Violence, abuse and attempted murder

‘Cannabis f***** him up. He’s smoked it all his life.’
Brother of Joe Xuereb: Office worker fighting for life with mother after horrifying hammer attack

    1. ‘I’ll bite you!’ – growling thug sunk teeth into policeman’s ear: ‘Ward [the defendant], who claimed he began using cannabis aged 11 and cocaine at 13, had 18 convictions for 49 offences beginning with drunk and disorderly in 2007, before committing a myriad of other offences from battery, racially aggravated harassment and criminal damage to Section 20 wounding in 2015, which was for biting his uncle.’ (16 Apr 2019)
    2. Islington police knife attack accused ‘blames cannabis’: ‘Bulgarian-born Mr Traykov said he had smoked cannabis before making the 999 call and it had a “very different” effect to what he had experienced before. “It was very strong and I lost concentration. I was moving and doing things without actually thinking about it,” he said.’ (10 Apr 2019)
    3. Face of teenage ‘wannabe gangster’ who bragged about ruling Saffron Lane estate: “You went and bought beer and smoked a spliff (cannabis cigarette). You directed him to (the juvenile’s) house and at some stage you decided to rob him. He began to realise that when you were making comments ‘I’m the boss around here. ‘This is my estate.’ You were acting as a wannabe gangster.” (4 Apr 2019)
    4. Man had 40 cans of cider and 10 spliffs before brutally attacking and biting face of random victim: ‘A “drunken drugged-up yob” bit the ear and nose of a 56-year-old man in a random attack after banging on his door in the early hours of the morning.’ (1 Apr 2019)
    5. ‘Monster’ whose girlfriend died after swallowing his cocaine stash batters pregnant partner: ‘Nolan [the defendant] had been out in town with his mates while Ms Wainright stayed at his flat. Having drunk alcohol and smoked cannabis he called her for a lift but when he was told no he flew into a rage. Returning in the early hours he battered Ms Wainright through the communal areas of the flat.’ (20 Mar 2019)
    6. Man jailed for stabbing victim outside Bristol club SWX: ‘The court heard that later, more violence flared in which Barbosa and the other men clashed again. But this time Barbosa, who had consumed a cocktail of vodka, cognac, cannabis and ecstacy [sic], swung a flick knife.’ (10 Mar 2019)
    7. Shirtless man attacked neighbour with machete as he opened front door: ‘He said he had largely cut himself off from society since the loss of his job and the ending of a long-term relationship a decade ago, and had lived an “isolated existence” turning to alcohol and cannabis abuse.’ (2 Mar 2019)
    8. Schoolboy stabbed victim, 14, so hard his knife snapped in half: ‘The yob – aged just 14 at the time – launched the unprovoked attack at a house party when “bladdered” drunk and high on cannabis.’ (27 Feb 2019)
    9. Drunk thug dad who stunk of weed bit cop during arrest – before telling him he had AIDS: ‘Fiddaman, of Stanton Street, Stretford, was found guilty of causing actual bodily harm and common assault after trial. He pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis.’ (26 Feb 2019)
    10. Husband and wife jailed for 39 years for ‘systematic abuse’ of their children: “The film was on TV in the bedroom and they all sat on the bed watching the film. While watching it they (the defendants) smoked cannabis”. (25 Feb 2019)
    11. Cork man, 26, who shattered skull of girlfriend’s infant daughter jailed for eight years: ‘Brendan Kelly, defence barrister, said in relation to the judge’s comment that the accused appeared to be detached from what was going on and that the defendant had been a long-time cannabis user.’ (22 Feb 2019)
    12. Slater Street hit and run driver was fleeing a drug “beef”: ‘Rose, 19, who had been smoking cannabis, ploughed into two young men who were innocently crossing the road with two friends in the early hours of Christmas Eve.’ (22 Feb 2019)
    13. The machete swinging robbery gang who struck fear into the hearts of bank workers – caught on CCTV: ‘He [the defendant] explained his contact with Jack Pennington, the leader of the robbery gang, was a result of his decision to start smoking cannabis.’ (22 Feb 2019)
    14. M4 horror crash driver smoked cannabis before killing best friend at 110mph in Nissan car: ‘A man jailed for more than five years had an “appalling” record for motoring convictions before killing his friend. A court heard how Jason Ryan was driving back from a festival having smoked cannabis before hitting an articulated Iceland lorry.’ (18 Feb 2019)
    15. Bus thug jailed for scissors attack on passenger before attacking elderly man at shelter: “Mr Doogan is a schizophrenic but this has been brought on by the amount of cannabis he was taking into his system.” (26 Jan 2019)
    16. Inside the brutal 11-month reign of terror at the hands of Cambridge woman’s controlling ex: ‘On his arrest, he was seen by police to hide cannabis under the sofa.’ (24 Jan 2019)
