using cannabis as a teenager and later this progressed to cocaine use before the family found needles in his bedroom.’ (Manchester Evening News, 21st September 2021)
  7. ‘One of a kind’ son, 27, trapped in spiralling debt took his own life: “He told me he’d smoked a joint the previous night and went out that day, got pulled over by the police and the drugs wipe test was positive for cannabis. He was very concerned that the would get his licence taken off him which was his means of income. He was really distressed about it. I know that was huge for him. It was his freedom.” (Liverpool Echo, 20th August 2021)
  8. Man, 33, dies in tragic fall after taking cannabis while celebrating his birthday: ‘Julian Garvey Vines Lewis passed away on August 16 last year in Salford Royal Hospital from an ‘unsurvivable’ head wound after falling from his flat window. At an inquest into his death, a coroner ruled he sustained the injury in a ‘psychotic or delusional episode from the consumption of cannabis’ he had taken on a night out with friends celebrating his birthday. (Manchester Evening News, 17th August 2021)
  9. Suicide verdict at inquest of Jamie McKitten: ‘The inquest, held in Crook on Friday before Assistant Coroner Leslie Hamilton, heard Jamie began drinking vodka, smoking cannabis and would use cocaine to “self-medicate” because he didn’t want to be angry.’ (Northern Echo, 19th July 2021)
  10. ‘Beautiful’ and ‘bubbly’ pharmacy worker, 20, died from overdose after finding out that her boyfriend had been cheating: “Victoria wasn’t an habitual drug taker, she smoked weed like a lot of young people do. A lot of young people think it doesn’t affect them in any way, shape or form but it does. It alters their personality and behaviour.” (Manchester Evening News, 11th May 2021)
  11. ‘Much-loved’ young man, 36, collapsed and died in bed after suffering sudden heart attack: ‘But, an inquest held at Bolton Coroners Court also heard that Andrew was a regular cannabis user and occasionally used cocaine, both of which could have exacerbated the problem.’ (Manchester Evening News, 20th April 2021)
  12. Horatio Clare: ‘My psychosis was brought on by cannabis’: “I will never smoke it again. Strong cannabis is a destroyer of mental health and of lives, and the earlier you smoke it, the more damage it does. Prohibition means the substance is stronger, so what’s available, particularly to young people, can be lethal. The national conversation should move away from ‘cannabis is probably harmless’ to ‘it very likely isn’t, and the harm it does is catastrophic’”. (Evening Standard, 4th March 2021)
  13. ‘Horrible mistake’ led to death of student who would ‘light up any room’ with his smile: ‘Toxicology examinations found that while Aaron had no alcohol in his blood, oxycodone was at a level which could be fatal. There were small traces of cannabis and therapeutic levels of medication he took for epilepsy.’ (New Milton Advertiser & Times, 27th Sep. 2020)
  14. Southend teenager Chris Nota attempted suicide ‘four times’ prior to fatal fall from Queensway bridge: ‘Julia claims that Chris failed to receive treatment following the first attempt after a meeting was cancelled due to no psychiatrist being available, leading to him “self-medicating” with cannabis as a way of coping with his depression. “He was doing well for three years,” Julia added. “After he left college he wanted a job but it takes a bit longer [for autistic people] to get them so he was self-medicating with cannabis. That is a form of self-medicating because he is trying to address his own needs because no one else was.” Julia claims that Chris then entered a phase of cannabis-induced psychosis earlier this year, before three more failed attempts at taking his own life.’ (Essex Live, 23rd Sep. 2020)
  15. Sudden death of former Hull soldier after tragic ‘cries for help’: ‘A former soldier has died after tragically taking his own life. Mark Bannister, 35, had a history of mental health problems and was found unresponsive at his home by his wife… Mrs Bannister said that Mark did not enjoy school and when he was in year 10 and 11 he didn’t go and started using cannabis.’ (Hull Live, 14th Sep. 2020)
  16. Dad-of-four Daryl Cox found dead in Beverley Road flat: ‘She that that Mr Cox told his friend that he was clean and that the friend could not see any injection marks on him, but that when they would socialise, Mr Cox would intermittently smoke cannabis and crack cocaine.’ (Hull Live, 10th June, 2020)
