‘Cannabis use made a “significant” contribution to what was “probably” a case of paranoid schizophrenia, consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr Philip Joseph said.’

  1. Migrant centre firebomber Andy Leak, 66, shared far-Right content online ‘and lost penis to cancer’: ‘Andy Leak, 66, who suffered from mental health issues following the death of his son, smoked cannabis and posted pictures of Batman villain The Joker. He is understood to have had health issues including arthritis and had battled cancer in recent years. The Daily Mail reported he told a neighbour he had to have his penis removed because of a late stage tumour around four years ago.’ (LBC, 2nd November 2022)
  2. Reading stabbing attack suspect Khairi Saadallah known to MI5 – sources: ‘The man held on suspicion of killing three people at a park in Reading was known to MI5, security sources say. Khairi Saadallah, 25, from the town, was arrested on Saturday and police say they are not looking for anyone else over the terror incident… A friend of the suspect told the BBC’s home affairs correspondent Daniel Sandford that Saadallah seemed to be a “normal, genuine guy”, and had been someone with whom to smoke cannabis.’ (BBC News, 22nd June, 2020)
  3. Sudesh Amman: Who was the Streatham attacker?: ‘Sudesh Amman, the 20-year-old responsible for the attack in Streatham, south London, on Sunday, pleaded guilty in November 2018 to six charges of possessing documents containing terrorist information and seven of disseminating terrorist publications… Before he was jailed Amman had previous convictions for possession of an offensive weapon – a broken bottle – and cannabis.’ (BBC News, 3rd Feb. 2020)
  4. ‘I looked into slasher’s eyes – there was nothing there. He was just like an animal’: ‘A radicalised graduate yesterday admitted carrying out a frenzied knife attack on New Year’s Eve. Mahdi Mohamud shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘Long live the caliphate’ as he stabbed a middle-aged couple he had chosen at random… A judge was told Mohamud suffered from a mental illness linked to smoking cannabis but this itself did not explain his rampage.’ (Daily Mail, 27th Nov. 2019)
  5. Khuram Butt: The partygoer who turned into a killer: ‘As a teenager, Khuram Butt – the ringleader of the London Bridge terror attack – was a cannabis-smoking “wannabe bad man” who regularly indulged in petty crime. As an adult, he retained all of those habits – even as he attacked others for being “bad” Muslims. Those closest to him paint a picture of an easily-influenced man given to obsessions. It was that obsessive nature which led him to Islamic extremism and, ultimately, to murder.’ (BBC News, 28th June 2019)
  6. ‘Vile’ and ‘hate-filled’ Darren Osborne faces life in jail for Finsbury Park attack: ‘MOSQUE murderer Darren Osborne was facing life in jail last night after he was convicted of driving a van into a group of Muslim men, killing one. Police yesterday branded Osborne, 48, a “devious, vile, hate-filled” killer after it took jurors less than an hour to find him guilty of murder and attempted murder… Osborne, who was once jailed for two years for violence, has a history of alcohol and cannabis abuse as well as mental problems.’ (Daily Express, 1st Feb. 2018)
  7. Salman Abedi: How Manchester attacker turned from cannabis-smoking dropout to Isis suicide bomber: ‘Salman Abedi’s journey from cannabis-smoking university dropout to Isis suicide bomber is being gradually pieced together by investigators as Manchester reels from the worst terror attack to hit the UK in over a decade. The 22-year-old was remembered as a “fun guy” who drank, took drugs and possibly had links with local gangs before appearing increasingly religious as his radicalisation deepened.’ (Independent, 24th May 2017)
  8. Leytonstone Tube station attacker jailed for life over Isis-inspired stabbing: ‘A man who tried to behead a commuter in an Isis-inspired attack at Leytonstone Tube station has been jailed for life. Muhiddin Mire will serve a minimum of eight and a half years for the attack, which took place on 5 December last year… Cannabis use made a “significant” contribution to what was “probably” a case of paranoid schizophrenia, consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr Philip Joseph said.’ (Independent, 1st Aug. 2016)
  9. Woolwich killers: lost boys went from drugs and gangs to radical Islam: ‘They styled themselves “Soldiers of Allah” but the lives of the men who murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby were a chaotic clash of jihadi theology and street gang criminality fuelled by extremist ideas and drug abuse. Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale claimed they were following Allah’s command when they mowed down and butchered the young soldier on the street in South London… In fact, these were two men who were as interested in smoking powerful skunk cannabis as they were in studying the Koran, and they may well have been under the influence of the drug when they carried out their attack.’ (Times, 19th Dec. 2013)
  10. 7/7 bomber ‘popular with young’: ‘The leader of the 7 July suicide bombers was a popular figure who commanded the respect of young Muslims in his local area, a court has heard. Kingston Crown Court was told that Mohammed Siddique Khan ran fitness classes for youngsters after a misspent youth of smoking cannabis.Leeds man Waheed Ali told police Khan was approachable and fellow bomber Shehzad Tanweer was not “judgemental”.’ (BBC News, 8th May 2008)
  11. Muktar Said Ibrahim: From robbery and indecent assault to bomb plot leader: ‘In the dock and the witness box, Muktar Said Ibrahim appeared to be slow-witted. Yet somehow he had established himself as the “emir” (leader) of his group, persuading three young men to follow him to martyrdom and retaining sway over them when they ended up in jail rather than Paradise… He had fallen out with his family, was smoking cannabis heavily’. (Times, 10th July 2007)
  12. The making of a human timebomb: ‘Islam gave Richard Reid a chance to abandon crime. Then fanatics made him a terrorist, and he tried to blow up a jet with explosive packed in his shoes. His story may become familiar: there are a lot more like him… During this time he drifted off the rails. Though his school, Thomas Tallis Comprehensive in Kidbrooke, London, is well run and successful, he fell into an easy streetlife of petty crime. He is thought to have indulged in minor marijuana dealing, car crime and then a string of muggings which eventually earned him several stretches in the notorious Feltham Young Offenders’ Institution.’ (Guardian, 30th Dec. 2001)
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