    17. Teenager ‘could have died’ after being stabbed in ‘Peaky Blinders’ sword, knife and hammer brawl: ‘The court heard Moran [the defendant] turned to cannabis and MDMA after disappointments at college and after struggling to cope with the breakdown of his parents’ relationship.’ (11 Jan 2019)
    18. Man who drove car on to packed dancefloor jailed for 28 years: ‘He drank at least 15 glasses of vodka, tequila shots and smoked more than “five to 10 spliffs” of cannabis before he got behind the wheel of his Suzuki Vitara.’ (10 Jan 2019)
    19. Knife wielding thug said he was ‘buzzed’ after robbing vulnerable man at bus stop: ‘A cannabis-fuelled robber who held a knife blade to the throat of a vulnerable young man after following him to a Huddersfield bus shelter has been jailed for more than four years.’ (9 Jan 2019)
    20. Five years for man who beat victim so badly with a rock he was unrecognisable: ‘Judge Greally suspended the final 18 months of the sentence having taking into account Mooney’s plea of guilty. She accepted evidence that he comes from a respectable family and he has addictions to both alcohol and cannabis.’ (5 Dec 2018)
    21. Man hit uni student in face with wheel brace and assaulted female police officer: ‘It was noted Nguh [the defendant] already had convictions for possession of controlled drugs, dealing controlled cannabis and possessing ammunition.’ (29 Nov 2018)
    22. Teen with knife told father he’ll kill his daughter in terrifying rampage: ‘Probation officer Tony Ciocci said Powell [the defendant] had “a traumatic upbringing with a lack of exposure to a positive role model”… Mr Ciocci added that Powell had also misused cannabis, which can generate feelings of paranoia.’ (21 Nov 2018)
    23. Ex-soldier’s brutal four-hour attack on friend left victim playing dead in bid to save himself: ‘Dan Griffiths, for Davies, said his client had been to a family funeral on the day in question and as well as being upset had consumed a “significant” amount of alcohol and had smoked cannabis.’ (15 Nov 2018)
    24. ‘Prolific offender’ given second chance by judge after knife crime jailed for defying court order AGAIN: ‘He was arrested at his Wembley home, where police also found cannabis, and reappeared at Willesden Magistrates’ Court just one week after his sentencing.’ (15 Nov 2018)
    25. Horrific photos that head stamp victim wants you to see: ‘The convicted burglar also admitted breaching a 10-month suspended sentence, imposed in August, by possessing cannabis when arrested.’ (14 Nov 2018)
    26. Drug-dealing teenager slashed man’s face and neck in broad daylight: ‘Ms Maxwell said cocaine with a street value of up to £720 was found, along with cannabis with a street value of more than £2,000. Smaller quantities of ecstasy and ketamine were also found.’ (6 Nov 2018)
    27. Thug jailed for burning youngster, robbing couple and stabbing woman in bottom: ‘Miss Regan [defending] said Harrison had reduced his cannabis use and now refused the drug Spice – which he said was “everywhere” in prison – because he said it caused users to be violent.’ (5 Nov 2018)
    28. Three-month-old boy died after being left strapped to pushchair for 12 hours while his mum smoked cannabis: ‘A report into the tragedy says cannabis is so common among families with young children that healthcare workers risk being ‘desensitised to the fact that it remains an illegal drug’.’ (24 Oct 2018)
    29. Knifeman who left victim permanently scarred weeps as he’s jailed: ‘A psychiatrist said that Moore, who was addicted to cannabis, had probably suffered a paranoid psychosis which led him to believe that he was being held against his will or he was the subject of an attack.’ (16 Oct 2018)
    30. Roofer plunged knife into neighbour’s neck – for not voting in local elections: ‘Nicholas Berry, defending, said Byrne’s use of cannabis lead to his mood fluctuating and that he suffered from depression.’ (10 Oct 2018)
    31. Man (19) ‘could have killed his mother’: ‘Fox had been sober since December. He smokes cannabis on a regular basis which has no effect on him but he is ‘different on tablets’, the solicitor continued.’ (6 Oct 2018)
    32. Thug high on cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis, stabbed cabbie ‘after girlfriend cheated on him’: ‘A violent thug high on a cocktail of cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis and whisky repeatedly knifed a taxi driver in a random attack after finding out his girlfriend had ‘slept with his neighbour’.’ (3 Oct 2018)
    33. Escort mum left two-year-old daughter alone to take cocaine while she continued party: ‘The defendant was high on cannabis and fell asleep in a paramedic’s car as he drove her daughter to hospital’. (21 Sep 2018)
    34. Aberdeen claw hammer attacker jailed for five years: ‘She [the defence counsel] told the court that he drank about 12 cans of lager and was smoking herbal cannabis following his initial visit to the woman.She said the daily cannabis user “feels absolute disgust and as ashamed of himself” following the crime.’ (30 Aug 2018)