  17. Dad, 23, took his own life months after family raised concerns about him killing himself: ‘The hearing was told that Danny had struggled with depression and anxiety for several years, and had also sought help from his GP for cannabis misuse. His step dad, Matthew Scapens, described him as a ‘bright’ and ‘practical’ person, who had been close to his siblings. But things started to change about five years ago when he started smoking cannabis and had a child with his ex-partner.’ (Manchester Evening News, 20th March 2020)
  18. Aspiring model, 27, left heartbreaking farewell video on Instagram as ‘the simplest way to say goodbye’ hours before killing herself at beauty spot, inquest hears: ‘Toxicology revealed she had consumed ketamine, cannabis, and amphetamine’ (Daily Mail, 19th March, 2020)
  19. Scots killer hanged himself after failing cannabis test behind bars: ‘A killer hanged himself in prison just months after his training for freedom programme was stopped when cannabis was found in his bloodstream. Scott McMillan had served the 13 years punishment part of his life sentence for murder and was on course for release. But a fatal accident inquiry heard his home leave and work placements were scrapped after he tested positive for cannabis.’ (Daily Record, 19th Feb. 2020)
  20. Former lead guitarist for 1990s Manchester rock group Northside hanged himself after suffering bouts of loneliness and was found dead in his home a week later, inquest hears: ‘He had left a note addressed to his parents expressing a clear intention on his part to end his own life. There were no suspicious circumstances. Tests showed traces of alcohol and cannabis in his system.’ (Daily Mail, 12th Feb. 2020)
  21. UEA student drowned after taking drug, court hears: ‘His father, William Sadler, said in a statement that his son had suffered from anxiety since around the age of 18 and was prescribed anti-depressants. Mr Sadler had notified the university of this before starting his course and was accessing support but had begun to smoke cannabis, an inquest in King’s Lynn heard on Friday.’ (Eastern Daily Press, 10th Jan. 2020)
  22. Drugs death teenager Tyler Peck had overdosed twice before, mum’s trial is told: ‘Tyler Peck, who passed away aged 15, had a long history of substance abuse before fatally abusing morphine at the home of mother Holly Strawbridge, a court was told. He started smoking aged nine, using cannabis aged 12 and began taking drugs such as amphetamine and MDMA between the ages of 13 and 14, the jury heard.’ (Devon Live, 5th Dec. 2019)
  23. Law student killed himself ‘after smoking cannabis gave him paranoia’: ‘Phil Taylor, 32, was found dead at home on April 17 by his family, who forced their way in after not hearing from him for more than a week. He was known to suffer from depression and had used the drug from the age of 16. It caused him to experience paranoia and anxiety and mental health experts said it may have contributed to his negative state of mind, Hull Coroners’ Court was told.’ (Metro, 25th Oct. 2019)
  24. ‘He was out of control, and I couldn’t help’: Artist Alison Lapper who posed pregnant for Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth reveals her son Parys, 19, struggled with school bullies, social media pressure and drugs before his ‘overdose’ death: ‘Parys started taking drugs without his mother’s knowing until she starting smelling cannabis and found out he was smoking joints just after waking up. It turned him erratic and aged 16 he had to be put in a care home.’ (Daily Mail, 1st Sep. 2019)
  25. Inquest uncovers suffering of Eritrean refugee found hanged: ‘His friends said he turned to alcohol and cannabis. After he was stopped and searched by the police, he became convinced that because he was smoking cannabis he was going to have his refugee status revoked and would be arrested and imprisoned for a long time and deported back to Eritrea.’ (Guardian, 12th Aug. 2019)
  26. Former Wokingham pupil takes her own life after being told of year-long wait for mental health help: ‘Rebecca Walker, her care co-ordinator for the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, told the inquest concerns had been raised that Ms Kaye[,] who smoked cannabis, had misinterpreted research about the potential withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking cannabis.’ (Berkshire Live, 30th July 2019)
  27. Tributes paid to much loved father-of-three at inquest into his death: ‘The inquest heard he smoked cannabis but that did not affect him as he was a functional user. Ms Gomersal also heard he had laughed off suggestions from his family that he had depression when they expressed concerns about his behaviour, in particular the fact he was sleeping a lot… A toxicology report carried out during the post-mortem, found he had consumed alcohol and cannabis at a social or recreational level that night.’ (Whitehaven News, 13th July 2019)
  28. Dad-of-three found dead in road took his life in midst of mental breakdown: ‘A father-of-three who had been a regular cannabis user for more than 30 years was found dead in Exeter after suffering from a severe mental health breakdown. Paul Hughes, 50, had been staying at his cousin’s flat in St David’s Hill, Exeter, when he tragically “dived” to his death on July 1, 2018 at around 5.30pm.’ (Devon Live, 3rd July 2019)
  29. TROUBLED TEEN Schoolgirl, 16, killed by a train on GCSE results day ‘may have been influenced by self-harm group’, family fear: ‘She had began struggling with her mental health from the age of 13 and had also started to smoke cannabis, the inquest heard… Concerns over the Jasmine’s use of cannabis were also raised during the inquest. Doctor Marcus Panchaud said: “I’m not a drugs specialist, but is has been said cannabis can cause psychosis”.’ (Sun, 6th June 2019)
  30. My best friend took his own life and only now can I say that cannabis may have been to blame: ‘When I tentatively put it to our friends that our jaunt abroad might not be enough and that maybe it could be cannabis, we all quickly agreed it wasn’t connected. There were other things we turned our attention to instead, things easier to blame for his low moods: romantic troubles, slipping grades or teenage hormones. Perhaps we would have thought differently, acted differently, if we knew what we do now – that smoking cannabis as teenager could increase the risk of depression in adulthood by almost 40 per cent.’ (Daily Telegraph, 3rd Mar. 2019)
  31. ‘I was stood on a bridge, ready to throw myself off… this place saved me’: The drug and alcohol service turning young addicts’ lives around: “I’m not going to lie, cannabis has ruined my life”. (Manchester Evening News, 12th Apr. 2019)
  32. Tragedy of talented BMX rider who cut off his ear and had flat taken by drug dealers: ‘He was sectioned in a mental health hospital and later moved from North Devon to Exmouth and then Exeter where he worked as a self-employed painter and decorator and lived with girlfriend, who he had a son with. However, their relationship deteriorated when he started smoking cannabis again and his mental health declined. He moved back to Bideford and was sectioned on at least two more occasions.’ (Devon Live, 27th Mar. 2019)
  33. Boy, 14, who hanged himself in bedroom ‘wanted parents to find him before he died’: ‘Adam Bramley was moved schools after he started smoking cannabis but he hated the switch and would frequently play truant…A post mortem found traces of cannabis in his system and the cause of death was given as compression to the neck.’ (Daily Mirror, 11th Jan. 2019)
  34. Sex offender killed himself at Wakefield psychiatric unit: Verdict after jury inquest: ‘Reading a statement from Mr Whiteman’s mother Dawn Hazelhurst, Mr Leach said as well as cannabis, he also took amphetamine and abused aerosol sprays.’ (Yorkshire Evening Post, 9th Nov. 2018)
  35. ‘He just wasn’t able to deal with his demons’ – the tragic dad-of-eight found dead in an abandoned office block: ‘Claire Pritchard, Robert’s sister, said her brother had battled mental illness, including addiction, and struggled to cope with both his own demons and the stresses of being a father. She said he began smoking cannabis as a teenager and then began to show signs of mental health problems as he moved into adulthood… Evidence was read from his GP James Smith about paranoid psychosis he had suffered from, ‘thought to be the result of cannabis use’. (Manchester Evening News, 5th Nov. 2018)
  36. Much-loved teenager found dead in woodland: ‘The former Gordano School student admitted to using cannabis on a regular basis and reported hearing voices. He was seen by GP Max Howes in June 2018, who described Theo as an ‘articulate’ youngster.’ (Bristol Post, 16th Oct. 2018)
  37. Immigration detention staff ‘thought suicidal man had toothache’: ‘He smoked cannabis to help him sleep and one evening approached dealers near Streatham’s St Leonard’s Church to stock up on supplies. Gwoździński was short-changed, a scuffle broke out that was caught on CCTV. The following morning, he was arrested and taken to Harmondsworth.’ (Guardian, 11th Oct. 2018)