    35. Why knifeman went on rampage at Leicester Royal Infirmary: ‘Although it was accepted that Aka was mentally unwell, at his sentencing today the judge said Aka’s violent psychotic episode could have been self-induced by cannabis use.’ (24 Aug 2018)
    36. Pictured: Office worker fighting for life with mother after horrifying hammer attack as family of man, 27, charged say ‘cannabis messed him up and he was sectioned eight years ago’: ‘The man charged with double attempted murder after a mother and daughter were ‘smashed in the face’ with a hammer battled with drug addiction and had been sectioned, his family has revealed.’ (21 Aug 2018)
    37. A hammer-wielding jewellery robber has been jailed: ‘He was arrested at his home on Chesterton Road, Cambridge on March 19 where he was found with crack cocaine, heroin and cannabis.’ (20 Aug 2018)
    38. Crazed cannabis user, 31, who gouged a seven-month-old boy’s eyes then threw him and his mother out of a window is jailed for life: ‘Sean Ziemelis, 31, had gouged the boy’s eyes and tried to strangle him before dangling the terrified infant out of the first floor flat. Neighbours, who had been woken in the early hours of the morning, gathered under the window of Ziemelis’ home in Reginald Street, Luton and shouted to him to stop.’ (2 Aug 2018)
    39. Teenage boy who stabbed a shop keeper seven times during a drug-fuelled attack sentenced to 12 months’ detention: ‘The court was told the boy, who was aged 16 at the time, had been abusing tablets and cannabis.’ (9 July 2018)
    40. Watch: Queue-jumping thug beats bus driver with baton before smashing windscreen in reign of terror: ‘Fuller [the defendant] went upstairs but then returned brandishing an Afro comb which he used to stab the driver in the hand. Nine days later Fuller, of no fixed address, was “the worse for alcohol and cannabis” and fell asleep on a bus.’ (3 July 2018)
    41. Taxi kidnap duo jailed for assault: ‘The kidnap and robbery was described by Judge McReynolds as ‘clearly bullying for the gratification of seeing another person suffer’. Tasker also pleaded guilty to counts of possession and supply of cocaine and cannabis found during a search of his home seven months after the kidnap. Cannabis worth £3,700 totalling 373grms and 2.91grms of cocaine with a 34 per cent purity were discovered in his home’. (30 June 2018)
    42. ‘Dangerous’ Cardiff machete attacker’s sentence was needed to ‘protect the public’: ‘A probation officer’s report said he smoked cannabis on a daily basis.’ (29 June 2018)
    43. Ashley Cobb jailed for knife attack on mother in her car with her baby asleep in the back at Tesco in Sheerness: ‘Cobb, who had been drinking heavily and smoked cannabis and later admitted to drinking 20 cans of beer two or three times a week, became aggressive when arrested by police.’ (19 June 2018)
    44. Carl Madigan knifed Sam Cook in heart two weeks after friend slashed man’s stomach open: ‘Facebook accounts show Carl Madigan, 23, and Shaun Bethell, 19, hanging around together and smoking cannabis before the shocking offences which will now define their young lives.’ (16 Jun 2018)
    45. Cannabis-smoking dad shook 11-week-old daughter, causing brain injury: ‘Andrew Cooper, 25, assaulted the baby girl in his care – then searched for porn while she was in hospital with serious injuries, a court heard’. (15 June 2018)
    46. ‘Vicious, violent, savage and brutal attack’ – Judge: ‘Imposing sentence, he noted that Smith had ‘a very difficult childhood’ and was consuming alcohol at 11 years of age, and proceeded cannabis and prescription drugs and at 13 was smoking heroin.’ (26 May 2018)
    47. Father who tried to kill children with hammer has sentence increased by 10 years: ‘In the weeks before the incident, he developed paranoia, put down to a temporary psychosis caused by his long-term recreational cocaine and cannabis use.’ (9 May 2018)
    48. Two yobs who threw live cat into canal told to pay £100 compensation to owner: ‘Sick video show cannabis-smoking lout, 16, hurling the terrified cat’ (3 May 2018)
    49. Teenage knife attacker is jailed for 11-and-a-half years: ‘The court heard how Adams had been drinking heavily and smoking cannabis with the victim – who she had had an on-off relationship with – on the night of the attack (29 July, 2017).’ (2 May 2018)
    50. Man accused of attempted murder of wife ‘did not care’ if two-year-old daughter was ‘alive or dead’, court hears: ‘Garda Holland said Mr Gajowniczek told him that he locked the door because he thought people were trying to get into the apartment and kill him and showed the garda a hammer that he had hidden under a duvet on the bed. He said he believed someone had spiked his milk with amphetamines and that his partner, Ms Kalinowska, was having an affair. He also told the garda that he had been smoking cannabis.’ (18 Apr 2018)