  38. ‘I felt that I had no right to grieve for my daughter’ – mother of tragic woman at centre of Garda video controversy: “But her downfall was she used to smoke weed which caused her to lose touch with reality”. (Irish Independent, 7th Oct. 2018)
  39. Climbing expert, 26, stabbed himself to death after suffering years of mental health problems ‘triggered by smoking cannabis on a trip to Amsterdam’: ‘Liam Postlethwaite, 26, had a clear bill of health problems but was said to have changed after his trip to Amsterdam with friends in 2011.’ (Daily Mail, 5th Oct. 2018)
  40. Belfast teen ‘brought back to life’ after suicide bid started taking drugs at 13 to ‘ease the pain’: ‘Gearoid McGarry said he took drugs “to ease the pain”. And what started out as smoking cannabis, soon escalated to cocaine, pills and harder drugs when he was 15.’ (Belfast Live, 9th Sep. 2018)
  41. Teenager was found dead in garden by mother, inquest hears: ‘Pathologist Dr Adnan Al-Badri confirmed that Jordan died as a result of hanging, but also revealed evidence was found of recent cannabis use.’ (Southern Daily Echo, 15th Aug. 2018)
  42. Tragedy of teenager who died from deadly heroin binge two years after family warned him about dabbling in cannabis: ‘Former sea cadet Chris Sale began smoking cannabis when he was 17 but quickly progressed onto cocaine then valium and heroin.’ (Manchester Evening News, 27th July 2018)
  43. Lost in a system: ‘Rob Morris died six months after leaving prison. His family is still trying to understand what went wrong while he was inside…Previously a sporty child, playing rugby and cricket at county level, he and his friends then started to smoke cannabis. The drug was supplied by one friend in particular.’ (BBC News, 27th July 2018)
  44. Luis Temple inquest: Chantry School pupil did not intend suicide, says dad: ‘He admitted his son had been smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol with friends on weekends, often in Worcester, since he was 13, but that this was almost never excessive.’ (Worcester News, 28th June 2018)
  45. Cannabis made me suicidal and schizophrenic – this is what I want young people to know about the drug: ‘Ad Gridley was 18 when he had his first cannabis joint while on a gap year in Canada. He had no idea his choices then would – most likely – be the trigger for a 10-year unremitting, downward spiral that would see him diagnosed with schizophrenia and make multiple suicide attempts.’ (i news, 25th June 2018)
  46. Tragic last moments of popular dad Christopher Colgan who shot himself in freak Erdington house shooting: ‘Birmingham Coroner’s Court heard how Mr Colgan went to see best friend Gavin McDonald at around 9pm, with both sitting at the dining table smoking cannabis and drinking beer…Mr McDonald then explained how he told Mr Colgan – described at the time as being particularly high and hyper – several times to put the gun down.’ (Birmingham Mail, 21st June 2018)
  47. Winchester University student Harry Yardley ‘believed he was suffering from eating disorder’ before suicide: ‘A student who feared he was suffering from an eating disorder hanged himself after smoking cannabis, an inquest heard. Harry Yardley committed suicide at his home in Honeysuckle Close, Badger Farm, after writing comments in a notebook and posting a video of himself on YouTube.’ (Hampshire Chronicle, 1st June 2018)
  48. ‘Cannabis killed my son – don’t let it do the same to you’: ‘A retired teacher whose son’s death was caused by mental illness brought on by cannabis is touring schools to warn children about the drug.’ (Daily Mail, 3rd Dec. 2017)
  49. Mum, 32, who took cannabis to fight morning sickness, ‘killed herself after developing drug-induced psychosis’: ‘A mum who took cannabis and magic mushrooms to ease her morning sickness killed herself after developing serious mental problems, an inquest has heard.’ (Sun, 8th Nov. 2017)
  50. ‘I was mad, bad and violent and not a nice person to know’ – Norwich woman turns her life around to help others in similar situations:“I was a problematic child who people couldn’t handle,” said Ms Jackson. “I was very impulsive and started self-harming, drinking and smoking cannabis to act as some kind of release.” (Eastern Daily Press, 7th June 2017)
  51. Teenager chopped off his penis after drug use caused psychotic episode: ‘A father whose teenage addict son chopped off his own penis and stabbed his mother is backing a campaign to reclassify skunk as a class A drug.’ (Argus, 5th June 2017)
  52. Bodybuilder, 20, dies after taking cocktail of drugs bought illegally on the dark web: “He turned to cannabis to cope with his anxiety and grief. But then he started working out and this gave Robbie structure in his life.” (Daily Record, 16th Mar. 2017)
  53. Recovering cannabis addict from Colney Heath found hanging in garden by step-sister: ‘Paul Ellis, 28, of Rose Stock Lane, Colney Heath, St Albans, was found hanging in the garden of his Colney Heath home by his step sister on May 10.’ (St Albans Review, 18th Oct. 2016)
  54. Reading man cleared of wife’s murder by pathologist report, inquest hears: ‘Toxicologist Dr Paul Dawkins took blood and hair samples and found traces of alcohol, recreational drugs and prescription drugs which had been prescribed by her doctor to treat her mental health issues and drug dependancy [sic]. He discovered levels of diazapam, sartraline, zopicolne and olanzapine in her blood. Hair analysis also revealed she had taken coke, amphetamine, ecstasy, cannabis, methadone and heroin between April and August in 2015. Pathologist Dr Chapman also noted she was a heavy smoker and discovered a number of minor injuries to her face and hands, which seemed to have been suffered recently and caused by an assault rather than an accident. But all of the drugs, alcohol and her injuries were ruled out as contributing factors. The pathologist concluded that Mrs Light had died from bronchial pneumonia.’ (Berkshire Live, 24th Mar. 2016)
  55. Man who sexually assaulted suicidal girl is jailed for 4 years: ‘He met her away from the station and took her to his flat where she smoked cannabis, which made her feel more depressed. Then he started the sexual activity, which lasted 40 minutes, and during which he did not use a condom.’ (York Press, 3rd Mar. 2016)
  56. Keen sportsman took his own life after falling into cycle of drink and drugs: ‘The inquest heard how Jacob started smoking cannabis from the age of 16, which changed his behaviour and there were rumours that he might have been using Valium for a short period of time.’ (Wales Online, 1st Feb. 2016)
  57. Teenage factory worker fell to his death after smoking cannabis gave him ‘inappropriate sexual thoughts’: ‘Tyler, 19, from Stockport, began smoking cannabis at the age of 15 and took more drugs when he started going to raves, the inquest was told.’ (Daily Mail, 10th June 2015)
  58. Teenager left ‘suicide note’ videos for family on mobile phone before stepping in front of train: ‘Troubled Luke Dadds, 18 – who smoked cannabis daily – left his PIN number on a note with instructions on accessing his final tearful messages and left them under his duvet.’ (Daily Record, 20th May 2015)
  59. Suicide sentence: “My son was jailed despite mental health concerns- two days later he was found hanged”: ‘After attending two special schools Adam left the family home at 16 and moved to a hostel in nearby Newtown. It was the start of a downward spiral and he never escaped it. In the four years that followed he smoked marijuana and dabbled in harder drugs. He became well known to the police and was sent to young offenders institutions for a string of petty offences, often theft, on 10 separate occasions, usually for three or four months at a time.’ (Daily Mirror, 23rd Apr. 2014)
  60. Think cannabis is harmless? It drove this grammar school boy insane – then killed him: ‘Melanie Leahy has many photos of her son, Matthew. But it is the one of him aged 13, fresh-faced and dressed in his grammar school uniform, that is the most painfully poignant of all.’ (Daily Mail, 16th Oct. 2013)
  61. ‘Warm and friendly’ man researched suicide methods before death: ‘An inquest at Windsor Guildhall last Thursday heard the 33-year-old also had a long history of psychosis caused by cannabis and, although in the week before his death he had said he had stopped smoking, a post-mortem showed the drug in his body.’ (Get Reading, 20th Mar. 2013)
  62. Suicide tragedy of teenager over 50p drug rap: ‘A teenage lacrosse star killed himself after police blunders led to him being summoned to court – for possessing cannabis worth 50p. Ex-head boy Edward Thornber was found hanged on September 15, 2011, after being caught smoking the drug in Cornwall. Two days earlier, the Didsbury 17-year-old had received an order to appear in court when he should only have been given a warning.’ (Manchester Evening News, 23rd Feb. 2013)