    51. Cannabis smoker jailed for spitting blood and saliva into policeman’s mouth: ‘The judge said the defendant had “a history of violent offending behaviour” including a section 20 grievous bodily harm offence in 2013 when he received 32 months custody. He added: “I’m told you used cannabis on a regular basis and on the night in question – because you’re unaccustomed to drink – you believed your drink was spiked.”’ (15 Apr 2018)
    52. Ex-boyfriend launched terror campaign against two former partners and posted explicit photos on Facebook: “The defendant found out from a friend where she lived visited regularly, pressurising her to allowing him stay. There was then a rapid deterioration of the defendant’s behaviour as he was regularly under the influence of cocaine and cannabis.” (9 Mar 2018)
    53. Bristol dad handed suspended jail term after assaulting partner after drugs session: ‘Philip Warren, prosecuting, told Bristol Crown Court Preen visited Miss Hendy and stayed up late drinking, taking cocaine and smoking cannabis. But when she got up at 7.30am and asked him to help get their baby ready to go out, Preen grabbed her and threw her across the room.’ (9 Mar 2018)
    54. Kung fu teacher slit friend’s throat with meat cleaver and smashed cannabis bong over his head: ‘Former drug dealer Christopher Gunning later described himself as “the calmest guy in the world”. (2 Mar 2018)
    55. Birthday sex beast who beat student with a slab: ‘Cannabis smoker Charlie Pearce marked his 17th birthday by attacking the student as she walked home through a park at night. He smashed her over the head after raping her twice then fled, leaving her covered in blood and close to death in what an Old Bailey judge described as “animalistic savagery”. The student, who spent three weeks in an induced coma, is tormented by her physical and mental scars and has contemplated suicide, the court heard.’ (17 Feb 2018)
    56. Man who left his dogs like “walking skeletons” admits growing cannabis at his home: ‘Police found 32 plants at house of Christopher McGinn on Westbury Street’. (14 Feb 2018)
    57. Axe and knife gang robbed terrified teens of phones, cash and even clothes: ‘The judge said Taylor, Lefebvre and Hall had been smoking cannabis and he viewed O’Brien’s claim that he had not “with some scepticism”.’ (2 Feb 2018)
    58. Teenage thugs shot men in face because they ‘desperately needed cannabis’: ‘A pair of teenage robbers shot two men in the face before writing a letter saying: “I’m sorry, I needed the money for cannabis.”’ (1 Feb 2018)
    59. Man who smoked £25 of cannabis a day tries to hold up petrol station with ‘bizarre’ weapon: ‘A bungling petrol station robber grabbed a customer around the neck and threatened him – with a wrapped-up plastic comb.’ (22 Jan 2018)
    60. London teenager pleads guilty to stabbing mother 23 times in ‘cannabis-linked attack’: ‘The attack was believed to be as a result of a psychotic episode, which the court heard may have been exacerbated by cannabis misuse.’ (16 Jan 2018)
    61. Racist thug punched a 15-year-old black boy just for glancing at him in Plymouth: ‘Stone was jailed for two years and eight months for dealing cannabis and handling a haul of stolen goods in 2014. He was caught with £9,000 worth of tools, machinery and other equipment which had been stolen in burglaries across Plymouth and south east Cornwall. Plymouth Crown Court heard three years ago that he had started smoking cannabis when he was just ten years old.’ (14 Dec 2017)
    62. Jailed: Ex-soldier who hit Melton shop owner over the head with axe: “He made an error of judgement and he went on leave and smoked cannabis and he was effectively discharged from the army for that reason and that reason alone. He went from a promising trusted career, with real prospects, a devastating incident happened to him he took cannabis and was discharged from the army.” (17 Nov 2017)
    63. Man who stabbed female dog walker 11 times in random attack ‘heard voices telling him to kill’: ‘After confessing to his mum, Cardwell, who has smoked cannabis from the age of 12, told detectives that “he’d heard commanding voices, male and female, telling him to kill for the last three years,” a condition which first surfaced when he was eight years old.’ (17 Nov 2017)
    64. Convicted killer admits trying to murder woman at Dundee’s Templeton Woods: ‘He owned up to repeatedly striking her on the head and body with a dumbbell to her permanent disfigurement, permanent impairment and to the danger of her life[…] In August last year, critics said it was “far too soon” for [convicted murderer] McIntosh to be out in public again. Sentencing McIntosh in 2002 for the murder of Anne Nicoll, Judge Lord Bonomy told him he would be detained in custody without limit of time and ordered him to serve a minimum of 15 years for what he described as an “extremely violent” attack[…] McIntosh, a former Harris Academy pupil, had been smoking cannabis and alarmed three walkers on the Law with his odd behaviour shortly before killing Ms Nicoll.’ (25 Oct 2017)
    65. Dagenham park attack: ‘Evil’ attacker guilty of stabbing woman: ‘He told court he had been in the park drinking and smoking cannabis but had picked up another laptop which he found on a grassy verge near the park.’ (24 Oct 2017)
    66. Cannabis addict developed “little hobby” of raiding shops at gunpoint (11 Oct 2017)
    67. Teenager knifed best friend in Newcastle Aldi store following drug-induced psychosis: ‘The schoolboy was suffering a ‘brief episode’ of drug-induced psychosis after taking a form of cannabis when he launched the attack’. (9 Sep 2017)
    68. Jail for man who shot girlfriend 13 times with airgun – before trying to strangle and suffocate her: ‘Kristian Pole had been smoking cannabis when he ‘flipped out’ and attacked his partner at his home in Leicester’. (27 July 2017)
    69. Teenager hit man over the head with crowbar for refusing to hand over last cigarette: ‘Matthew Comer, defending Screen, said his client expressed genuine remorse. He said Screen had had a difficult childhood and had smoked cannabis daily, which had effected his thinking.’ (24 July 2017)
    70. ‘Devout’ dad who raised boy in stinking house of squalor used as dogs’ toilet is jailed: ‘The single parent living near Bristol smoked cannabis as the house became riddled with dog mess, dirty washing and dirty plates growing mould in the sink’ (14 July 2017)
    71. Authorities fear teenage scissor stabbing culprit could become a killer: ‘The cannabis smoking lout was convicted of battery, assault causing actual bodily harm and two counts of possessing offensive weapons in 2015.’ (9 July 2017)
    72. Knowle West man who bit baby in the face will not be sent to prison: ‘Jane Middleton, a probation officer, said Stone had been prescribed medication for his mental health, which he was taking “off and on”. She said: “He has a history of heavy cannabis use.”‘ (19 May 2017)
    73. Drug user launched frenzied attack on disabled woman stabbing her 31 times in head, neck and face: ‘Scott, of Kendal Road, Macclesfield, who had been smoking cannabis and taking the drug ketamine, claimed he could not remember the incident on January 28 last year.’ (15 Apr 2017)
    74. Robbers who held knife to man’s neck before stealing his phone and laptop jailed: ‘During police interviews, the youth admitted he knew the occupant, but claimed he was unable to remember what had happened because he had smoked a cannabis cigarette.’ (24 Mar 2017)
    75. Dovecot man passes up final chance to reveal how he came by deadly revolver: ‘Louise McCloskey, prosecuting, told the court police officers in an unmarked car spotted Doyle smoking cannabis outside the home he shared with his mum, younger brother and two younger sisters on November 5.’ (19 Dec 2016)
    76. Teen batters youth after believing his cannabis joint had been ‘spiked with spice’: ‘A teenager flew into a rage and battered another youth because he believed his cannabis joint had been spiked with ‘Spice.’ Jason Smith, 19, rained down punches on Daniel Travis after the victim offered to roll a joint for him, as they attended a Christmas party at a friend’s flat.’ (14 Dec 2016)
    77. Man who attacked police officer with axe sent to secure psychiatric hospital for 15 years: ‘During sentencing, the court heard Sumner has schizophrenia. His counsel said the illness was affected by his use of cannabis, but argued that the cause of attack was his underlying mental illness.’ (2 Dec 2016)
    78. The laughing robber and his sickening history of violence: ‘William Magill, defending, said Maddocks started smoking cannabis at the age of nine and was soon snorting cocaine.’ (7 Nov 2016)
    79. Judge tells armed robber aged 14 he has been a “selfish” boy: “You have led in the last year a very selfish existence, drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis.” (29 Sep 2016)
    80. Little girl left without parents after mum and dad jailed over Uzi gang plot: ‘The mum-of-one admitted dealing and smoking cannabis but claimed she had never seen any guns at her home in Birtley Court, Widnes. When interviewed by police, Galloway said she “did not go round playing gangsters”. However, prosecutors said she lied for her partner, claiming he had injured himself by falling off a dog cage, and “was not blind to what was going on”. Phone evidence revealed she contacted another gang member, whose role was to move Smith’s bike and a gun.’ (14 June 2016)
    81. Teen faces one year for vicious attack on man outside takeaway: ‘Judge John O’Connor adjourned sentencing to see if the boy’s solicitor can organise a psychological assessment of the teenager whose behaviour, he said, has become more violent and aggressive. The judge also noted the boy had tragic personal circumstances. He said it was unacceptable that the boy had started smoking cannabis at the age of 12, and anyone who says it is not addictive “is not living in the real world”.’ (17 May 2016)
    82. This is the wannabe gangster locked up for life after shocking terror campaign: ‘Luke Gould, 19, claimed he was “egged-on” by voices in his head, after smoking cannabis heavily since the age of eight.’ (4 May 2016)