  63. Cannabis blamed for former Marlow man’s suicide: ‘Chris Benning, who had a long history of mental health issues, was found hanging from a tree in Hatchett Woods near Frieth by a dog walker on April 9. The inquest into his death heard he started using skunk – the most potent form of cannabis – at the age of 14, which led to him being diagnosed with schizophrenia a year later.’ (Buckinghamshire Free Press, 9th Feb. 2012)
  64. Unlawful force contributed to death of boy, 14, in cell: ‘The inquest in Easington, County Durham, heard he was an “extremely troubled and vulnerable young man” with a history of cannabis abuse when he was sent to the centre near Medomsley, 150 miles from his home town.’ (BBC News, 27th Jan. 2011)
  65. Cannabis use ‘killed heart attack mum’: ‘A mum of three died after smoking cannabis brought on a heart attack, an inquest was told. Oldham magistrates’ court heard how Julie Ryan was found dead in bed by her three children at her home on Wesley Street, Failsworth, last October. The 38-year-old’s ex-partner John Evans told the court she smoked cannabis ‘not quite every day’.’ (Manchester Evening News, 26th August 2010)
  66. Cannabis warning following A303 death: “Cannabis is a dangerous drug and is harming more and more people. It is as dangerous as hard drugs. I think the psychiatrists did all they could to help his condition. He was a young man and if he had been through rehab he may have kicked his habit.” (Chard & Ilminster News, 21st April 2010)
  67. Girl killed herself after row over £5 to buy drugs: ‘Grace Travis’ mother Wendy had refused to give her the cash because the 17-year-old wanted to buy cannabis with it… Grace, a former pupil at North Manchester High School for Girls, returned to live with her mum in late 2007. Her mother described how Grace would drink alcohol and smoke cannabis regularly.’ (Manchester Evening News, 8th February 2010)
  68. Life on cannabis has been far from poetry: “I can’t emphasise enough the damaging effect that cannabis had on my life”. (Scotsman, 21st October 2009)
  69. Student suicide over course worries after cannabis use: ‘A promising privately educated student who thought he might fail a college course and let his family down jumped to his death after cannabis use led to paranoid behaviour, an inquest heard.’ (Daily Telegraph, 30th October 2008)
  70. Children’s author Harry Horse ‘stabbed his wife 30 times’ as probe casts doubt on ‘Romeo and Juliet suicide pact’: ‘It is understood the author, known to use ecstasy and cannabis, had taken a ‘cocktail’ of drugs. Witnesses said he was roaming the house hours before the killing, proclaiming: ‘It’s a wonderful night for a killing.” (Evening Standard, 13th July 2008)
  71. Gruffalo author backs cannabis crackdown after son’s suicide: ‘JULIA DONALDSON, author of The Gruffalo, the bestselling children’s book about a mouse’s adventures with a monster, has backed the reclassification of cannabis, blaming the drug for exacerbating the mental illness that drove her son to suicide.’ (Times, 11th May 2008)
  72. Coroner links teen’s suicide to cannabis: ‘A coroner has urged Gordon Brown to reflect upon the suicide of a teenage cannabis user when considering the reclassification of the drug. Stuart Lester, a 21 year-old supermarket worker from Doncaster, hanged himself earlier this year. He began smoking cannabis at 15, and was diagnosed two years later with schizophrenia.’ (Christian Institute, 8th Apr. 2008)
  73. Bridgend teenager hanged himself after telling ex-girlfriend he would ‘kill himself and it was her fault’: ‘An inquest was also opened into the death of 16-year-old Jenna Parry, whose body was found hanging in Cefn Cribbrw on Tuesday […] Jenna had been taking cannabis and prescribed drugs. Hanging was given as a provisional cause of death.’ (Evening Standard, 22nd Feb. 2008)
  74. ‘Heartbroken’ mum’s alert over drugs: ‘A mother has warned of the perils of cannabis after her son took the drug to ease his depression.’ (Derbyshire Times, 19th Oct. 2007)
  75. Descent into madness: High flyer who was driven to psychosis by cannabis: ‘As a talented schoolboy, Jason Pegler started smoking cannabis at 15. The drug was to have a devastating effect on his future, triggering severe episodes of manic depression.’ (Daily Mail, 6th Sep. 2007)
  76. Mother blames cannabis for suicide of promising violinist daughter: ‘A gifted musician, the 22-year-old studied at the prestigious Royal Welsh College of Music and seemed destined for a career in the performing arts. But her life once so full of promise was prematurely ended when she killed herself after cannabis turned her into a shambling wreck and left her a depressed recluse terrified of going outdoors.’ (Evening Standard, 5th Sep. 2007)