    83. Six years for attacker who hospitalised partner in ‘cowardly’ assault: ‘Martin Bukovskis, 26, of Gladstone Street in Peterborough, attacked his victim after he had been drinking and smoking cannabis following a party at his home in late January.’ (23 Mar 2016)
    84. Man guilty of robbery attempt: ‘Leo Mulrooney BL, defending, told the court his client’s formative years had been blighted by dysfunction. His aunt took him into foster care when he was three years old and his mother died when he was aged just five. By six, he was sniffing petrol, taking ecstasy and smoking cannabis.’ (20 Mar 2016)
    85. Medics did not seem to take condition seriously, forensic psychologist tells murder trial: “She was referred to a counselling service to deal with her anger. She was asking for help. She told her counsellor she was using cannabis to control her anger, and it was starting to make her feel paranoid.” (4 Dec 2015)
    86. Victim meets attacker who battered him around the head with a baseball bat in brutal 2010 assault: “I started smoking and selling cannabis. It caused a lot of paranoia. I then became part of a gang.” (20 Nov 2015)
    87. Authorities failed to protect child who was thrown against wall by drug-fuelled father: ‘A baby was thrown against a wall by his father in a cannabis-fuelled rage after social workers and other authorities failed to protect him.’ (30 Oct 2015)
    88. Girlfriend kicked by Barrow chef as she lay unconscious: ‘The court heard how on September 19 last year Meehan had invited friends round to his flat and had been drinking vodka and smoking cannabis.’ (31 Aug 2015)
    89. Violent boyfriend demanded partner call him Dominus after slavemaster in Spartacus: ‘On December 12, 2012, they started arguing while smoking cannabis.’ (21 Aug 2015)
    90. Father jailed for vicious attack on baby son after night spent smoking cannabis: ‘Benjamin Reeve, 22, of Dorset Gardens, Brighton was jailed for 12 years and six months yesterday after he admitted attacking the six-week-old.’ (1 Aug 2015)
    91. Teenager locked up for part in ‘sadistic’ torture of man who had crossbows shot through legs: ‘Liverpool Crown Court heard Hinchliffe, of Orleans Road, Old Swan had arranged to meet up with Mr Kelly that afternoon to smoke cannabis.’ (17 July 2015)
    92. Ex-boyfriend smashed his way into former partner’s home in cocaine-fuelled frenzy: ‘Ryan Gilbertson [the defendant] said he and a friend downed four bottles of brandy, snorted eight bags of cocaine and smoked three bags of cannabis before the attack… Charlotte Pringle, defending, said his ex-girlfriend had become pregnant immediately after the couple started a relationship and it had become “very pressured”. She said: “A lot of it is down to his cannabis use and his behaviour towards the complainant and he accepts that. He had been struggling not having full contact with the child. At the time he was under the influence of a lot of substances, alcohol, cannabis and cocaine and was not taking the medication he requires for his mental health issues”.’ (30 June 2015)
    93. Accused in the knife murder bid on three people blamed cannabis addiction, trial told: “I have recently come off cannabis and drink following a four-year dependency during which I was smoking large quantities daily. I was going through severe withdrawal symptoms including paranoia. I can’t explain my behaviour and the incident was in no way premeditated. On the day, and at the time in question, I thought my life was in imminent danger and I was experiencing suicidal thoughts.” (16 June 2015)
    94. Widnes teen found guilty of attempted murder by jury after shooting man with sawn-off shotgun: ‘Prosecutor Kim Halsall had said that a group of youths had gathered in the block’s communal area and had been smoking cannabis and had been ‘causing problems’ to residents.’ (21 May 2015)
    95. Richard Gatiss was on legal highs when he assaulted disabled pensioner Alan Barnes: “There is also possession of cannabis on his record and there is a drugs background.” (24 Feb 2015)
    96. Liverpool sawn-off shotgun ‘minder’ jailed for two and half years: ‘Daniel Travers, defending […] described him as a: “naive young man who was mixing with the wrong people and was smoking too much cannabis. He comes to court expecting and deserving a custodial sentence.”’ (4 Sep 2014)
    97. Man jailed for six years after strangling friend with own jumper: ‘Christopher Robb, formerly of Newick Road, Brighton, launched the attack – which police described as “vicious and sustained” – in March last year following an evening spent drinking and smoking cannabis.’ (4 Mar 2014)
    98. Mother who confessed ‘I’ve stabbed somebody’ is jailed: ‘Seven cannabis plants were also found growing in a locked room. During interview Bunn [the defendant] admitted to producing a small amount of cannabis for her own use but she denied being responsible for the attack on Mrs Wright.’ (19 Aug 2013)
    99. Scott McGeachy given community sentence for baby attack: ‘At the High Court in Glasgow, judge Lady Scott told McGeachy: “A prison sentence is not necessary in the circumstances.” She also placed him under supervision for two years and ordered him to have treatment for his addiction to cannabis.’ (7 June 2013)
    100. Man launched “ferocious” attack on Hilperton woman while high on cannabis: ‘A man who broke into a neighbour’s house then assaulted her in the street while in a fit of cannabis induced psychoactive state [sic] has been jailed for a year.’ (30 Apr 2013)
    101. Ex is caged over attack on man in Redcar: ‘Norman [the defendant] had £353 worth of heroin in his clenched fist as he was cuffed and searched. He also had four bags of mephedrone, or MCAT, and two bags of cannabis. He told officers he’d decided to make some easy money on the spur of the moment to fund his own cannabis use.’ (1 June 2012)
    102. Tyler Fielding, 16, detained for Redruth attempted murder: ‘Fielding, who was drunk and high on cannabis at the time of the attack, had attacked Mr King so hard that an imprint of his shoe was left on Mr King’s head, the court had been told.Mr King suffered fractures of the voice box in the attack which would have caused him to choke to death had he not received a tracheotomy.’ (20 Jan 2012)
    103. ‘Chaotic’ Coventry criminal smoked cannabis aged eight: ‘David Swinnerton, prosecuting, said Walker had pleaded guilty to: stealing £18-worth of petrol from Asda, in Walsgrave, on February 15; assaulting a man in Pinley Fields, Stoke Aldermoor, on June 28, causing him actual bodily harm; burgling a private garage in Upper Park Street, Willenhall, on July 8, and stealing a Toyota Avensis; driving the Avensis in Whitmore Avenue, Stoke Aldermoor, on July 9, while disqualified; driving the stolen car on July 9 with no insurance; failing to provide a specimen of breath on July 9; and assaulting a police officer on July 9 by spitting at him.’ (5 Sep 2011)
    104. Four sentenced after subjecting teens to eight-hour horror kidnap ordeal: ‘The three, who had been drinking and smoking cannabis, then became aggressive and forced the victims to accompany them to the canal threatening to stab them if they refused.’ (15 Mar 2011)
    105. Young mum feared she woud [sic] die as ex-boyfriend throttled her in ‘unpleasant’ assault: ‘Cannabis addict Ireland later poured bleach over Rebecca’s bed and settee.’ (21 Feb 2011)
    106. Guilty: Heavy cannabis user stabbed millionaire’s wife 12 times with screwdriver as she walked her dog: ‘A heavy cannabis user is facing life behind bars after launching a frenzied attack on a millionaire’s wife.’ (17 Feb 2011)
    107. Teenage tearaway banned from Liverpool’s Chinatown: ‘Gallagher’s roll call of yob behaviour included: Being seen pushing a stolen motorbike up a street. Receiving an on-the-spot fine for riding illegally on the pavement. Swearing repeatedly at police officers. Smoking cannabis in the street.’ (27 Dec 2010)
    108. Cannabis user fined after attacking wife: ‘Richard Diston struck his partner Christine on the left side of the head and then her arms as she raised them in self-defence during a row at their home in July.’ (12 Nov 2010)
    109. Cleared Bristol man in cannabis warning over stabbings: ‘The court had heard he had a long history of mental illness and was a heavy cannabis user. After the case, Mr Bailey said he could not remember the stabbings and warned against using skunk cannabis.’ (11 June 2010)
    110. Woman played dead to survive horrifying three hour torture ordeal: ‘She described him as “possessive” and “depressive” and that she believed he had been abusive to other partners in the past but that she “defended herself”. Ms McGrath said she had gone to bed in the early hours of January 10 in 2009 as kitchen fitter Hasson drank cider and smoked cannabis. She woke to the bedroom door being opened and the light coming on.’ (26 Feb 2010)
    111. Stoned teenager Mark Kane tortured cat: ‘A stoned teenager who trapped a cat in a bag full of cannabis smoke and swung it round like a lasso was caught after he filmed the “sadistic” act on his mobile.’ (31 July 2009)
    112. Jailed for slashing girl’s throat: ‘A man who tried to kill his pregnant girlfriend by slashing open her throat in a drug-fuelled rage has been jailed… Michael Leeming, prosecuting, said: “It was a troubled relationship that was peppered with domestic violence, separations and reconciliations. For the most part, she blames his abuse of cocaine and cannabis”.’ (15 Apr 2009)
    113. Anfield’s ‘Townsend Ten’ drug gang’s reign of terror is at an end: “Every day you would turn up for work at 4pm and there would be 25-30 lads and girls hanging around outside, drinking and smoking weed. You didn’t want to come to work and the community didn’t want to run the gauntlet to come in here.” (13 Apr 2009)
    114. Teenagers jailed over mugging which left boy in coma: ‘A grammar school pupil was left in a coma after being mugged by two teenagers “obsessed by cannabis” who wanted money to fund their drug habit, a court heard.’ (13 Jan 2009)