  77. Rick Stein restaurant worker commits suicide by slashing throat after mind warped by cannabis: ‘Darren Raymond Billing, 22, from Padstow in Cornwall, was found at a beauty spot by his father on May 3, last year. The former kitchen porter at Rick Stein’s seafood restaurant in Padstow had stab and knife wounds to his abdomen, throat and wrists. In statements read out at the Inquest at Truro Coroners Court, Mr Billing’s parents Gill and Nicholas Billling, said that their son had been treated for bouts of depression since he began smoking cannabis, taking acid and drinking heavily at the age of 17.’ (Evening Standard, 27th July 2007)
  78. Tragedy of A* student who took his own life after struggling with stress of Manchester University five-year medical course: ‘Although test showed no recent drug use, the Manchester hearing was told he had been self harming and had taken various drugs including LSD cocaine and Ecstasy. He admitted he had harboured suicidal thoughts when under the influence of cannabis.’ (Manchester Evening News, 19th July 2017)
  79. Mum and son in BBQ tragedy: ‘The hearing was told Anjun was hooked on cannabis and feared her son had been abused. Anjun, was psychotic and delusional at the time, possibly caused by smoking two or three joints of cannabis a night.’ (Manchester Evening News, 9th July 2007)
  80. Cannabis linked to solicitor in death leap at Tate: ‘In a written report, Matthew’s GP, Dr Maher Shakarachi, said: “He suffered from bi-polar affective disorder that may have been triggered by cannabis use. He came off all medication by November 2006”.’ (Daily Telegraph, 16th May 2007)
  81. ‘Did cannabis trigger my son’s suicide?’: ‘WHEN Joy Ford’s son Edward admitted he smoked cannabis, the mum-of-three thought he was just being a rebellious teenager. But after his tortured life ended in suicide, she is convinced the drug is to blame for his death. Here, the 63-year-old from Blewbury, Oxon, tells her story…’ (Daily Mirror, 2nd Apr. 2007)
  82. ‘Skunk killed my beloved son’: ‘He was mischievous, charming and always on the go; if there was a tree to be climbed, he was there. He loved music, he loved life. In 2003, at the age of 16, he started experimenting with cannabis.’ (Daily Telegraph, 26th Mar. 2007)
  83. ‘Like Cameron, my son smoked his first joint as a teenager, ten years later he was close to death.’: ‘A bout of cannabis-induced paranoia had led him to attempt suicide and for two days we weren’t sure whether he would pull through.’ (Evening Standard, 18th Feb. 2007)
  84. Parents’ blast after cannabis led to son’s death: “If it was not for Lee using cannabis in his late teens then he may not have developed schizophrenia and would not have then took [sic] his own life. We firmly believe cannabis was the catalyst in a chain of events that ended with Lee’s death.” (Bury Times, 13th Apr. 2006)
  85. File closed on attack that left young mother paralysed: ‘His “psychotic” state was a result of his long-term abuse of cannabis and amphetamines, said Mark Rowley, the assistant chief constable of Surrey.’ (Daily Telegraph, 23rd Nov. 2005)
  86. Family blame drug use for student’s death: “We believe that cannabis was a directly-contributing factor towards his death and no one will ever convince me otherwise. He was a perfectly healthy and happy young man until he started to use cannabis. Eventually, it caused his depression and he was smoking it to heal himself. There are a lot of young people out there killing themselves through drug use and more needs to be done to raise awareness. We believe cannabis caused the depression and more should be done to investigate its links with mental illnesses.” (Manchester Evening News, 13th June 2005)
  87. Drugs warning by tragic Joanna’s dad: ‘Her father Carl, of Elm Avenue, Lutterworth, believes Joanna’s dependency on the drug, which she would sometimes smoke for seven hours a day, started the decline and led her onto harder drugs. He said: “I am for anything that gets the message across to people, particularly young people, that cannabis is very, very dangerous”.’ (Harborough Mail, 12th Feb. 2004)
  88. Cannabis linked to student’s suicide: ‘Charles King, 23, a student at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, had left a note saying, “cannabis has ruined my life”.’ (Times, 9th Sep. 2003)

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