    115. Man beat up girlfriend ‘because she was tired’: ‘Miss Fitzsimmons recalled how Hayes, who has a history of psychological problems and had been smoking cannabis, was kicking her so hard he complained his foot was hurting.’ (27 Sep 2008)
    116. Mail worker stabbed woman six times in the head: ‘A mail worker who stabbed a woman colleague in the head six times with a screwdriver after smoking skunk cannabis has been detained indefinitely.’ (19 Sep 2008)
    117. Two and half years for knife-and-fork offender: ‘Garda Lennon agreed that Kiely had a dispute with his partner about “going or not going to work” that morning and that he had been smoking cannabis and drinking with his uncle during the day.’ (31 July 2008)
    118. Woman threatened with meat cleaver in Walker: ‘Four years of violence at the hands of her partner ended with two terrifying attacks for a woman. Helen Johnson was slashed with a meat cleaver, hit with a bottle and had a knife put to her throat. Miss Johnson reported the incidents to the police and Robert Pritchard could now be jailed… Prosecutor Jenny Hart said he regularly assaulted Miss Johnson when he was drunk and high on cannabis.’ (23 June 2008)
    119. Happy slap thugs face years in prison: ‘The teenager, who was living at The Foyer, supported housing in Velyn Avenue, Chichester, at the time of the attack, claimed he had been smoking cannabis hours before the assault and had no control over his actions.’ (30 Apr 2008)
    120. Teenager high on cannabis stabs girlfriend 32 times during bondage game after being wrongly told she had AIDS: ‘Edward Bell, 17, took the 15-year-old to a beauty spot where he persuaded her to take part in a mock bondage scene in which she would be blindfolded and hit with a stick while a friend filmed her on a mobile phone. Instead, he launched the 15-minute knife attack which left the schoolgirl with multiple wounds to the face, neck, back and hands and with two punctured lungs.’ (18 Apr 2008)
    121. Concerns over rise in cannabis and alcohol-fuelled violence: “Time and again we are getting cases where alcohol and cannabis seem to have resulted in violence. They just don’t seem to mix.” (5 Mar 2008)
    122. Police officer stabbed as he tried to stop violent knifeman: ‘During a trial the jury heard Kilavuz, who has been held in a secure mental hospital since his arrest, has been assessed by two psychiatrists who concluded at the time he was suffering from a severe psychotic illness. Kilavuz told doctors he believed smoking cannabis had caused his mental condition.’ (1 Feb 2008)
    123. Cowards who mugged woman locked up: ‘She was held down, searched, punched, kicked twice in the stomach and robbed. The trio who had been smoking cannabis then tried to sell her bike in Canton, Cardiff.’ (23 Apr 2007)
    124. Cannabis user jailed over attack: ‘The judge said if he had not been ill he would not have attacked Lisa Voice, 52, at her north London home last June. He said the illness was exacerbated by the defendant’s prolonged cannabis use. Thomas had smoked the drug from the age of 15 and had recently moved on to smoking skunk – a stronger strain of cannabis.’ (6 Feb 2006)
    125. Thug jailed for violent attacks: ‘Prosecuting Robin Patton told the court Masserick [the defendant] was a violent man with a history of violent crime. He said when Masserick moved in with his then partner and four-year-old child last year he started taking testosterone to build himself up at the gym. He tried to counter its effects on his personality with cannabis.’ (16 Dec 2005)
    126. File closed on attack that left young mother paralysed: ‘Detectives believe that 23-year-old Richard Cazaly knifed Mrs Witchalls, leaving her for dead, in a random act of drug-induced violence. His “psychotic” state was a result of his long-term abuse of cannabis and amphetamines, said Mark Rowley, the assistant chief constable of Surrey.’ (23 Nov 2005)
    127. Cannabis smoking leads to criminality, judge tells arsonist: “Those whose minds are steeped in cannabis are capable of quite extraordinary criminality.” (7 Oct 2005)
    128. Man responsible for ‘chilling’ robberies to be sentenced: ‘Defence counsel Ms Roisin Lacey BL (with Mr George Birmingham SC) earlier told Judge Matthews her client is a heroin addict who has been using cannabis since he was 12 years old.’ (11 May 2005)
    129. Cannabis abuse blamed for ‘very serious attack’: ‘Matthew Buswell, 23, was jailed for five years at Swindon Crown Court after a Christmas Eve attack in Trowbridge that left his victim with a vicious cut from his left ear to his chin.’ (15 Apr 2005)
    130. Life for drug attack maniac: ‘Wild tempered Colin Bell, today beginning a mandatory life sentence, snapped as he smoked cannabis at the house his victims were sharing in Park Villas, Leadgate, near Consett.’ (12 Dec 2001)

Do the victims in these cases not deserve an inquiry? If you agree with us that the government should investigate what role cannabis played in these and countless other violent crimes, please sign our parliamentary petition: