Violence, abuse and attempted murder

‘Cannabis f***** him up. He’s smoked it all his life.’
Brother of Joe Xuereb: Office worker fighting for life with mother after horrifying hammer attack

    1. Melksham man avoids jail after hitting newborn in face: ‘The court heard how Brimble has anger issues, often consumes too much alcohol and smokes cannabis.’ (Wiltshire Times, 28th February 2023)
    2. Violent Hull thug started smoking cannabis aged just nine: ‘A Hull man who has been smoking cannabis since he was nine assaulted his partner so badly she “looked like she had been dragged on the floor”.’ (Hull Daily Mail, 17th January 2023)
    3. Boy, 16, carried out knife-point robbery while ‘fuelled’ by cannabis and alcohol: ‘A 16-year-old high on alcohol and cannabis robbed a boy of his bike at knife-point after threatening to stab him, a court has heard. Corey Thomas brandished the weapon and demanded his victim empty his pockets before he took his cycle and made off.’ (Wales Online, 4th January 2023)
    4. Drug-user who thought he was Jesus Christ tried to murder flatmate in Limerick apartment: ‘The judge said Biber had started taking cannabis at 17 and attended addiction counselling for four years afterwards. At 24, Biber started taking cocaine and other stimulants that cause him to experience psychosis and auditory hallucinations for one to two days at a time.’ (Irish Examiner, 13th December 2022)
    5. Carer drank eight cans of Stella and smoked weed before beating 89-year-old gran: ‘Pavla Dolanska was a live-in carer for the elderly Doris Radford but has now been jailed after her ‘shocking and sickening’ attack on her. The 36-year-old attacked her on April 17, 2021 ‘in a haze of depression and anxiety’ after being left at breaking point during the Covid pandemic. But because of her drinking and drug taking she didn’t remember most of the evening, a court heard.’ (Daily Mirror, 23rd November 2022)
    6. Christopher Best attacked mum with fork after taking ketamine and smoking joints: ‘Christopher Best, 32, began his bloodthirsty attack after snorting Ketamine and smoking cannabis on May 29, this year, Best had watched TV and then fell asleep after telling his mother not to return home from her friend’s house until midnight as he wanted some time alone.’ (Yorkshire Examiner, 13th November 2022)
    7. Dad high on weed and monkey dust ‘tried to throw his daughter out of upstairs window’: ‘A dad has been jailed after “trying to throw his own daughter out of an upstairs window” while high on cannabis and phencyclidine – known as monkey dust.’ (Daily Mirror, 10th November 2022)
    8. Parents smoked cannabis while they left five children living in ‘vile’ home with mouldy food: ‘Two parents have been jailed after five children under 12 were found living in horrendous “squalor” in their home – with cannabis left in their reach. Lee Carnell, 32, and his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Lamb, 33, admitted a series of child cruelty offences.’ (Birmingham Mail, 22nd July 2022)
    9. Cannabis-fuelled attacker who ‘thought he was suffering a stroke’ kicked and lunged at paramedics: ‘Two paramedics from the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) attended and carried out checks. O’Rouke told the workers he had used cannabis one hour prior and consented to an electrocardiogram.’ (Teesside Live, 23rd June 2022)
    10. Parked car blew up after teenager set it on fire with deodorant and toilet roll in town centre: ‘CCTV operators spotted Fleming roaming the streets with a 16-year-old boy. Fleming was seen on CCTV setting the fire and the operators also saw the 16-year-old damaging a Nissan Micra on Morrison’s car park… Defending, Niamh McGinty told the court that Fleming has no previous convictions and is “terrified”. She described his home life as having been “turbulent” at the time of the incident and said that he was smoking cannabis to excess.’ (Manchester Evening News, 13th June 2022)
    11. Top Bradford judge issues warning over dangers of skunk cannabis: ‘He had previous convictions for supplying cannabis to friends, possession of cannabis, battery, racially aggravated common assault and resisting a police constable… He had developed a brain tumour when he was 18 and that had left him with epilepsy. He had suffered 15 seizures while in custody on remand and needed hospital treatment… Lancaster began smoking cannabis because it made him less anxious and that helped to prevent the seizures.’ (Telegraph & Argus, 31st May 2022)
    12. Sex offender jailed for threats to kill neighbour while armed with a knife: ‘Gda Gill said Phelan and his neighbour never had any “bad dealings” in the past and that he was “delusional” at the time. Phelan had smoked cannabis prior to the attack, the court heard.’ (Irish Independent, 23rd May 2022)
    13. Derbyshire attacker’s assaults on three victims led to four-hour police stand-off: ‘A Derbyshire man attacked his ex, her daughter and a man who tried to help them before barricading himself into a room and leading police on a four-hour stand-off. Derby Crown Court heard how Paul Smith “exploded” after downing beer, vodka and smoking cannabis. He then threw his former girlfriend out of her house, across her front garden and bit her daughter as she tried to intervene.’ (Derby Telegraph, 23rd May 2022)
    14. Terrifying moment ‘Terminator’ Tube attacker starts wild Underground machete attack as he swings blade at commuter he had never met is revealed as he is convicted of attempted murder: ‘Forensic psychologist Dr Frank Farnham said Morgan had a ‘troubled childhood’ having been taken into foster care between the ages of 12 and 16. Morgan told Dr Farnham that he first took cannabis when he was 12 and this increased his paranoia. He also had a history of cocaine use, taking crack from the age of 20. Dr Farnham said Morgan ‘probably has a personality disorder’, adding: ‘Heavy drinking, lockdown, isolation…are all important things that led to an acute mental crisis’, said Dr Farnham.’ (Daily Mail, 20th May 2022)
    15. The 16-year-old schoolboy who ruled ruthless crime gang behind shootings and firebomb attack: ‘Smoking cannabis was also at the heart of his early offending. A year later, having moved to Buckland Street, Aigburth, he was caught in Dingle with the drug and a black lock knife. In 2020, he was convicted of possessing cannabis and dangerous driving. He was placed on a Youth Rehabilitation Order, as the authorities tried to halt his descent into further criminality.’ (Birmingham Mail, 8th May 2022)
    16. The 19-year-old gangster who fled police in stolen Range Rover, crashed it through a brick wall and told cops: “I do admit I am stoned”: ‘A stoned gun thug smashed a stolen Range Rover through a brick wall and wrote off a woman’s car. Daniel Lawler, 19, joined 16-year-old gang boss Harry O’Brien in two ‘callous and cowardly’ shootings on an electric bike.’ (Manchester Evening News, 3rd May 2022)
    17. Shocking moment brawls break out between cannabis-smoking youngsters at Hyde Park’s 420 event as two women grapple on the floor and man is seen beating a woman while onlookers film chaos on their phones: ‘Two women were filmed brawling while a man was recorded beating a woman in Hyde Park as several fights broke out between cannabis-smoking youngsters at yesterday’s 420 event. Marijuana lovers unite for the Hyde Park rally every year on April 20 to demand the drug is decriminalised.’ (Daily Mail, 21st April 2022)
    18. Cruel woman blew cannabis smoke up dog’s nose – after her prisoner boyfriend asked her to: ‘A dog owner made her pet cough and groan after blowing cannabis smoke up his nose at the request of her prisoner boyfriend. Claire Anderson, from Hazel Grove, was banned from keeping animals for a decade by magistrates in Stockport today (April 14).’ (Manchester Evening News, 15th April 2022)
    19. Attempted robber grabbed terrified Durham University student by her throat and demanded money: ‘Fortunately, the attempted robbery was thwarted by two other passing students who heard the woman’s cries for help and bravely chased Pearce away. When arrested, the 30-year-old claimed that he’d smoked so much cannabis, his “evil side”, who he named “Geoff”, had taken over his body and that he had little recollection of it.’ (Chronicle Live, 1st April 2022) 
    20. Man accused of trying to murder cops at shopping centre was ‘paranoid from cannabis use’: ‘One of two men standing trial for the attempted murder of police officers at a Black Country shopping centre has told jurors that he was paranoid from cannabis use. Parminder Hunjan, 37, took to the stand at Wolverhampton Crown Court and told jurors he would stay inside his house for “two to three weeks” at a time and would sometimes bring his bag full of weapons for safety when he went out.’ (Birmingham Mail, 21st March 2022)
    21. Police hunt for violent boyfriend who hounded partner for drugs cash: ‘A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a dope-smoking domestic bully found guilty of assault and controlling behaviour. Keegan Symes, 25, subjected his on-off partner to a series of threats and violence at her home in Tiverton. He exploited her vulnerability when she was at a low point in her life, hounded her for money and refused to leave her flat. Symes would fly into a rage if he could not get money to buy cannabis or his Xbox was not working, Exeter Crown Court was told. He was arrested after a violent assault during which he put his hand around her mouth and nose to the point where she was struggling to breathe.’ (Devon Live, 15th March 2022)
    22. Mum thought she was going to die when violent ex flipped in sadistic attack: ‘Stubbs was unemployed but had qualifications in mechanics and bricklaying. He had smoked cannabis for some years.’ (Hull Daily Mail, 24th February 2022)
    23. Dad high on drugs bit ex-girlfriend and attacked her with a mallet: ‘Jason Whinnett drank brandy and smoked cannabis before going to the home of his partner’s brother and attacking them both. The 51-year-old also smashed up a coffee table and a TV during his attack on January 17 this year.’ (Liverpool Echo, 18th February 2022)
    24. Shocking footage shows knifeman attacking homeless men on random spree across Manchester city centre: ‘McLoughlin said he had been ‘chilling’ with friends and smoking cannabis prior to the stabbings, but claimed he was ‘sober as a judge’. Judge Timothy Smith said said McLoughlin embarked on “a short but vicious campaign of cruel, cold, calculated, and targeted violence against these five vulnerable men, a campaign that was as motiveless and mindless as it was malicious and malignant”.’ (Manchester Evening News, 28th January 2022)
    25. Manchester Arndale attack: Man who randomly assaulted five people in shopping centre with knife sentenced: ‘The court heard Chevelleau – a regular cannabis user – suffers from a schizophrenic illness which has been resistant to treatment. He was admitted to hospital in 2006 for a psychiatric illness, while his mother said he was diagnosed in prison with schizophrenia when he was 21.’ (Sky News, 17th January 2022)
    26. Jailed: Man who attacked girlfriend in cannabis-induced psychosis: ‘The man who stood trial for attacking his girlfriend with a cat scratcher and guitar whilst experiencing a psychotic episode has been acquitted of attempted murder. Junior Gbadamosi, of Lawrence Court on Haggerston’s De Beauvoir Estate, attacked Zarah Mamalai, and two of her neighbours – who stepped in to intervene after hearing her screams – on March 23.’ (Islington Gazette, 16th December 2021)
    27. University lecturer 1cm from death as knifeman plunged blade into back during random attack: ‘A schizophrenic knifeman stabbed a university lecturer in the back during a random attack before going on to plunge a knife into a young man with cerebral palsy while on bail. A judge at Sheffield Crown Court said experts got it “catastrophically wrong” having allowed Kasim Hussain to be released on bail and stabbing his second victim… Judge Kelson also fired a warning to those who smoke or consume cannabis as he alluded to the fact the origins of Hussain’s psychosis was from the drug. He said: “It’s about time the users of cannabis woke up to the fact many people suffer psychological harm from taking that drug.”’ (Yorkshire Live, 3rd November 2021)
    28. Bicycle thief attacked owner after he was traced to Leeds Kirkgate Market during a Facebook appeal: ‘Pitts was arrested in the market on September 2 after he threatened staff at Home restaurant. Members of staff asked him to move from outside the premises because of the smell from the cannabis joint he was smoking.’ (Yorkshire Evening Post, 21st October 2021)
    29. Family feud turns violent in Asda car park as man bites sister’s ex boyfriend on the ear: ‘The lawyer added: “He has stopped smoking cannabis, he’s stopped drinking and is behaving in a more restrained way as a result.” Mr Lennon said Douglas would find prison difficult because of his health and rehabilitation was more likely if he addressed the root cause of his offending.’ (Daily Record, 19th October 2021)
    30. Three recent cases involving assaults on police officers in Stroud: ‘Durn, aged 33, of Hilltop Close, Stroud, was ordered by the same court to pay a total of £385 in fines and compensation after he was found guilty of assaulting two police officers, criminal damage and driving under the influence of cannabis. He was caught driving by officers in Bisley Old Road, Stroud while under the influence of cannabis. During the incident, Durn then proceeded to assault the two officers, one male and one female, on March 4, 2019.’ (Stroud News & Journal, 1st October 2021)
    31. Woman punches and bites ear of Manchester Arena bombing survivor in pub attack: ‘A woman attacked a Manchester Arena bombing survivor and bit off part of her ear after punching her and dragging her to the ground. Amy Bruce was left permanently disfigured after the horrific attack at a pub in Gateshead. Amy and her friend Elizabeth Brown were waiting for a friend to come out the toilet to leave when patron Sophie Watson, then 19, grew paranoid that they were laughing at her, Newcastle Crown Court heard. Watson, who was intoxicated on alcohol and cannabis, marched over to the women and dragged Elizabeth down to the ground by her hair and started punching her, the court heard.’ (Daily Mirror, 27th September 2021)
    32. Thug jailed for violent bottle attack at Seaton Tesco: ‘Green had previously sent threatening texts to Mr Peters whose mother had previously been his landlord and had evicted him because of his bad behaviour. He was suffering from paranoia caused by his long-term abuse of cannabis at the time of the attack in February.’ (Devon Midweek Herald, 16th September 2021)
    33. Teenage thug randomly attacked ten boys on their way to school after relative told him he was being bullied: ‘Drink and drug fuelled Power had been drinking cider, and taking cocaine and cannabis the night before.’ (Manchester Evening News, 25th August 2021)
    34. Drug-fuelled Sheffield thug who battered his mother and poured scalding water on her in ‘brutal’ assault jailed for eight years: ‘Shaw, of Sheffield, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent and was sentenced to eight years in jail. Defending, Ian Goldsack said Shaw’s mental health had been deteriorating from substance misuse after he stopped smoking cannabis suddenly.’ (Yorkshire Post, 20th August 2021)
    35. Jealous thug told girlfriend he’d shoot and stab her – and ‘run her out of Manchester’: ‘The court heard that Benjamin has issues with alcohol and with drugs – which he started taking as an 11-year-old.’

      (Manchester Evening News, 17th August 2021)
    36. Drug gang ‘stole weed from gangsters and partied in Amsterdam’: “All those lads wanted to do was smoke weed and laze around. The only way of funding that without working was to sell drugs. That was the extent of their involvement really.” (Liverpool Echo, 9th August 2021)
    37. Man caused ‘significant gash’ to wife’s leg in attack: ‘Mr Walker said it appeared the defendant was, “in something of a mood”, and consumed strong cannabis and alcohol, before rowing prior to the incident on November 4.’ (Northern Echo, 6th August 2021)
    38. Thug stabbed boy, 19, twice ‘for no apparent reason’ after stealing £800 Canada Goose jacket: ‘He was arrested at his home address the next day and admitted in police interview to have been drinking and smoking cannabis during the incident.’ (My London, 6th August 2021)
    39. Burglar who crashed stolen car and then bit police officer jailed for three years: ‘Mr Hudson said Mason described himself as ‘feral’ after a hard upbringing in care. He said he had only recently made contact with his biological parents, but both died within a short time of each other. He had spent a long time being addicted to cannabis and cocaine.’ (Yorkshire Post, 4th August 2021)
    40. First picture of ‘dangerous’ thug who threatened to ‘cut girlfriend’s head off’ in vile attack: ‘Officers also searched his address and found about 40 cannabis plants in a top floor bedroom, which Sneideris said were for his own personal use.’ (My London, 2nd August 2021)
    41. Perth thug who attacked pregnant partner fled to Germany during payback order: “He hasn’t had a drink since last Christmas and only one smoke of cannabis in March, on his birthday.” (Daily Record, 13th July 2021)
    42. Scots cannabis addict launched child into radiator and attacked her: ‘A 31-year-old man who was found guilty of hurling a child onto a radiator was jailed for six months today. Cannabis addict Tristan Mitchell grabbed the nine-year-old girl by the arm and threw her at the heater before punching her on the leg.’ (Daily Record, 24th June 2021)
    43. ‘Kind and gentle’ vegan who ‘abhors violence’ attacked mum with knife after using ‘laced’ cannabis: ‘Manchester Crown Court heard that Holden would ‘occasionally indulge’ in cannabis. But it was accepted that the cannabis he used was likely ‘laced’ with a type of synthetic cannabinoid, such as Spice… Police found five bags of cannabis in his bedroom weighing 5.64g, and toxicology reports confirmed he had used cannabis. Holden had only one previous conviction from 1997, for drink driving. Defending, Philip Clemo described him as a ‘kind and gentle’ person, who has volunteered for the Scouts. “He is never going to take cannabis again, because he has just had the worst year of his life,” Mr Clemo said.’ (Manchester Evening News, 22nd June 2021)
    44. Man jailed for psychotic rampage in County Durham street: ‘The court heard that Hall had previously been sectioned and admitted himself to a mental health unit, but since his last hospital stay in 2002 had controlled his schizophrenia with a combination of antidepressants and anti-psychotic drugs. However, in the lead up to the incidents he had stopped taking his tablets and began smoking cannabis.’ (Northern Echo, 20th June 2021)
    45. Serial abuser ‘on spice’ wiped child’s face in mother’s blood during violent assault: ‘In a statement, his victim told of how she met him on a dating app her new life with him had been “idyllic”. She added that she was aware that he smoked cannabis but had no concerns. It was said that on 18 March, Bauld became “a bit of a zombie” after smoking what his victim believed was cannabidiol (CBD) oil in his vape device. He was using the vape in the early hours of the morning.’ (Wiltshire Today, 8th June 2021)
    46. Family photograph in park captures terrifying knife attacker in background: ‘Police later saw Howe in the park with a cannabis joint, and the 33-year-old ran from officers, even wading through a river to avoid them.'(Manchester Evening News, 4th June 2021)
    47. Drug dealer from Hythe jailed after punching and kicking man in Folkestone: ‘A vicious drug dealer was caught after subjecting a victim to a sustained beating in front of CCTV. Jordan Parks and an accomplice punched and kicked the man after ambushing him outside Folkestone Central Station at night… Paul Hogben, mitigating, argued the text messages were “almost exclusively concerned with the selling of cannabis” rather than Class A drugs. He added Parks, of Dymchurch Road in Hythe, picked up a cannabis addiction after being furloughed from his job working in events when the pandemic hit.’ (Kent Online, 3rd June 2021)
    48. North Yorkshire Police officer who suffered blood clots on his lungs and fractured knee after being mowed down by drug dealer in Harrogate may never return to full duty, court hears: “At this point the defendant started to pull out the parking bay. PC Lister walked around the back of the vehicle and shouted loudly and presented himself as a police officer while PC Bell was close enough to the car to smell cannabis. The defendant suddenly accelerated and the defendant’s vehicle headed towards the gap. PC Lister thought the gap was too small for the car to get through and his leg was hit by the bumper of the vehicle and he was thrown up into the air and on the bonnet of the Vauxhall before hitting the floor.” (Yorkshire Post, 18th May 2021)
    49. Man high on magic mushrooms used blowtorch to burn face of boy (2) as he sat in his buggy: ‘Mr Monahan said Brennan was diagnosed with autism when he was a child and Asperger’s Syndrome when he was a teenager. He started using cannabis which may have led to him developing schizophrenia.’ (Irish Independent, 18th May 2021)
    50. Cruel gang blow cannabis smoke at partly-blind hedgehog – before throwing it into a river in Harborough: ‘A cruel gang blew cannabis smoke into a bag with a partly-blind hedgehog in it – before throwing the poor animal into a river in Market Harborough. The boys are now being hunted by the RSPCA after the shocking incident – which they branded “horrific and callous”.’ (Harborough Mail, 30th April 2021)
    51. Sunderland thug tried to murder boyhood pal in ‘sickening’ stamp attack: “It’s a quite extraordinary set of events given he has nothing on his record for violence, just for cannabis, which is usually associated with peaceful activities.” (Chronicle Live, 26th April 2021)
    52. Mold man jailed after cutting victim to the bone in machete attack: ‘A MOLD man who cut his victim to the bone in a machete attack had been “smoking huge amounts of cannabis,” a court heard.’ (Leader, 26th April 2021)
    53. Cork man stabbed flatmate who he believed was going to kill him: “There had been some drinking. Eamonn Cournane said he had two cannabis joints that night. He said he went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and he heard a conversation between the injured party and another resident – there were four people in the apartment that night – and he said he heard the injured party saying that he (Cournane) was going to be killed.” (Irish Examiner, 15th April 2021)
    54. Jury convicts cannabis smoker of GBH after OAP attack: ‘Aaran Draper, 31, told the jury he’d swung the broom at his 69-year-old neighbour to try at get him away from their garden fence. The pensioner had thrown dog biscuits, bird seed and a piece of wood after complaining of the younger man’s cannabis use.’ (Swindon Advertiser, 15th April 2021)
    55. Bailed burglar went on ‘one-man crime spree’: ‘[A] week later he went on a shoplifting spree, during which he assaulted two store staff, causing minor injury, took a woman’s car while under the influence of cannabis and when arrested also attacked a police officer, kicking him twice in the shins.’ (Northern Echo, 10th April 2021)
    56. Sobbing gunman who shot a stranger in the chest reveals he smokes weed every day to block out anger over his ‘chaotic childhood’ in ‘devastating’ 24 Hours in Police Custody case: ‘After being arrested, it was revealed McCann, who had an extensive history of offences, began smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol at the age of eight.’ (Daily Mail, 30th March 2021)
    57. Gateshead dad smashed up mum’s home and then scrawled offensive message in blood on police cell wall: ‘Two days later, he headbutted his cell wall at Newcastle’s Forth Banks police station until he bled. The daily cannabis smoker then wrote the words, “Fat c***”, magistrates in South Tyneside heard.’ (Chronicle Live, 17th March 2021)
    58. Assault case hears man believed he could escape fires of hell through portal in Cork college: ‘In a similar hearing at Cork Circuit Criminal Court in respect of other break-ins at the art building, Dr Ronan Mullaney’s psychiatric report showed that the defendant suffered from severe schizophrenia, complicated by a history of cannabis use resulting in bizarre persecutory feelings.’ (Irish Examiner, 13th March 2021)
    59. Man stabs girlfriend then refuses to call ambulance: ‘On the evening of August 14, 2020 they were drinking and Ako-Parker was smoking cannabis. Miss Adeleye said she wanted to end the relationship and started packing a bag, but Ako-Parker became violent.’ (Liverpool Echo, 9th March 2021) 
    60. Blood spattered up the walls as man attacked partner and aunt who tried to defend her: ‘A woman was left with broken ribs and a punctured lung after going to the aid of her niece who was being attacked by a partner, a court has heard. Lee James William Smith says he can remember little of what happened having smoked cannabis and drunk half a pint of vodka. Sending him to prison a judge noted he has a history of violence against woman and described him as a “coward and a bully”.’ (Wales Online, 4th March 2021)
    61. Women left man covered in blood in brutal attack with hammer and scissors: ‘TWO women who carried out a violent, sustained attack using a hammer and scissors – which left their victim covered in blood – have been jailed. Christina Youll and Amanda Donoghue launched the vicious assault after a simmering feud erupted into extreme violence. The friends had spent the evening drinking and smoking cannabis at a house party in Middlesbrough when a neighbour arrived to join in the fun.’ (Northern Echo, 4th March 2021)
    62. Dad causes glass to rain down on his baby in rage over weed: “The victim says Mr Pearce is dependent on cannabis and smokes it every day and if he can’t get any he becomes very angry.” (Bristol Post, 18th Feb. 2021)
    63. UberEats driver held hostage, stripped naked and beaten for 12 hours – all for £20: ‘After seemingly enjoying a night of smoking cannabis and listening to music, the men turned on him, demanding £20 whilst holding a bullet and realistic-looking toy gun to his face.’ (Manchester Evening News, 5th February 2021)
    64. Cannabis addict obsessed with serial killings who stabbed two elderly women jailed: “This is a chilling case, in which you Jayden Hayes brought terror to the Oldham area and a case which demonstrates the effect that cannabis can have on a person’s mental health causing in you a psychosis which rendered you dangerous in the extreme. During this period you indulged in an obsession in stabbings and serial killing by making searches on the internet.” (Kidderminster Shuttle, 8th Jan. 2021)
    65. Cannabis turned my lovely boyfriend into a violent monster: ‘A Hull mum whose partner broke her daughter’s arm has told how cannabis turned him into a violent monster. The woman feared for her life as her partner attacked her and her two-year-old daughter “out of the blue”.’ (Hull Daily Mail, 21st Dec. 2020)
    66. Thugs stamped on unconscious man’s head and testicles in ‘savage’ street attack: ‘Jamie Crake and Leigh Glave repeatedly kicked and stamped on their victim after taking him to the floor, and threatened him with a knife. They then took him mobile phones and cash, and casually walked off.’ (Wales Online, 14th Dec. 2020)
      “Then one day he was playing his Playstation and he had a panic attack and started to think he was going to die. I would take him to the hospital but he started using cannabis and things got worse. He then began committing crimes.” (Wales Online)
    67. Bodybuilder killed cat after it ate his cannabis in Cornwall: ‘A cat killer who stabbed his pet to death after it ate his stash of cannabis has had his appeal against a lifetime ban on owning animals dismissed.’ (Falmouth Packet, 30th Nov. 2020)
    68. Man ‘ordered to surrender’ after being sentenced for North Belfast stabbing: ‘Branding Taylor as a man with “myriad of mental health issues”, the Judge said these issues stemmed from a very serious attack he sustained when he was 18 which left him with a serious back injury – and a consequent addiction to cannabis which he used to alleviate his pain.’ (Belfast Live, 21st October 2020)
    69. Man told 999 operator ‘I’ve smashed her head in’ after beating wife: “So far as long term relationships, they have been hampered to probably a greater extent by your drug abuse – most recently cannabis and cocaine abuse.” (Liverpool Echo, 25th Sep. 2020)
    70. Downfall of talented Hull band member who ‘brought shame upon family’: ‘A talented young musician has “brought shame upon his family” after attacking a man with a baseball bat and a knife in a jealous rage… Prosecuting barrister Georgina Goring told the court Clark bit his girlfriend on the cheek on one occasion and caused bruising after dragging her by the arm in another… “Most of his actions were due to his abuse of cannabis and alcohol.”’ (Hull Live, 6th Sep. 2020)
    71. Bridgeman: Roller-skating attacker detained over stabbings: ‘The 38-year-old stabbed three men and a police officer with a kitchen knife in Knowle, Bristol, on 25 February… The court was told he had a history of obsessive compulsive disorder since he was 15 and had used cannabis and LSD to try to control his social anxiety. He had stopped using cannabis a week before the attack, telling his psychiatrist the day before that he believed his family “were going to be… killed by aliens” and he “was going to be taken away to be sacrificed”.’ (BBC News, 3rd Sep. 2020)
    72. Jail for man who stabbed ‘cannabis dealer’ in Toothill: ‘Since being sent to prison for dealing drugs, the father-of-two had for the first time in his life started to take advantage of the help he was being offered in jail. He was clean of drugs, had completed a qualification in waste management and was an enhanced prisoner.’ (Swindon Advertiser, 27th Aug. 2020)
    73. Man who attacked a police officer with metal pole was ‘on phone to God’ : ‘Ms Cornwall said: “They tried to engage with the defendant who said he was on the phone to God.” He had drawn over himself in marker pen and there was a strong smell of cannabis, the court heard.’ (Liverpool Echo, 21st Aug. 2o20)
    74. Police spat at, pelted with objects, and threatened with power drill during hour-long standoff: ‘Just weeks after this incident Cadwell ended up grappling with police in a Premier Inn hotel after officers had called by staff [sic] over concerns about a resident’s cannabis use. The incident saw him grabbing and squeezing a policeman’s testicles as they brawled on the floor, forcing the officer to punch him in the face to make him let go of his privates.’ (Wales Online, 19th August, 2020)
    75. Hammer-wielding naked man covered in blood terrorised neighbour in ‘revenge’ attack: “You’d been drinking after a period of not drinking. It explains the explosion of conduct that followed. It was a prolonged affray with shouts of threats that you would kill him. You used your fist to break one of his windows and you sustained a serious injury. You set fire to a doormat. I’m told the cannabis was for your own consumption – it’s not a benign drug and people at risk of mental ill health may tip themselves into active mental illness by abusing cannabis. You may be doing yourself real harm rather than helping yourself.” (Leicestershire Live, 2nd Aug. 2020)
    76. Life sentence for attack by 22-year-old with strangulation obsession: ‘At the end of the session, the 22-year-old’s demeanour switched from “controlled and expressionless” as he launched at the woman and dragged her to the floor, punching her repeatedly and gripping her round the throat… The court heard that Howes was out of prison on an extended licence when the attack happened on January 3 – and had been recalled to jail once already for smoking cannabis.’ (East Anglian Daily Times, 2nd July, 2020)
    77. Man who attempted to murder teen in hiking spot assaulted prisoner with hot kettle, court hears: ‘In July 2018, Michael Corbett (30) was released from a nine-year prison sentence for the attempted murder, having served less than three years, on condition that he live with his mother. The final six years of his sentence were suspended because he was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the attack… Probation officer Elaine Kavanagh told Mr Foley that Corbett had been in the general population in Mountjoy Prison, which she said was a good thing as he was taking responsibility for his own behaviour. However, by last October he had been smoking cannabis and assaulted another prisoner with a hot kettle so was moved to the High Support Unit (HSU) in the prison, she said.’ (Irish Examiner, 30th June, 2020)
    78. Man admits attack on paramedic who treated him in ambulance in Oxford: ‘Nicholson went on to accept that he had been smoking cannabis before the assault.’ (Oxford Mail, 24th June, 2020)
    79. Thug who plunged knife into man’s back jailed again for stashing cannabis in undies: ‘Today Liverpool Crown Court heard Rigby had been found with a total of 25 wraps of cannabis, snap bags and weighing scales – but claimed the drugs were for his own personal consumption.’ (Liverpool Echo, 10th June 2020)
    80. Partner stabbed in face by drunken girlfriend as she shouted ‘I’ll f***ing kill you’: ‘The violent argument erupted after 25-year-old Cooper and her partner had spent they day drinking before returning home and smoking cannabis on April 25.’ (Northern Echo, 4th June, 2020)
    81. Man took his mother’s car after she refused him drug money: ‘Neil Bennett, mitigating, said Bloomfield knows his behaviour to his mother was “inexcusable”, while his driving was, “clearly reckless”, and it was only fortunate that no-one was injured. Mr Bennett said Bloomfield began taking cannabis at the age of 20 and it led to him losing his job as an hgv mechanic.’ (Northern Echo, 3rd June, 2020)
    82. Thug jailed for stamping and spitting on woman in Basildon: ‘Octavian Petre had been drinking and smoking cannabis before having an argument with the 33-year-old woman, which then escalated into violence in Southernhay, Basildon. She managed to flee her home and knocked on a neighbour’s door for help. However, the 33-year-old followed her, dragged her to the floor and stamped on her. He continued to punch and kick and spit on her.’ (Braintree & Witham Times, 20th May, 2020)
    83. Cocaine and cannabis crazed dad slashed and stabbed girlfriend then said ‘I’m sorry’: ‘Lee Jones woke up after a drugs bender convinced that people were trying to kill him and his partner Jennifer Ward. The 47-year-old went downstairs, grabbed a kitchen knife and cut her neck, chest, stomach and leg in a frenzy.’ (Liverpool Echo, 24th April 2020)
    84. Stabbing victim needed life-saving op after being knifed in stomach by lover: ‘An angry man subjected his partner to a prolonged attack before stabbing him in the stomach, causing part of his bowel to be exposed… The judge said the defendant drank alcohol and smoked cannabis prior to the attack.’ (Leicestershire Live, 24th April, 2020)
    85. Bevendean Crescent stabbing: Finley Apps jailed for attack: ‘AN “ANGRY and jealous” teenager stabbed a love rival at a house party while high on cannabis. Finley Apps was so enraged at being dumped that he took a knife to a party at Bevendean Crescent, where he knew his ex-girlfriend would be.’ (Argus, 17th April, 2020)
    86. Belfast student accused of assaulting his mum after she found him smoking cannabis: ‘Jack Bradley is also accused of smashing a pane of glass when he was locked out of their east Belfast home in the middle of the night.’ (Belfast Telegraph, 31st March 2020)
    87. Violent homeless teen chased victim before vicious knife attack: “He has been smoking cannabis since the age of 12 and was kicked out of home when he was 16. At the time of the offence he was sleeping in doorways.” (Derby Telegraph, 20th March 2020)
    88. Mum who suffered brain injury in attack by son asks judge not to jail him: ‘Darren Shephard attacked his mother Gillian, 66, when he visited her at her home in Acacia Avenue, Staple Hill. Bristol Crown Court heard she sustained a minor trauma brain injury, a 3cm laceration to her forehead, swelling to her collar bone and a fracture in her arm. Shephard, 35, of Jamaica Street in Kingsdown, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH) after the incident on October 15, 2019. The court heard he suffers from psychosis and depression after long-term alcohol and cannabis use.’ (Bristol Post, 12th March 2020)
    89. Man who once smashed into ex-girlfriend’s home after cocaine and brandy binge now on the run: ‘Then 25, he forced his way inside her Litherland property and got embroiled in a violent struggle with his former partner, in front of his 10-month-old child. It followed Gilbertson going on a huge bender with a friend during which they consumed four bottles of brandy, snorted eight bags of cocaine and smoked three bags of cannabis.‘ (Liverpool Echo, 10th March 2020)
    90. Cannabis addict who stabbed five people did it to stop voices in his head, court hears as attempted murder charges against him are dropped: ‘A deranged knifeman who stabbed five people in a four-day rampage told doctors he was smoking cannabis every day to help him manage voices in his head, a court heard. Jason Kakaire, 30, knifed four men and a woman in a horrific spree of violence in Edmonton, north London.’ (Daily Mail, 4th March 2020)
    91. Police officer injured in struggle with Accrington cannabis smoker: ‘Blackburn magistrates heard Sadakat Ali ran off when the officer approached and struggled violently when the officer took hold of him and said he was going to conduct a drug search. The court was told Ali was suspected of having been involved in a drugs transaction but Graeme Parkinson, defending, said his client was adamant he had been smoking a joint and “chilling” and nothing more. Ali, 20, of Lister Street, Accrington, pleaded guilty to assaulting an emergency worker acting in the execution of his duty. He was jailed for six weeks and ordered to pay £120 compensation.’ (This is Lancashire, 29th Feb. 2020)
    92. Son bites and beats up bedridden mother in horror attack: ‘The 49-year-old alcoholic admitted drinking a bottle of vodka and smoking cannabis before launching the attack.’ (Express & Star, 18th Feb., 2020)
    93. Arsonist told family ‘yeah, so what?’ after setting fire to uncle’s flat: ‘The judge noted that a psychiatric assessment had diagnosed Catterall as having “unstable personality traits”, but he said these were no doubt “aggravated by your consumption of cannabis and by your consumption of alcohol”.’ (Liverpool Echo, 17th Feb. 2020)
    94. Teen’s attack outside Timepiece nightclub left victim ‘a changed man’: ‘His attacker, who cannot be named due to his age, said he was eight out of ten drunk at the time. He appeared visibly upset as CCTV of the brutal assault was played to the court. He apologised to the victim, as did his mum, who accompanied him to court…He told the court he had been mixing with the wrong crowd at the time of the assault and was in a toxic relationship. He also smoked too much cannabis and took too many drugs but was putting all that behind him.’ (Devon Live, 13th Feb. 2020)
    95. Teen high on ketamine stabbed good Samaritan in head in sickening street attack: ‘A teenager used a dagger-type knife in his clenched fist to repeatedly stab a good Samaritan in the head hours after a Merseyside derby. Wayne Lee, 19, was high on cannabis and ketamine as he and a group of friends scoured Liverpool city centre looking for violence.’ (Liverpool Echo, 3rd Feb. 2020)
    96. Racist thug punched police officer in the face after cops intervened in furious bust-up between him and his mum: ‘Brian Lawrence, 28, had been drinking vodka and smoking cannabis before the ‘disgraceful’ attack. He punched one officer, spat at another and called a PC a ‘P**i, Muslim c**t’.’ (3rd Feb. 2020)
    97. Burglar Steven Crow choked his pregnant partner on day her dad died: ‘Steven Crow, 39, had been smoking cannabis and attacked his partner after she became upset because she could not get to Newcastle to see her family.’ (27th Jan. 2020)
    98. Stuart Outten latest: Handyman found not guilty of trying to kill police officer with machete in east London: ‘Giving evidence, Rodwan admitted smoking cannabis earlier in the day and conceded he was angry with police “because I’m always being stopped”.’ (24th Jan. 2020)
    99. Leeds domestic abuse victim climbed out of window to escape ‘savage’ boyfriend who bit her face in drug-fuelled rage: ‘Gaetano Diclemente was jailed for four-and-a-half years after a judge described him as a “bully” and a “coward” over his campaign of violence towards his girlfriend. Leeds Crown Court heard the 51-year-old subjected the woman to horrific beatings at their home in Leeds after he smoked cannabis.’ (22nd Jan. 2020)
    100. Bristol man strangled woman in front of 15-year-old boy: ‘District Judge Lynne Matthews suggested Norris take up running and stop using cannabis as she handed him a two-year community order today (January 13) at Bristol Magistrates’ Court.’ (13th Jan 2020)
    101. Drug dealer barged police officer to the ground in the Bearpit: ‘The court heard Moffett had struggled with cannabis addiction and realized he needed to be occupied to avoid that pursuit.’ (Bristol Post, 4th Jan. 2020)
    102. East Hull dad with 108 convictions sobs as he is locked up for Christmas: ‘At the time of the crime on November 15, Herring was driving a van without a licence or insurance and was blocking the road, which meant his victim was unable to get past in his car. But instead of calmly dealing with the situation, Herring, a habitual cannabis user, swore at and verbally abused the victim and then brandished an axe, also telling the victim that he would burn his house down.’ (22nd Dec 2019)
    103. Police ’round up’ group of 30 yobs smoking cannabis and throwing missiles at Altrincham Interchange: ‘The yobs were reported to be smoking cannabis and throwing items at Metrolink trams, buses and trains.’ (Manchester Evening News, 15th Dec. 2019)
    104. ‘A man grabbed me as I walked my dog, pulled and punched me screaming into nettles and tried to rape me’: ‘Judge Rees said culpability was “notoriously difficult to assess” in such a case and noted he was affected by alcohol and cannabis dependency and diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.’ (Wales Online, 1st Dec. 2019)
    105. Birmingham mosque attacks: Shia Muslim jailed: ‘Prosecutor Tom Walkling said the defendant had been drinking alcohol to celebrate the Iranian new year on the eve of the attacks and that he had a history of mental issues linked to cannabis use.’ (BBC News, 28th Nov. 2019)
    106. Teenager stabbed fellow school pupil in Wrexham in row over cannabis: ‘The judge said it was a feature of the case that the boy who wielded the knife was addicted to cannabis use and pre-sentence reports revealed he was still using the controlled drug.’ (Leader Live, 24th Oct. 2019)
    107. Cannabis-smoking Burnley mum launched “unprovoked” drunken attack on innocent woman then bragged on Facebook: ‘The 28-year-old defendant, who has a young child, was said to smoke cannabis throughout the day as it helps to keep her calm. A probation officer who interviewed her continued: “She says using cannabis helps her feel normal and keeps her bad moods under control”.’ (24th Oct 2019)
    108. Jailed: Bethnal Green man who jumped from top floor of Westfield Stratford City and paralysed woman he landed on: ‘Amsumana Sillah Trawally, of Parmiter Street, was sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court today (Friday, October 18) after admitting grievous bodily harm. The court heard that the 25-year-old spent around four and a half hours choosing where to jump over the barrier on October 17 last year. At around 4pm, he fell to the ground floor and onto Grace Spence Green, 22, who was in the final stages of her training to become a doctor. Judge Paul Southern told the court that Ms Green suffered “catastrophic” injuries, including a fractured spine, and is confined to a wheelchair…The court was told a medical report was commissioned by Trawally’s legal representatives, where a doctor found that it was highly likely that Trawally was under the influence of an illicit substance – possibly cannabis, which he tested positive to in hospital.’ (18th Oct 2019)
    109. Hijacker jailed after trying to bite 2 kids and attacking jogger: ‘Swiatoslaw Jaroszynski (34) was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder at the time after an armed robbery in the shop where he worked. He had also taken two kinds of medication for back pain along with cannabis, and said he did not remember the events.’ (Irish Independent, 16th Oct. 2019)
    110. 24 years for machete madmen: ‘Two masked intruders have been caged or 24 years after butchering a couple with machetes before turning the blades on a toddler. Brian Brooks and Josh McIntyre, both 26, wore forensics suits as they forced their way into a house in Paisley’s Ferguslie Park… James Keegan QC, for McIntyre, said evidence showed there was a previous altercation at his home. He said the father-of-two was assessed as posing a high risk of causing harm, but adhered to the position he took at trial to denying involvement. Mr Keegan said: “He has been beset with mental health issues for some time. It appears he has recognised at east [sic] some of the issues related to cannabis misuse and and [sic] he stopped using cannabis.”’ (Daily Record, 12th Oct. 2019)
    111. Voodoo worshipper on skunk who stabbed his fiance in the head blamed ‘a spell’: ‘Cannabis user Andrew Hunye, 33, almost killed Tessie Adeyemi when he attacked her with a kitchen knife after he had been smoking skunk at the couple’s home in Chadwell Heath, east London.’ (28th Sep 2019)
    112. Twisted arsonist found under bed after setting house on fire brands it ‘best game of hide and seek ever’: “The defendant has been taking drugs from an extremely early age, being introduced to cannabis when she was four. She witnessed domestic violence at home.” (20th Sep 2019)
    113. Twisted ‘loner’ student Tendai Muswere who made guns with 3D printer jailed in UK first: ‘Police had searched his home in 2017 and last year, discovering 3D printers and firearms components, as well as cannabis…The court heard Muswere suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and had regularly smoked cannabis, saying it was to help with his anxiety.’ (19th Sep 2019)
    114. Dundee man who smashed glass over head of partner’s brother on Christmas Day jailed: ‘Peter Calame-Mascoll, 23, admitted attacking Josiah Herd at a property on St Mary’s Road last year. The pair argued after Calame-Mascoll was seen smoking cannabis in the back garden.’ (11th Sep 2019)
    115. Vincent Fuller: White supremacist car park stabbing ‘terrorist act’: ‘After the attack he tested positive for cannabis and alcohol and told detectives he had drunk a large bottle of cider and three cans of strong Special Brew lager.’ (10th Sep 2019)
    116. Horrified library users caught up in knife fight between druggie and dealer over ‘substandard cannabis’: ‘A west Hull man was so annoyed that his cannabis was of a “substandard” quality he had a knife fight with his drug dealer. Jonathon Skinner, 40, waved his combat knife high in the air in front of horrified library users before becoming embroiled in a nasty fight with his dealer on August 2 this year.’ (3rd Sep 2019)
    117. Residents raised fears over killer McIntosh, months before attack on Dundee woman Linda: “People were very worried – McIntosh was behaving in a very strange way that was drawing attention – including smoking cannabis in the garden at 4am.” (23rd Aug 2019)
    118. ‘I will kill you all’ – what Sheffield machete attacker yelled inside McDonald’s as people fled in terror: ‘He [Errol Ballentyne, defending] said the defendant had come to the UK with his father and was ‘doing well’ until he fell in with the wrong crowd and started taking cannabis and then spice.’ (23rd Aug 2019)
    119. Baby found to have heroin, crack cocaine, cannabis and psychoactive drugs in his system after suffering heart attack at house in Leeds: ‘The mother, aged in her 20s, admitted to police that she used cannabis and cocaine but denied being a user of heroin or crack cocaine.’ (21st Aug 2019)
    120. Violent Wrexham couple jailed after late night brawl in McDonald’s: ‘A fight then quickly broke out as Brown tried to hit the victim again with her shoe before she could be seen lifting up a safety cone and hitting one of the males as well as throwing numerous punches and kicks, jumping on the back of one of the men and even pulling the hair of the victim as he nursed his wound…“She has reacted by completely changing her lifestyle and does not drink apart from watered down cocktails on holiday.” Interrupting Mr Wilson, Judge Rowlands said: “You do not address that by smoking cannabis and drinking to access” [sic].’ (20th Aug 2019)
    121. Thug tells ex he’s a “lovely person” after kicking her new boyfriend in the head while he played with their baby: ‘A university drop-out with ‘cannabis induced psychosis’ kicked his ex-girlfriend’s new partner in the head as he played with two babies. Connor Mutch, 22, had already been behaving bizarrely that day, asking for a ‘straightener’ with his ex’s dad and spelling out his initials with bricks outside her sister’s house.’ (20th Aug 2019)
    122. Man jailed after leaving girlfriend for dead in Camden Road hotel – because he ‘thought dead friend was communicating with her’: ‘The judge accepted Bokwa had suffered a pyschotic [sic] episode either during the attack or in its immediate aftermath. A former student at City Academy, Hackney, he had been “smoking cannabis and drinking brandy” to excess in the weeks between his friend’s murder and the attack on Ms Albano. But despite smoking in the hotel bathroom, he had not been incapacitated by drink or drugs on the night in question, the court heard. Although Bokwa did not give evidence, he had told a member of staff at the John Howard secure unit – where he was held for a number of months after being sectioned following his arrest – that he had “believed his dead friend was communicating with her” and that Ms Albano was “possessed by the devil”. (20th Aug 2019)
    123. Cannabis row led to Dundee man having glass smashed over head on Christmas Day: ‘It was revealed the pair got into a heated argument after Calame-Mascoll was seen smoking cannabis in the back garden.’ (Dundee Evening Telegraph, 16th August 2019)
    124. ‘Carnage’ at cricket ground as youths with knives, spades and baseball bat attack players: ‘Witnesses said the teenagers had been drinking and smoking cannabis.’ (4th Aug 2019)
    125. Kieran Tutt, repeatedly stabbed brother in the face and body with commando blade while suffering cannabis psychosis: ‘A man who repeatedly stabbed his brother’s face and body heard voices after smoking cannabis, a court heard. Kieran Tutt, 22, was jailed for eight years after plunging the commando style blade six times into Cameron Goldsmith in a back alley near Ramsgate’s Ellington Park. Suffering from cannabis psychosis at the time of the attack, Tutt shouted “life would be better without you” and then tried choking his brother.’ (Kent Online, 27th July 2019)
    126. Party man jailed for putting knife to Exeter guest’s throat: ‘Leon Davies was drinking and smoking cannabis with a group of friends in Exeter but became violent when they called it a night and started to leave’. (Devon Live, 23rd July 2019)
    127. Violent husband slashed wife from mouth to ear with Rambo-style knife as they watched TV: ‘Adrian Sword attacked his partner of 32 years after an argument broke out over cannabis, while the couple watched TV, in their Wirral home.’ (Liverpool Echo, 17th July 2019)
    128. Terrified mum whispered ‘help me’ to 999 call handler after partner brutally attacked and threatened to kill her: ‘Prosecuting, Michele Stuart-Lofthouse told the court the woman lived on Gilbey Road with her two-year-old daughter, who was asleep during the violent attack. She said Russell began shouting at his girlfriend accusing her of smoking his spliff.’ (16th July 2019)
    129. Man jailed for alcohol and drug-fuelled knife attack on partner and two others: ‘The three men were drinking at the Dublin home of Mubango’s partner, while she was in bed sleeping with their baby. Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that paramedics arrived to find the victim, Ashley Ncube, eviscerated, with multiple loops of bowel and intestines protruding from his stomach…The court heard that the three men were consuming drinking, smoking cannabis and taking cocaine in the apartment. Mubango became paranoid and at one point began asking one of the men if he had tried to sleep with his partner.’ (15th July 2019)
    130. DAD’S AGONY Dad of stabbed private schoolboy, 17, yells ‘f*** you you b******’ and collapses after teen CLEARED of murder and manslaughter: ‘So it was that in the early afternoon of 2 March 2019 you two and Yousef Makki cycled into the Booths car park at Hale. You D1 are seen smoking a spliff as you arrive. By your own admission you had more cannabis in your bag. We know from the toxicology evidence that following the stabbing both you and Yousef each had the products of cannabis and the benzodiazepine alzalopram (xanax) in your bloodstream. We also know, by your own admission, that you D2 also smoked cannabis that afternoon. We will never know the precise amount of cannabis constituents in your bloodstream as your blood was never tested. It was also you D2 who arranged the ill-fated drug deal for you to purchase cannabis from your drug supplier that afternoon.’ (12th July 2019)
    131. Assault victim forced to clean up broken glass – from the window she smashed to escape her attacker: ‘In interview Wood, of Bradford Road, admitted that he’d been drinking and smoked some cannabis.’ (Yorkshire Live, 10th July 2019)
    132. Teen attacked girlfriend after drink, cocaine, ketamine and cannabis binge: “He became aggressive, grabbed her hair by both hands, pulled her from one side of the room to the other.” (Bristol Post, 10th July 2019)
    133. Sick thugs who traumatised pregnant teenager in Harlesden home and forced her to drink detergent jailed: ‘Harief Pearson, 22, his cousin Kydie McKenna, 22, and their 16-year-old accomplice attacked the young victim and kept her hostage for a number of hours in an attempt to abort her unborn baby… On December 12, she [the victim] arrived at his Harlesden home to find Pearson with the unnamed defendant and the three stayed up late watching TV, smoking cannabis before they went to sleep.’ (6th July 2019)
    134. Woman banned from entering Harlow after biting police officer: ‘Morrell Elliot, 21, was in the Travelodge hotel in Edinburgh Gate on Sunday, June 2 when staff reported her to the police for arguing with a man and smoking cannabis in one of the rooms.’ (5th July 2019)
    135. Cops hunting violent mental health patient who escaped London hospital: ‘Aaron Moore, 31, got loose from mental health unit staff while being escorted to North Middlesex Hospital, Enfield, in north London. He has not been taking his medication and could be using public transport frequently, cops warn.  Moore is a paranoid schizophrenic with a history of violence, who has previously attacked a doctor caring for him. He is known to smoke cannabis which increases his risk of psychosis and unpredictable behaviour.’ (4th July 2019)
    136. Yob ordered pizza then cracked takeaway driver’s skull for ringing his doorbell: ‘Daniel Lindsay, 17, broke a pizza delivery driver’s skull because he claimed he rang his front door bell too late at night. He went on the run and booked into a hotel, but twice knifed the manager when told to leave for smoking cannabis.’ (25th June 2019)
    137. Man stabbed childhood friend at work after offering straightener on Instagram: ‘A cannabis-addled man stabbed his childhood friend at work after offering him a straightener on Instagram. Joseph Cummins, 24, fell out with Kyle Stapleton and had not seen or spoken to him for around four or five years. But when he found out Mr Stapleton had told their mutual friend Thys Jackson that he was “bad news” he was livid… Mr Rawson [defending] said Cummins had also smoked a “huge amount” of cannabis before the attack, which was an explanation for his behaviour.’ (24th June 2019)
    138. Why this teenage mugger – whose gang beat a man so badly during Piccadilly Gardens drug deal he wet himself – walked free from court: (17th June 2019)

      Byron Daly
      Defendant Byron Daly
    139. Violent pub rampage more like ‘a scene from the Wild West of America than west Wales’: ‘A topless pub customer assaulted five people – including the 78-year-old landlady – during a drunken violent “rampage”. Lemmy Best spent 20 minutes attacking fellow customers and staff at the bar leaving one person with a broken arm and another with a dislocated shoulder…The following day he told police he thought his drinks may have been spiked and asked for blood tests to be carried out. The court heard they showed the presence of cocaine and cannabis.’ (7th June 2019)
    140. Cumbernauld gang who attacked and stabbed shopkeeper jailed for 18 years: ‘In a pre-sentencing report, the thug thought it “acceptable” to attack him because the shopkeeper tried to stop one of the thugs stealing. The 16 year-old’s lawyer Ross Brown said the youngster’s “motivation” that night appeared to be trying to get more alcohol. The teenager had also taken cannabis and valium before the attack.’ (Glasgow Live, 6th June 2019)
    141. Teenage thug attacked older man with screwdriver after adopting ‘old-style boxing stance’ in city centre: ‘He [the defence counsel] added that Sample has abstained for alcohol for three months, stopped smoking cannabis and has a nine-month-old child with his partner.’ (6th June 2019)
    142. Police officer suffered flashbacks after ‘vicious’ and ‘unprovoked’ attack by man he arrested in Wells: ‘Probation officer Joe Harper said the defendant could not excuse his behaviour and recognised that the assault was “totally inappropriate” adding that he had been smoking cannabis at the time.’ (5th June 2019)
    143. Harry Regan sentenced for pointing fake gun in Faversham as judge warns about cannabis use: ‘A judge has warned of the dangers that potent cannabis can cause to users’ mental health after sentencing a man for brandishing a fake gun in public. Judge James O’Mahoney said the link between skunk cannabis and mental health problems “couldn’t be any clearer” during the sentencing of 24-year-old Harry Regan today.’ (Kent Online, 3rd June 2019)
    144. Teen (16) ‘feared he was going to die’ in ‘Love/Hate-like’ torture ordeal by man obsessed with his girlfriend: ‘He recalled being at the bus station around 7pm and going home with a young fellow. He smoked a “joint of weed”… It was put to Andrews [the defendant] that he had inflicted 90 minutes of torture on his victim in a planned attack and he replied that he honestly didn’t know what happened, that he had been on a concoction of drugs, coke, speed, heroin and cannabis.’ (19th May 2019)
    145. “Possessed” Sutton man attacked mum and brother: “He has smoked cannabis since he was 13. I think that will have caused a lot of the issues, the paranoia, the anxiety, the aggression.” (26th Apr 2019)
    146. The baby-faced thugs who lured taxi and delivery drivers into terrifying machete robberies: ‘Cheetham [a defendant] had a cannabis habit, admitting he would buy the drug ‘in bulk’ and then sell to a small group of customers for profit. He was said to be ‘easily led’ and had yearned a ‘sense of belonging’.’ (17th Apr 2019)
    147. This thug is banned from talking about his partner on social media after waving a knife at her during a frightening attack: ‘Robert Lee escaped jail but was described by a district judge as ‘particularly dangerous’ following the cannabis and alcohol fuelled assault’ (16th Apr 2019)
    148. ‘I’ll bite you!’ – growling thug sunk teeth into policeman’s ear: ‘Ward [the defendant], who claimed he began using cannabis aged 11 and cocaine at 13, had 18 convictions for 49 offences beginning with drunk and disorderly in 2007, before committing a myriad of other offences from battery, racially aggravated harassment and criminal damage to Section 20 wounding in 2015, which was for biting his uncle.’ (16th Apr 2019)
    149. George Mee from Folkestone jailed for 10 years after plunging knife into former school friend: ‘A man who was stabbed 11 times said goodbye to his mum on the phone believing he was going to die. Liam May’s chilling words came moments after ex-school pal George Mee repeatedly plunged the blade into his face, chest, stomach and arms…The court heard Mee, of Cromwell Park Place in Folkestone, had been bingeing on cocaine, alcohol and cannabis before the attack at the Biggins Wood Road property in Cheriton on June 13.’ (16th Apr 2019)
    150. Islington police knife attack accused ‘blames cannabis’: ‘Bulgarian-born Mr Traykov said he had smoked cannabis before making the 999 call and it had a “very different” effect to what he had experienced before. “It was very strong and I lost concentration. I was moving and doing things without actually thinking about it,” he said.’ (10th Apr 2019)
    151. Nabil Errouam jailed for six years over Southampton Common knife attack: ‘A CRAZED man armed with a “fearsome” ten inch blade inflicted 13 knife wounds on a teenage girl as she screamed at police and passers-by for help. Nabil Errouam then used the knife to attack a partially-sighted man, before holding it to another woman’s neck during a “terrifying” incident on Southampton Common… In mitigation, Richard Onslow said the incident had been sparked by Errouam’s use of cannabis, which had led to the breakdown of his marriage. He said Errouam had drunk alcohol and smoked cannabis prior to the incident, sparking a form or psychosis in which he “wanted his life to be ended”.’ (Southern Daily Echo, 6th April 2019)
    152. Face of teenage ‘wannabe gangster’ who bragged about ruling Saffron Lane estate: “You went and bought beer and smoked a spliff (cannabis cigarette). You directed him to (the juvenile’s) house and at some stage you decided to rob him. He began to realise that when you were making comments ‘I’m the boss around here. ‘This is my estate.’ You were acting as a wannabe gangster.” (4th Apr 2019)
    153. Man had 40 cans of cider and 10 spliffs before brutally attacking and biting face of random victim: ‘A “drunken drugged-up yob” bit the ear and nose of a 56-year-old man in a random attack after banging on his door in the early hours of the morning.’ (1st Apr 2019)
    154. Daniel Lindsay: ‘Machete-wielding drug dealer Lindsay put three people in hospital during a vicious one-man crime wave. The now 18-year-old broke a pizza delivery driver’s skull because he claimed he rang his front door bell too late at night. He went on the run and booked into a hotel, but twice knifed the manager when told to leave for smoking cannabis. Just days later, he repeatedly stabbed a drug addict  – over an £80 debt – who lost five pints of blood and nearly died. When finally arrested, police caught Lindsay with a Rambo-style machete, sawn-off shotgun and a stash of cocaine.’ (26th Mar 2019)
    155. Nephew of ‘The Monk’ jailed for beating up Revenue worker who confronted him as he burgled his office: ‘Hutch began smoking cannabis at the age of 14 and was excluded from school for that at 16. He progressed onto pills, cocaine and heroin and “never stopped getting into trouble”.’ (21st Mar 2019)
    156. Man waved knife at partner when she failed to write his name on their children’s Christmas gifts: ‘Robert Lee had drunk alcohol and smoked cannabis prior to the attack at the victim’s Paddock home on December 29.’ (21st Mar 2019)
    157. Rampaging yobs broke every window in Paisley flat, chucked TV onto street and battered terrified boy: ‘The court heard once arrested, he admitted smoking cannabis, taking ecstasy and tranquilizer Zanax.’ (20 Mar 2019)
    158. ‘Monster’ whose girlfriend died after swallowing his cocaine stash batters pregnant partner: ‘Nolan [the defendant] had been out in town with his mates while Ms Wainright stayed at his flat. Having drunk alcohol and smoked cannabis he called her for a lift but when he was told no he flew into a rage. Returning in the early hours he battered Ms Wainright through the communal areas of the flat.’ (20 Mar 2019)
    159. Man threatens to blow up parents’ home with them in it before attacking police in violent outburst: ‘A man who had smoked extra-strong cannabis threatened to blow his parent’s house up with them in it before fighting so violently with police they had to strap his legs together.’ (16 Mar 2019)
    160. Man jailed for stabbing victim outside Bristol club SWX: ‘The court heard that later, more violence flared in which Barbosa and the other men clashed again. But this time Barbosa, who had consumed a cocktail of vodka, cognac, cannabis and ecstacy [sic], swung a flick knife.’ (10 Mar 2019)
    161. The five Croydon gangs trapping youngsters in a cycle of crime, sex exploitation and drugs: ‘The review includes a number of case studies which make difficult reading, like Child A who ended up in a gang and is now serving a prison sentence. In his early childhood  his parents separated and his dad was in and out of prison. At 12 he was excluded from school – at this point he was already smoking cannabis and associating with known gang members.’ (6 Mar 2019)
    162. Shirtless man attacked neighbour with machete as he opened front door: ‘He said he had largely cut himself off from society since the loss of his job and the ending of a long-term relationship a decade ago, and had lived an “isolated existence” turning to alcohol and cannabis abuse.’ (2 Mar 2019)
    163. Schoolboy stabbed victim, 14, so hard his knife snapped in half: ‘The yob – aged just 14 at the time – launched the unprovoked attack at a house party when “bladdered” drunk and high on cannabis.’ (27 Feb 2019)
    164. Drunk thug dad who stunk of weed bit cop during arrest – before telling him he had AIDS: ‘Fiddaman, of Stanton Street, Stretford, was found guilty of causing actual bodily harm and common assault after trial. He pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis.’ (26 Feb 2019)
    165. Husband and wife jailed for 39 years for ‘systematic abuse’ of their children: “The film was on TV in the bedroom and they all sat on the bed watching the film. While watching it they (the defendants) smoked cannabis”. (25 Feb 2019)
    166. Cork man, 26, who shattered skull of girlfriend’s infant daughter jailed for eight years: ‘Brendan Kelly, defence barrister, said in relation to the judge’s comment that the accused appeared to be detached from what was going on and that the defendant had been a long-time cannabis user.’ (22 Feb 2019)
    167. The machete swinging robbery gang who struck fear into the hearts of bank workers – caught on CCTV: ‘He [the defendant] explained his contact with Jack Pennington, the leader of the robbery gang, was a result of his decision to start smoking cannabis.’ (22 Feb 2019)
    168. Witham man jailed for injuring his ex and lover when he smashed the door with an axe in a ‘terrifying jealous rage’: “He was smoking cannabis when the relationship broke down and he was having suicidal thoughts.” (19 Feb 2019)
    169. ‘Pure evil’ crack addict knifed dad and threatened to behead him in front of his four-year-old son: ‘He had started started smoking cannabis at 16 and then progressed to crack cocaine which he had taken on the day of the unprovoked attack on Mr O’Toole.’ (15 Feb 2019)
    170. Bus thug jailed for scissors attack on passenger before attacking elderly man at shelter: “Mr Doogan is a schizophrenic but this has been brought on by the amount of cannabis he was taking into his system.” (26 Jan 2019)
    171. Inside the brutal 11-month reign of terror at the hands of Cambridge woman’s controlling ex: ‘On his arrest, he was seen by police to hide cannabis under the sofa.’ (24 Jan 2019)
    172. Maniac almost stabbed two men to death in separate Neasden arguments: ‘He was charged with attempted murder, causing grievous bodily harm and possession of cannabis and remanded in custody to appear at Willesden Magistrates’ Court that same day.’ (20 Jan 2019)
    173. Jazz West and Patrick Burke jailed after armed robberies: ‘Burke, who was voluntarily interviewed, had no driving licence or insurance and had cannabis in his blood above the prescribed limit.’ (18 Jan 2019)
    174. Teenager ‘could have died’ after being stabbed in ‘Peaky Blinders’ sword, knife and hammer brawl: ‘The court heard Moran [the defendant] turned to cannabis and MDMA after disappointments at college and after struggling to cope with the breakdown of his parents’ relationship.’ (11 Jan 2019)
    175. Man who drove car on to packed dancefloor jailed for 28 years: ‘He drank at least 15 glasses of vodka, tequila shots and smoked more than “five to 10 spliffs” of cannabis before he got behind the wheel of his Suzuki Vitara.’ (10 Jan 2019)
    176. Knife wielding thug said he was ‘buzzed’ after robbing vulnerable man at bus stop: ‘A cannabis-fuelled robber who held a knife blade to the throat of a vulnerable young man after following him to a Huddersfield bus shelter has been jailed for more than four years.’ (9 Jan 2019)
    177. Thug followed his ex and beat her up after catching her with another man: ‘Magistrates were told that Miller, due to become a father to two children by different mothers in the New Year, has smoked cannabis since the age of 13.’ (13 Dec 2018)
    178. Brothers ‘showed no mercy’ attacking drinking buddy with glass bottles and ‘leaving him for dead’: ‘In court, Wesley blamed cannabis for “playing a role” in his actions.’ (8 Dec 2018)
    179. Attacked with a machete by the ‘man of her dreams’… how a three-day drink and drugs bender ended in horrific violence: ‘Toxicology reports found that Condor [the defendant] had cannabis, alcohol and a metabolite of cocaine in his system, Miss Andrea Lock, prosecuting, told the court.’ (8 Dec 2018)
    180. Five years for man who beat victim so badly with a rock he was unrecognisable: ‘Judge Greally suspended the final 18 months of the sentence having taking into account Mooney’s plea of guilty. She accepted evidence that he comes from a respectable family and he has addictions to both alcohol and cannabis.’ (5 Dec 2018)
    181. Man hit uni student in face with wheel brace and assaulted female police officer: ‘It was noted Nguh [the defendant] already had convictions for possession of controlled drugs, dealing controlled cannabis and possessing ammunition.’ (29 Nov 2018)
    182. This thug stamped on a man so hard his foot was left ‘hanging off’ in ‘chilling’ attack: ‘A man was left with his foot the “wrong way round” and a bone sticking through the skin of his ankle after it was stamped on while suspended in the air in a “chilling” attack…The victim had invited Dane Morris into his home after bumping into him while on a night out with his wife. At one stage, Morris left to take cannabis, then attacked his host when he asked him to leave and opened the back door…The judge said his use of alcohol and cannabis, given Morris’s mental health difficulties, were serious aggravating features. Morris was jailed for three years and was made subject to a restraining order for seven years.’ (29 Nov 2018)
    183. Teen with knife told father he’ll kill his daughter in terrifying rampage: ‘Probation officer Tony Ciocci said Powell [the defendant] had “a traumatic upbringing with a lack of exposure to a positive role model”… Mr Ciocci added that Powell had also misused cannabis, which can generate feelings of paranoia.’ (21 Nov 2018)
    184. Ex-soldier’s brutal four-hour attack on friend left victim playing dead in bid to save himself: ‘Dan Griffiths, for Davies, said his client had been to a family funeral on the day in question and as well as being upset had consumed a “significant” amount of alcohol and had smoked cannabis.’ (15 Nov 2018)
    185. ‘Prolific offender’ given second chance by judge after knife crime jailed for defying court order AGAIN: ‘He was arrested at his Wembley home, where police also found cannabis, and reappeared at Willesden Magistrates’ Court just one week after his sentencing.’ (15 Nov 2018)
    186. Horrific photos that head stamp victim wants you to see: ‘The convicted burglar also admitted breaching a 10-month suspended sentence, imposed in August, by possessing cannabis when arrested.’ (Liverpool Echo, 14th Nov. 2018)
    187. Judge’s drugs warning after 13-year-old who took heroin and cannabis died the next day: ‘A judge has issued a stark warning after a 13-year-old who took heroin and cannabis had a cardiac arrest and died the next day. Judge James Sampson said that “if ever there was a case in which the dangers of illegal drugs was evident”, it was that of Joshua Clark, known as Josh. He was speaking as a woman who allowed children – including Josh – to smoke cannabis at her home was sentenced. Jennie Parker, 37, admitted allowing the drug to be smoked at her house in Bramcote. Her actions did not cause Josh’s death, Nottingham Crown Court heard.’ (Nottingham Post, 8th Nov. 2018)
    188. Drug-dealing teenager slashed man’s face and neck in broad daylight: ‘Ms Maxwell said cocaine with a street value of up to £720 was found, along with cannabis with a street value of more than £2,000. Smaller quantities of ecstasy and ketamine were also found.’ (Daily Post, 6th Nov. 2018)
    189. Thug jailed for burning youngster, robbing couple and stabbing woman in bottom: ‘Miss Regan [defending] said Harrison had reduced his cannabis use and now refused the drug Spice – which he said was “everywhere” in prison – because he said it caused users to be violent.’ (5 Nov 2018)
    190. Unmasked: The ex-squaddie who shouted ‘you’re going to die’ before carrying out a frenzied knife attack: ‘He had been drinking and smoking cannabis and once inside the house a row erupted over the £20 payment of a coat.’ (27 Oct 2018)
    191. Three-month-old boy died after being left strapped to pushchair for 12 hours while his mum smoked cannabis: ‘A report into the tragedy says cannabis is so common among families with young children that healthcare workers risk being ‘desensitised to the fact that it remains an illegal drug’.’ (24 Oct 2018)
    192. Teenager attacked pregnant young mum on her birthday in mother and baby unit: ‘She added that Rowe had used cannabis from the age of 11 and had been drinking heavily in the months leading up to the offence.’ (24 Oct 2018)
    193. ‘If I find you’ve been seeing somebody I’ll kill you’ threatened man as he assaulted his ex: ‘The court was told that he spent £25 a week on cannabis and had smoked the drug since the age of 12.’ (20 Oct 2018)
    194. Knifeman who left victim permanently scarred weeps as he’s jailed: ‘A psychiatrist said that Moore, who was addicted to cannabis, had probably suffered a paranoid psychosis which led him to believe that he was being held against his will or he was the subject of an attack.’ (16 Oct 2018)
    195. Thug jailed for attacking ex-partner in Worthing: ‘Morgan was angry to be awoken with his sleeping son when Ms Parsons-Jones got home late, and was prickly because he had not smoked cannabis that day.’ (15 Oct 2018)
    196. Roofer plunged knife into neighbour’s neck – for not voting in local elections: ‘Nicholas Berry, defending, said Byrne’s use of cannabis lead to his mood fluctuating and that he suffered from depression.’ (10 Oct 2018)
    197. Man (19) ‘could have killed his mother’: ‘Fox had been sober since December. He smokes cannabis on a regular basis which has no effect on him but he is ‘different on tablets’, the solicitor continued.’ (6 Oct 2018)
    198. Thug high on cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis, stabbed cabbie ‘after girlfriend cheated on him’: ‘A violent thug high on a cocktail of cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis and whisky repeatedly knifed a taxi driver in a random attack after finding out his girlfriend had ‘slept with his neighbour’.’ (3 Oct 2018)
    199. Escort mum left two-year-old daughter alone to take cocaine while she continued party: ‘The defendant was high on cannabis and fell asleep in a paramedic’s car as he drove her daughter to hospital’. (21 Sep 2018)
    200. Man beat up sister-in-law after she refused threesome with him and her partner: ‘Defence barrister Adam Sharp said his client was “heavily intoxicated” at the time of the assault and has since acknowledged having issues with alcohol and cannabis, which he had smoked for the majority of his adult life.’ (7 Sep 2018)
    201. Aberdeen claw hammer attacker jailed for five years: ‘She [the defence counsel] told the court that he drank about 12 cans of lager and was smoking herbal cannabis following his initial visit to the woman.She said the daily cannabis user “feels absolute disgust and as ashamed of himself” following the crime.’ (30 Aug 2018)
    202. Why knifeman went on rampage at Leicester Royal Infirmary: ‘Although it was accepted that Aka was mentally unwell, at his sentencing today the judge said Aka’s violent psychotic episode could have been self-induced by cannabis use.’ (24 Aug 2018)
    203. ‘Messed up’ teenager bricked bakery van window and tried to break into Tesco: ‘A teenager who smashed a bakery van window after punching a wall told the police he was “pretty messed up” after drinking and taking cannabis.’ (22 Aug 2018)
    204. Pictured: Office worker fighting for life with mother after horrifying hammer attack as family of man, 27, charged say ‘cannabis messed him up and he was sectioned eight years ago’: ‘The man charged with double attempted murder after a mother and daughter were ‘smashed in the face’ with a hammer battled with drug addiction and had been sectioned, his family has revealed.’ (21 Aug 2018)
    205. A hammer-wielding jewellery robber has been jailed: ‘He was arrested at his home on Chesterton Road, Cambridge on March 19 where he was found with crack cocaine, heroin and cannabis.’ (20 Aug 2018)
    206. Man with ‘interest in younger girls’ stabbed friend after making vile sex taunt: ‘Auty had spent the hours leading up to the incident smoking cannabis and drinking six whiskey “shots” at his brother’s in nearby Oakington Garth, where he lived, before donning black clothing, including a scarf covering his face, and getting “tooled up” with the knife and bar.’ (17 Aug 2018)
    207. Crazed cannabis user, 31, who gouged a seven-month-old boy’s eyes then threw him and his mother out of a window is jailed for life: ‘Sean Ziemelis, 31, had gouged the boy’s eyes and tried to strangle him before dangling the terrified infant out of the first floor flat. Neighbours, who had been woken in the early hours of the morning, gathered under the window of Ziemelis’ home in Reginald Street, Luton and shouted to him to stop.’ (2 Aug 2018)
    208. Man jailed for his part in gun attack in Almondbury but he refused to name shooter: ‘The 24-year-old, who has smoked cannabis for 10 years, claimed he was sitting outside his dealer’s house in Almondbury smoking a ‘spliff’ when his acquaintance spotted him and asked for a lift.’ (26 July 2018)
    209. Teenage boy who stabbed a shop keeper seven times during a drug-fuelled attack sentenced to 12 months’ detention: ‘The court was told the boy, who was aged 16 at the time, had been abusing tablets and cannabis.’ (9 July 2018)
    210. Watch: Queue-jumping thug beats bus driver with baton before smashing windscreen in reign of terror: ‘Fuller [the defendant] went upstairs but then returned brandishing an Afro comb which he used to stab the driver in the hand. Nine days later Fuller, of no fixed address, was “the worse for alcohol and cannabis” and fell asleep on a bus.’ (3 July 2018)
    211. Taxi kidnap duo jailed for assault: ‘The kidnap and robbery was described by Judge McReynolds as ‘clearly bullying for the gratification of seeing another person suffer’. Tasker also pleaded guilty to counts of possession and supply of cocaine and cannabis found during a search of his home seven months after the kidnap. Cannabis worth £3,700 totalling 373grms and 2.91grms of cocaine with a 34 per cent purity were discovered in his home’. (30 June 2018)
    212. ‘Dangerous’ Cardiff machete attacker’s sentence was needed to ‘protect the public’: ‘A probation officer’s report said he smoked cannabis on a daily basis.’ (Wales Online, 29th June 2018)
    213. Dangerous knife man jailed for 15 years after “totally unprovoked” attacks on Norwich teenagers: ‘Gavin Cowe, mitigating for Nelson, said he was a cannabis user who drank to excess and felt he had ‘very little stake in society’.’ (Eastern Daily Press, 22nd June 2018)
    214. Ashley Cobb jailed for knife attack on mother in her car with her baby asleep in the back at Tesco in Sheerness: ‘Cobb, who had been drinking heavily and smoked cannabis and later admitted to drinking 20 cans of beer two or three times a week, became aggressive when arrested by police.’ (Kent Online, 19th June 2018)
    215. Carl Madigan knifed Sam Cook in heart two weeks after friend slashed man’s stomach open: ‘Facebook accounts show Carl Madigan, 23, and Shaun Bethell, 19, hanging around together and smoking cannabis before the shocking offences which will now define their young lives.’ (16 Jun 2018)
    216. Cannabis-smoking dad shook 11-week-old daughter, causing brain injury: ‘Andrew Cooper, 25, assaulted the baby girl in his care – then searched for porn while she was in hospital with serious injuries, a court heard’. (15 June 2018)
    217. ‘Vicious, violent, savage and brutal attack’ – Judge: ‘Imposing sentence, he noted that Smith had ‘a very difficult childhood’ and was consuming alcohol at 11 years of age, and proceeded cannabis and prescription drugs and at 13 was smoking heroin.’ (26 May 2018)
    218. Father who tried to kill children with hammer has sentence increased by 10 years: ‘In the weeks before the incident, he developed paranoia, put down to a temporary psychosis caused by his long-term recreational cocaine and cannabis use.’ (9 May 2018)
    219. Bristol dad handed suspended jail term after assaulting partner after drugs session: ‘Philip Warren, prosecuting, told Bristol Crown Court Preen visited Miss Hendy and stayed up late drinking, taking cocaine and smoking cannabis.’
    220. Two yobs who threw live cat into canal told to pay £100 compensation to owner: ‘Sick video show cannabis-smoking lout, 16, hurling the terrified cat’ (3 May 2018)
    221. Teenage knife attacker is jailed for 11-and-a-half years: ‘The court heard how Adams had been drinking heavily and smoking cannabis with the victim – who she had had an on-off relationship with – on the night of the attack (29 July, 2017).’ (2 May 2018)
    222. Newcastle ‘Gangsters’ jailed for gunpoint robberies of taxi drivers: ‘Al-Hazzar Aremu, Brandon Makumbe and Silindokuhle Mabaso thought they were untouchable before being snared by detectives at Northumbria Police. The men posted pictures and videos on social media posing with huge machetes, imitations firearms and smoking cannabis.’ (Northern Echo, 24th April, 2018)
    223. Man accused of attempted murder of wife ‘did not care’ if two-year-old daughter was ‘alive or dead’, court hears: ‘Garda Holland said Mr Gajowniczek told him that he locked the door because he thought people were trying to get into the apartment and kill him and showed the garda a hammer that he had hidden under a duvet on the bed. He said he believed someone had spiked his milk with amphetamines and that his partner, Ms Kalinowska, was having an affair. He also told the garda that he had been smoking cannabis.’ (18 Apr 2018)
    224. Cannabis smoker jailed for spitting blood and saliva into policeman’s mouth: ‘The judge said the defendant had “a history of violent offending behaviour” including a section 20 grievous bodily harm offence in 2013 when he received 32 months custody. He added: “I’m told you used cannabis on a regular basis and on the night in question – because you’re unaccustomed to drink – you believed your drink was spiked.”’ (15 Apr 2018)
    225. Teenagers armed with knife and skewer set rabbit on fire in ‘brutal and sadistic’ attack and photographed the dead animal with a phone: “He has had anger issues in the past and is willing to accept any help he can get. He also accepts he is mainly taking cannabis, but it is quite frequent and in significant quantities.” (12 Mar 2018)
    226. Ludlow thug broke victim’s eye socket in three places with a single punch: ‘Stephen Scully, defending, said Bundy had split up with his partner that day and had drunk alcohol and smoked cannabis.’ (9 Mar 2018)
    227. Ex-boyfriend launched terror campaign against two former partners and posted explicit photos on Facebook: “The defendant found out from a friend where she lived visited regularly, pressurising her to allowing him stay. There was then a rapid deterioration of the defendant’s behaviour as he was regularly under the influence of cocaine and cannabis.” (9 Mar 2018)
    228. Bristol dad handed suspended jail term after assaulting partner after drugs session: ‘Philip Warren, prosecuting, told Bristol Crown Court Preen visited Miss Hendy and stayed up late drinking, taking cocaine and smoking cannabis. But when she got up at 7.30am and asked him to help get their baby ready to go out, Preen grabbed her and threw her across the room.’ (9 Mar 2018)
    229. Alexandra Burke’s brother jailed for beating up his ex girlfriend in row over cannabis: ‘Aaron Burke, 25, hit out at Jessica Kenney when she begged him to stop smoking cannabis in her home.’ (2 Mar 2018)
    230. Kung fu teacher slit friend’s throat with meat cleaver and smashed cannabis bong over his head: ‘Former drug dealer Christopher Gunning later described himself as “the calmest guy in the world”. (2 Mar 2018)
    231. Birthday sex beast who beat student with a slab: ‘Cannabis smoker Charlie Pearce marked his 17th birthday by attacking the student as she walked home through a park at night. He smashed her over the head after raping her twice then fled, leaving her covered in blood and close to death in what an Old Bailey judge described as “animalistic savagery”. The student, who spent three weeks in an induced coma, is tormented by her physical and mental scars and has contemplated suicide, the court heard.’ (17 Feb 2018)
    232. Man who left his dogs like “walking skeletons” admits growing cannabis at his home: ‘Police found 32 plants at house of Christopher McGinn on Westbury Street’. (14 Feb 2018)
    233. Knife wielding drug user decided to rob petrol after drinking three pints at Wetherspoons: ‘He told officers he had committed the robbery so he could buy cocaine and cannabis, and said he had decided on the idea after drinking three pints and snorting cocaine in a Wetherspoons. Mark Lever, defending, told the court: “When he was interviewed he was straightforward with the police and cooperated throughout.” Mr Lever said his client was a “long-term drug user” and had mental health difficulties, but was now “stable” on medication.’ (7 Feb 2018)
    234. Drugged Brownhills knifeman jailed for 18 years for ‘murderous rampage’:“The behaviour he exhibited during these events was totally out of character and it came after he had purchased what he thought was cannabis but led to a ‘different’ reaction. He can offer no explanation for why he behaved in this fashion and is unable to remember anything which happened with any clarity.” (7 Feb 2018)
    235. Axe and knife gang robbed terrified teens of phones, cash and even clothes: ‘The judge said Taylor, Lefebvre and Hall had been smoking cannabis and he viewed O’Brien’s claim that he had not “with some scepticism”.’ (2 Feb 2018)
    236. Teenage thugs shot men in face because they ‘desperately needed cannabis’: ‘A pair of teenage robbers shot two men in the face before writing a letter saying: “I’m sorry, I needed the money for cannabis.”’ (1 Feb 2018)
    237. Man who smoked £25 of cannabis a day tries to hold up petrol station with ‘bizarre’ weapon: ‘A bungling petrol station robber grabbed a customer around the neck and threatened him – with a wrapped-up plastic comb.’ (22 Jan 2018)
    238. London teenager pleads guilty to stabbing mother 23 times in ‘cannabis-linked attack’: ‘The attack was believed to be as a result of a psychotic episode, which the court heard may have been exacerbated by cannabis misuse.’ (16 Jan 2018)
    239. Racist thug punched a 15-year-old black boy just for glancing at him in Plymouth: ‘Stone was jailed for two years and eight months for dealing cannabis and handling a haul of stolen goods in 2014. He was caught with £9,000 worth of tools, machinery and other equipment which had been stolen in burglaries across Plymouth and south east Cornwall. Plymouth Crown Court heard three years ago that he had started smoking cannabis when he was just ten years old.’ (14 Dec 2017)
    240. Yeovil man jailed and banned from keeping animals after slamming partner’s cat into a bath: ‘He tried to smoke cannabis in front of them, but when they tried to arrest him he became violent, and had to be repeatedly sprayed with pepper spray to his face to allow them to gain control.’ (21 Nov 2017)
    241. Jailed: Ex-soldier who hit Melton shop owner over the head with axe: “He made an error of judgement and he went on leave and smoked cannabis and he was effectively discharged from the army for that reason and that reason alone. He went from a promising trusted career, with real prospects, a devastating incident happened to him he took cannabis and was discharged from the army.” (17 Nov 2017)
    242. Man who stabbed female dog walker 11 times in random attack ‘heard voices telling him to kill’: ‘After confessing to his mum, Cardwell, who has smoked cannabis from the age of 12, told detectives that “he’d heard commanding voices, male and female, telling him to kill for the last three years,” a condition which first surfaced when he was eight years old.’ (17 Nov 2017)
    243. Former soldier jailed for eight years for axe robberies in Melton: ‘He said his client became addicted to drugs and had lapsed into a life of crime after being discharged from the army when a drugs test found he had smoked cannabis while on leave.’ (17 Nov 2017)
    244. Brothers who assaulted gardai in a ‘nasty and unprovoked attack’ jailed: ‘They approached the group when they noticed another young man was smoking cannabis, and asked him to hand the joint over… Sandra Frayne BL, representing Dylan Fogarty, said her client still struggled with cannabis use, but otherwise had reduced his substance abuse substantially.’ (15 Nov 2017)
    245. Dagenham park attack: ‘Evil’ attacker guilty of stabbing woman: ‘He told court he had been in the park drinking and smoking cannabis but had picked up another laptop which he found on a grassy verge near the park.’ (24 Oct 2017)
    246. Cannabis addict developed “little hobby” of raiding shops at gunpoint (11 Oct 2017)
    247. McDonald’s raider ‘had knife in one hand and penis in another’: ‘He said he had been living in a tent in woods near the petrol station. He said Wright had not taken his medication for bipolar disorder and also admitted to drinking three bottles of cider and smoking cannabis the night before.’ (10 Sep 2017)
    248. Man jailed after skunk-induced attack on vulnerable man with whiskey bottle: ‘Martin Francis has been jailed for ten years after hitting a vulnerable man over the head with a whiskey bottle in his own home in a drug-induced random attack.’ (9 Sep 2017)
    249. Teenager knifed best friend in Newcastle Aldi store following drug-induced psychosis: ‘The schoolboy was suffering a ‘brief episode’ of drug-induced psychosis after taking a form of cannabis when he launched the attack’. (9 Sep 2017)
    250. Jail for man who shot girlfriend 13 times with airgun – before trying to strangle and suffocate her: ‘Kristian Pole had been smoking cannabis when he ‘flipped out’ and attacked his partner at his home in Leicester’. (27 July 2017)
    251. Teenager hit man over the head with crowbar for refusing to hand over last cigarette: ‘Matthew Comer, defending Screen, said his client expressed genuine remorse. He said Screen had had a difficult childhood and had smoked cannabis daily, which had effected his thinking.’ (24 July 2017)
    252. ‘Devout’ dad who raised boy in stinking house of squalor used as dogs’ toilet is jailed: ‘The single parent living near Bristol smoked cannabis as the house became riddled with dog mess, dirty washing and dirty plates growing mould in the sink’ (14 July 2017)
    253. Authorities fear teenage scissor stabbing culprit could become a killer: ‘The cannabis smoking lout was convicted of battery, assault causing actual bodily harm and two counts of possessing offensive weapons in 2015.’ (9 July 2017)
    254. Violent robber jailed but girlfriend who took part in first attack gets suspended sentence: ‘Cathy Thornton, for Shore, said that the couple had been smoking cannabis and drinking too much when they went out for a walk and decided to commit a robbery.’ (4 July 2017)
    255. Man jailed for calling police officer a ‘fat, white, baldy b*****d’: ‘Khan’s defence lawyer Ms Coogan said her client admitted he had been ‘completely and utterly out of order’ to the police officers. She added that Khan ‘needs help’ with cannabis usage and said he has been on a ‘detox programme’ while being held in custody for the offence.’ (Glasgow Live, 13th June 2017)
    256. Spice-fuelled Hull gunman’s ex-partner speaks of violent hell at his hands: “He started to smoke cannabis and started to try and blacken my name when I tried to leave. He would claim I was doing drugs which simply wasn’t true. Eventually he turned violent on me. He strangled me and then threw me on the floor.” (26 May 2017)
    257. Knowle West man who bit baby in the face will not be sent to prison: ‘Jane Middleton, a probation officer, said Stone had been prescribed medication for his mental health, which he was taking “off and on”. She said: “He has a history of heavy cannabis use.”‘ (19 May 2017)
    258. Drug user launched frenzied attack on disabled woman stabbing her 31 times in head, neck and face: ‘Scott, of Kendal Road, Macclesfield, who had been smoking cannabis and taking the drug ketamine, claimed he could not remember the incident on January 28 last year.’ (15 Apr 2017)
    259. Robbers who held knife to man’s neck before stealing his phone and laptop jailed: ‘During police interviews, the youth admitted he knew the occupant, but claimed he was unable to remember what had happened because he had smoked a cannabis cigarette.’ (24 Mar 2017)
    260. Schoolboys recorded themselves brutally assaulting shopkeeper in sickening racist attack: ‘Julian Linskill, defending the other 16-year-old, said the attack came after they smoked £90 of cannabis.’ (8 Mar 2017)
    261. Arsonist fuelled by cocktail of drugs set fire to Wirral home over rent ‘grudge’: ‘But months later, high on a cocktail of cannabis and cocaine, he lit a blaze in the living room that put the lives of his neighbours at risk.’ (27 Feb 2017)
    262. Myha Grant sentenced for stabbing staff members at Bracton Centre mental health unit in Dartford: “Your history of smoking cannabis from a young age in substantial quantities and use of Spice suggests a destabilisation in your mental health.” (13 Feb 2017)
    263. Recap: Man jailed for 16 years after kidnapping woman, 18, and attacking her with a hammer: “So the illness progressed and he tried to self-medicate, smoking cannabis and drinking more than he should.” (Coventry Telegraph, 10th February 2017)
    264. DJ jailed for firing shotgun in street just days after he was released from mental health unit: ‘A DJ was jailed for firing a shotgun in a street just 48 hours after being discharged from a mental health unit. Lamarr Marquis had been smoking cannabis before telling a pub landlady “You are dead, I am going to kill you,” a court heard.’ (Daily Mirror, 26th January 2017)
    265. Dovecot man passes up final chance to reveal how he came by deadly revolver: ‘Louise McCloskey, prosecuting, told the court police officers in an unmarked car spotted Doyle smoking cannabis outside the home he shared with his mum, younger brother and two younger sisters on November 5.’ (Liverpool Echo, 19th December 2016)
    266. Teen batters youth after believing his cannabis joint had been ‘spiked with spice’: ‘A teenager flew into a rage and battered another youth because he believed his cannabis joint had been spiked with ‘Spice.’ Jason Smith, 19, rained down punches on Daniel Travis after the victim offered to roll a joint for him, as they attended a Christmas party at a friend’s flat.’ (14 Dec 2016)
    267. Drunk Isaac Brailsford bit McDonald’s doorman cheek: ‘Kirklees Magistrates’ Court heard that the 24-year-old drank six cans of lager and smoked two joints of cannabis a day as he struggled to cope with mental health problems.’ (7 Dec 2016)
    268. Man who attacked police officer with axe sent to secure psychiatric hospital for 15 years: ‘During sentencing, the court heard Sumner has schizophrenia. His counsel said the illness was affected by his use of cannabis, but argued that the cause of attack was his underlying mental illness.’ (2 Dec 2016)
    269. The laughing robber and his sickening history of violence: ‘William Magill, defending, said Maddocks started smoking cannabis at the age of nine and was soon snorting cocaine.’ (7 Nov 2016)
    270. Judge tells armed robber aged 14 he has been a “selfish” boy: “You have led in the last year a very selfish existence, drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis.” (29 Sep 2016)
    271. Little girl left without parents after mum and dad jailed over Uzi gang plot: ‘The mum-of-one admitted dealing and smoking cannabis but claimed she had never seen any guns at her home in Birtley Court, Widnes. When interviewed by police, Galloway said she “did not go round playing gangsters”. However, prosecutors said she lied for her partner, claiming he had injured himself by falling off a dog cage, and “was not blind to what was going on”. Phone evidence revealed she contacted another gang member, whose role was to move Smith’s bike and a gun.’ (14 June 2016)
    272. Romanian teenage thug who was allowed into Britain despite theft arrest battered a pensioner within an inch of his life just a month after being freed from jail: ‘Florin Ripa, 18, from Tipton, West Midlands, attacked David Cooper as the 70-year-old waited to catch a train to London… Mukhtar Ubhi, mitigating, said Ripa was very remorseful and he wanted to apologise to both victims. He said the teen had little recollection of the attacks and had taken cannabis as well as drinking the vodka.’ (Daily Mail, 6th June, 2016)
    273. Barbershop horror: Life sentence for Leeds man who stabbed victim in neck as he waited for a haircut: ‘A barbershop customer who was a heavy daily user of cannabis stabbed a stranger in the neck after developing “paranoid suspicions” about the teen.’ (31 May 2016)
    274. ‘Catch me if you can, ha, ha’: Note left after victim tied up in terror robbery: ‘He fled leaving a note in his room saying “catch me if you can, ha, ha”. He was arrested smoking cannabis some days later after he broke into a holiday caravan.’ (19 May 2016)
    275. Teen faces one year for vicious attack on man outside takeaway: ‘Judge John O’Connor adjourned sentencing to see if the boy’s solicitor can organise a psychological assessment of the teenager whose behaviour, he said, has become more violent and aggressive. The judge also noted the boy had tragic personal circumstances. He said it was unacceptable that the boy had started smoking cannabis at the age of 12, and anyone who says it is not addictive “is not living in the real world”.’ (17 May 2016)
    276. This is the wannabe gangster locked up for life after shocking terror campaign: ‘Luke Gould, 19, claimed he was “egged-on” by voices in his head, after smoking cannabis heavily since the age of eight.’ (4 May 2016)
    277. David Hughes and Leon Darling sentenced for knife incident at woman’s house on Poet’s Estate, Canterbury: ‘They drove around the area smoking cannabis, picked up Darling’s girlfriend and went back to Aylesham.’ (18 Apr 2016)
    278. Six years for attacker who hospitalised partner in ‘cowardly’ assault: ‘Martin Bukovskis, 26, of Gladstone Street in Peterborough, attacked his victim after he had been drinking and smoking cannabis following a party at his home in late January.’ (23 Mar 2016)
    279. Man guilty of robbery attempt: ‘Leo Mulrooney BL, defending, told the court his client’s formative years had been blighted by dysfunction. His aunt took him into foster care when he was three years old and his mother died when he was aged just five. By six, he was sniffing petrol, taking ecstasy and smoking cannabis.’ (20 Mar 2016)
    280. Man (24) who punched woman in the head and grabbed her throat in attempted handbag snatch is jailed for three years: ‘By six years, he was sniffing petrol, taking “E” and smoking cannabis and all this was detailed in care plans from the State’s Child and Family Agency. By his early teenage years his aunt couldn’t deal with his behaviour and he was taken into residential care.’ (16 Mar 2016)
    281. Son stabs his mother 18 times after smoking cannabis ‘brought on mental illness’: ‘Taylor Lopez-Kerr, 23, attacked Leona Lopez with a kitchen knife as she watched TV at their home, while telling her “You’re Nathan”, a court heard. Two psychiatrists’ reports said he had schizophrenia linked to smoking cannabis two years ago.’ (15 Mar 2016)
    282. Pregnant Aicha Nugent smoked cannabis in police cell after handing herself in: ‘This morning she was back before the court having handed herself into the police on Saturday and faced fresh charges of assaulting two police officers and being in possession of cannabis.’ (Swindon Advertiser, 22nd Feb. 2016)
    283. Cannabis grower set pitbull on three gardai and stabbed them: ‘Plummer had more than €8,000 worth of cannabis plants growing in the attic of the house and at the time was a heavy abuser of cannabis. Defence barrister John Costello put it to Gda Sgt Fearghal O’Toole that the cannabis was for Plummer’s own use and he accepted that.’ (Irish Independent, 29th Jan. 2016)
    284. Teenage mum stabbed man nine times with scissors in fight in park: ‘After grabbing the craft scissors – which she said she used to cut down cannabis joints – Taylor stabbed Mr Sclater repeatedly, including once in the neck, although he didn’t suffer life threatening injuries.’ (10 Dec 2015)
    285. Medics did not seem to take condition seriously, forensic psychologist tells murder trial: “She was referred to a counselling service to deal with her anger. She was asking for help. She told her counsellor she was using cannabis to control her anger, and it was starting to make her feel paranoid.” (4 Dec 2015)
    286. Victim meets attacker who battered him around the head with a baseball bat in brutal 2010 assault: “I started smoking and selling cannabis. It caused a lot of paranoia. I then became part of a gang.” (20 Nov 2015)
    287. Authorities failed to protect child who was thrown against wall by drug-fuelled father: ‘A baby was thrown against a wall by his father in a cannabis-fuelled rage after social workers and other authorities failed to protect him.’ (30 Oct 2015)
    288. Girlfriend kicked by Barrow chef as she lay unconscious: ‘The court heard how on September 19 last year Meehan had invited friends round to his flat and had been drinking vodka and smoking cannabis.’ (31 Aug 2015)
    289. Violent boyfriend demanded partner call him Dominus after slavemaster in Spartacus: ‘On December 12, 2012, they started arguing while smoking cannabis.’ (21 Aug 2015)
    290. Bradford teacher stabbing: ‘Racist’ teenager locked up for 11 years for ‘utterly shocking’ classroom attack: ‘The court heard the boy has a history a cannabis abuse and came close to receiving an ASBO in the past.’ (10 Aug 2015)
    291. Father jailed for vicious attack on baby son after night spent smoking cannabis: ‘Benjamin Reeve, 22, of Dorset Gardens, Brighton was jailed for 12 years and six months yesterday after he admitted attacking the six-week-old.’ (1 Aug 2015)
    292. Teenager locked up for part in ‘sadistic’ torture of man who had crossbows shot through legs: ‘Liverpool Crown Court heard Hinchliffe, of Orleans Road, Old Swan had arranged to meet up with Mr Kelly that afternoon to smoke cannabis.’ (17 July 2015)
    293. Ex-boyfriend smashed his way into former partner’s home in cocaine-fuelled frenzy: ‘Ryan Gilbertson [the defendant] said he and a friend downed four bottles of brandy, snorted eight bags of cocaine and smoked three bags of cannabis before the attack… Charlotte Pringle, defending, said his ex-girlfriend had become pregnant immediately after the couple started a relationship and it had become “very pressured”. She said: “A lot of it is down to his cannabis use and his behaviour towards the complainant and he accepts that. He had been struggling not having full contact with the child. At the time he was under the influence of a lot of substances, alcohol, cannabis and cocaine and was not taking the medication he requires for his mental health issues”.’ (30 June 2015)
    294. Accused in the knife murder bid on three people blamed cannabis addiction, trial told: “I have recently come off cannabis and drink following a four-year dependency during which I was smoking large quantities daily. I was going through severe withdrawal symptoms including paranoia. I can’t explain my behaviour and the incident was in no way premeditated. On the day, and at the time in question, I thought my life was in imminent danger and I was experiencing suicidal thoughts.” (16 June 2015)
    295. Teenager left 12-year-old for dead after attack in Leeds: ‘The incident happened on February 18 this year after the 15-year-old had been drinking whisky, smoking cannabis and taking other drugs. The teen wrongly believed the 12-year-old had contacted police and blamed him for damage to a bus stop.’ (6 June 2015)
    296. Widnes teen found guilty of attempted murder by jury after shooting man with sawn-off shotgun: ‘Prosecutor Kim Halsall had said that a group of youths had gathered in the block’s communal area and had been smoking cannabis and had been ‘causing problems’ to residents.’ (21 May 2015)
    297. Youth given custody after Telford taxi driver battered in drunken attack: ‘Mrs Debra White, for Humphreys, said her client, who had been 17 at the time, had been drinking and had little recollection of his behaviour that evening and had been smoking cannabis when he drove his car and had been “foolish” to attempt to get out of the vehicle while it was moving.’ (11 Apr 2015)
    298. Richard Gatiss was on legal highs when he assaulted disabled pensioner Alan Barnes: “There is also possession of cannabis on his record and there is a drugs background.” (24 Feb 2015)
    299. Victim of assault hit 20 times: ‘He started drinking and smoking cannabis in his early teens, but had abstained from alcohol since the new year.’ (7 Feb 2015)
    300. Thug from Wembley who attacked brain damaged man wins cut in jail term on appeal: ‘The court heard that King [the defendant] and a group of men were standing smoking cannabis near the victim’s flat in Wembley on July 5 last year when he walked past them on his way home.’ (2 Oct 2014)
    301. Teenager locked up for terrifiying Telford knife attack: ‘Eventually both admitted to police they had been smoking cannabis and admitted to the offences and Baxter told police he had dumped a green hoodie he was wearing and the rest of the knife.’ (8 Sep 2014)
    302. Violent robber who fled to Israel to escape justice finally jailed three years on: “He has since given up gambling and cannabis, and in many respects he has started a new life and seems to have successfully put the difficulties that he was suffering from behind him.” (5 Sep 2014)
    303. Liverpool sawn-off shotgun ‘minder’ jailed for two and half years: ‘Daniel Travers, defending […] described him as a: “naive young man who was mixing with the wrong people and was smoking too much cannabis. He comes to court expecting and deserving a custodial sentence.”’ (Liverpool Echo, 4th September 2014)
    304. Husband slashed his pregnant wife because she hid his drugs: ‘They had heard Neelam had hidden the bags of cannabis she found on February 8 because she objected to her husband smoking the drug. Two days later Ashraf subjected her to a three -hour attack in which he pulled her hair, slapped her, sprayed aftershave in her face and throttled her.’ (Birmingham Mail, 11th August 2014)
    305. Sunderland man Boden Hughes admits setting fire to DFDS ferry: ‘Arsonist Boden Hughes today admitted setting a North Sea ferry on fire while smoking cannabis in his cabin. Hughes was lighting cannabis in a bong when he threw his lighter onto a pile of clothes, igniting them. He today pleaded guilty to arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered and a charge of affray.’ (Chronicle Live, 7th July 2014)
    306. ‘Richter Scale’ boozer in court over hammer attack: ‘Kai David Anderson had been drinking and smoking cannabis at a friend’s house, for whom he had been doing some decorating, when the pair fell out without explanation.’ (Northern Echo, 6th July 2014)
    307. Man jailed for six years after strangling friend with own jumper: ‘Christopher Robb, formerly of Newick Road, Brighton, launched the attack – which police described as “vicious and sustained” – in March last year following an evening spent drinking and smoking cannabis.’ (4 Mar 2014)
    308. Brighton man Christopher Robb jailed after biting and strangling victim in horrific attack in Southborough: ‘Christopher Robb launched the sustained attack in March last year following an evening spent drinking and smoking cannabis.’ (3 Mar 2014)
    309. Neighbour from hell is given ASBI: ‘A neighbour from hell who attacked his ex-girlfriend, smoked cannabis and hosted loud, late-night parties has been hit with a two-year anti-social behaviour injunction. Jermaine Pencheon was handed the order after residents living near the 24-year-old in Kings Norton complained about his antics.’ (15 Dec 2013)
    310. Mother who confessed ‘I’ve stabbed somebody’ is jailed: ‘Seven cannabis plants were also found growing in a locked room. During interview Bunn [the defendant] admitted to producing a small amount of cannabis for her own use but she denied being responsible for the attack on Mrs Wright.’ (19 Aug 2013)
    311. Scott McGeachy given community sentence for baby attack: ‘At the High Court in Glasgow, judge Lady Scott told McGeachy: “A prison sentence is not necessary in the circumstances.” She also placed him under supervision for two years and ordered him to have treatment for his addiction to cannabis.’ (7 June 2013)
    312. Man launched “ferocious” attack on Hilperton woman while high on cannabis: ‘A man who broke into a neighbour’s house then assaulted her in the street while in a fit of cannabis induced psychoactive state [sic] has been jailed for a year.’ (30 Apr 2013)
    313. Tenterden teen Gilbert North locked up for knife attack on friend Jack Duke: ‘North, who admitted wounding with intent, had smoked a cannabis joint after downing 10 Stella lagers at a party at a friend’s house in Bethersden.’ (8 Jan 2013)
    314. Gillingham drug addict Paul Day, 28, jailed for attack on 73-year-old girlfriend: ‘The court heard he had first smoked cannabis at the age of 11, progressed to amphetamine and ecstasy and was then using class A drugs by 16 and up until two years ago.’ (18 Dec 2012)
    315. Knife attack teenager is given 18-year term: ‘Scott Coley was just 17 when he armed himself with a nine-inch “Rambo-style” hunting knife, donned dark clothes and a balaclava and attacked David Walton. Now 19, he showed no emotion as he was found guilty of attempted murder at Shrewsbury Crown Court yesterday. Coley, who was high on cannabis during the attack, blew a kiss to his family as he was sent down.’ (9 Nov 2012)
    316. Gunman gets four years for shooting diamond trader at Telford home: ‘Shrewsbury Crown Court was told today that Mr Holbrook was left with a pellet lodged behind his nasal cavity. The court heard that before the February 27 attack, Painter [the defendant] used to visit Mr Holbrook’s home to smoke cannabis.’ (29 Aug 2012)
    317. Ex is caged over attack on man in Redcar: ‘Norman [the defendant] had £353 worth of heroin in his clenched fist as he was cuffed and searched. He also had four bags of mephedrone, or MCAT, and two bags of cannabis. He told officers he’d decided to make some easy money on the spur of the moment to fund his own cannabis use.’ (1 June 2012)
    318. Tyler Fielding, 16, detained for Redruth attempted murder: ‘Fielding, who was drunk and high on cannabis at the time of the attack, had attacked Mr King so hard that an imprint of his shoe was left on Mr King’s head, the court had been told. Mr King suffered fractures of the voice box in the attack which would have caused him to choke to death had he not received a tracheotomy.’ (20 Jan 2012)
    319. Thugs caged for airgun attack on school children in Auchinleck: ‘TWO stoned teenagers who shot seven school pupils with a BB gun at lunchbreak were locked up yesterday. Kyle Allison, 18, and Campbell Whiteford, 16, brought terror to the Ayrshire village of Auchinleck when they opened fire.’ (15 June 2011)
    320. ‘Chaotic’ Coventry criminal smoked cannabis aged eight: ‘David Swinnerton, prosecuting, said Walker had pleaded guilty to: stealing £18-worth of petrol from Asda, in Walsgrave, on February 15; assaulting a man in Pinley Fields, Stoke Aldermoor, on June 28, causing him actual bodily harm; burgling a private garage in Upper Park Street, Willenhall, on July 8, and stealing a Toyota Avensis; driving the Avensis in Whitmore Avenue, Stoke Aldermoor, on July 9, while disqualified; driving the stolen car on July 9 with no insurance; failing to provide a specimen of breath on July 9; and assaulting a police officer on July 9 by spitting at him.’ (5 Sep 2011)
    321. ‘Britain’s biggest brat’ locked away: ‘Reports also showed that Edmans regularly smoked cannabis.’ (7 Apr 2011)
    322. Four sentenced after subjecting teens to eight-hour horror kidnap ordeal: ‘The three, who had been drinking and smoking cannabis, then became aggressive and forced the victims to accompany them to the canal threatening to stab them if they refused.’ (15 Mar 2011)
    323. Young mum feared she woud [sic] die as ex-boyfriend throttled her in ‘unpleasant’ assault: ‘Cannabis addict Ireland later poured bleach over Rebecca’s bed and settee.’ (21 Feb 2011)
    324. Guilty: Heavy cannabis user stabbed millionaire’s wife 12 times with screwdriver as she walked her dog: ‘A heavy cannabis user is facing life behind bars after launching a frenzied attack on a millionaire’s wife.’ (17 Feb 2011)
    325. Teen knifeman jailed after repeatedly stabbing friend: “It’s clear that his father did have a criminal lifestyle and at very young age he was led into drugs. Cannabis at 12 and cocaine later on, because he had easy access to drugs through acquaintances of his father.” (19 Nov 2010)
    326. Teenage tearaway banned from Liverpool’s Chinatown: ‘Gallagher’s roll call of yob behaviour included: Being seen pushing a stolen motorbike up a street. Receiving an on-the-spot fine for riding illegally on the pavement. Swearing repeatedly at police officers. Smoking cannabis in the street.’ (27 Dec 2010)
    327. Cannabis user fined after attacking wife: ‘Richard Diston struck his partner Christine on the left side of the head and then her arms as she raised them in self-defence during a row at their home in July.’ (12 Nov 2010)
    328. Subway terror attack youths are locked up: ‘The attack, which left Mr McLaren with a four-inch gash on his forehead and a footprint across his face, was the culmination of a day of violence fuelled by drink and cannabis, Bolton Crown Court heard. It was the third attack carried out by the gang that day; they had previously tried to rob a teenager and randomly punched and kicked a second innocent member of the public.’ (22 July 2010)
    329. Two jailed for Brighouse and Bailiff Bridge Samurai robberies: ‘The stolen money was used to pay off Keane’s drug debt and the duo then smoked more cannabis until 1am.’ (13 July 2010)
    330. Knife-wielding teen gets eight-year term for injuring garda: ‘The court heard that on the night he attacked Gda Mullen at James’s Street, Westport, the accused was intoxicated and had smoked 20 joints of cannabis during the day.’ (19 June 2010)
    331. Cleared Bristol man in cannabis warning over stabbings: ‘The court had heard he had a long history of mental illness and was a heavy cannabis user. After the case, Mr Bailey said he could not remember the stabbings and warned against using skunk cannabis.’ (11 June 2010)
    332. Dallas Texas Liburd jailed for attack on teenage girlfriend: ‘Liburd was arrested and police then discovered a cannabis plant, which Liburd said was for his own use as he has smoked the drug since he was 17.’ (20 May 2010)
    333. Thug locked up for attack on Medway man: ‘Violence erupted after Mr Ellis [the victim], who was unsteady on his feet, bumped into one of the trio [of defendants]. He apologised but words were exchanged. Gill, who had smoked four cannabis joints that day, left the shop, only for Mr Ellis to follow.’ (30 Apr 2010)
    334. Woman played dead to survive horrifying three hour torture ordeal: ‘She described him as “possessive” and “depressive” and that she believed he had been abusive to other partners in the past but that she “defended herself”. Ms McGrath said she had gone to bed in the early hours of January 10 in 2009 as kitchen fitter Hasson drank cider and smoked cannabis. She woke to the bedroom door being opened and the light coming on.’ (26 Feb 2010)
    335. Paddock man starts 6-year sentence after hammer attack in Paddock: ‘Jonathan Sharp, prosecuting, told the court that Kelly [the defendant] had gone to live with Mr Coombes after his girlfriend kicked him out. He said the two men had started a sexual relationship. But Kelly began playing loud music, smoking cannabis and bringing girls back to the flat. Mr Coombes finally asked him to leave when Kelly brought a 15-year-old girl back to the apartment.’ (Examiner Live, 7th Sep., 2009)
    336. Vicious young thugs who beat, stabbed and burned victims face being locked up for life: ‘The brothers met their victims,who were aged 11 and nine, at a park in Edlington, near Doncaster, Yorkshire onSaturday, April 4. They were in foster care in the former mining village after a nightmare up-bringing with a mother who fed them cannabis to keep them quiet.’ (Daily Record, 4th September 2009)
    337. Kyle Ebdale gets seven-and-a-half years for beating carer: ‘A TEENAGER “out of his mind” on drink and drugs left a woman suffering permanent brain damage in an attack in her home…Mark Styles, mitigating, told the court: “He can’t shirk from the conclusion it was a dreadful offence, for which he is now deeply remorseful.” Mr Styles said Ebdale burgled what he thought was an unoccupied property while making his way home from a house where he had been drinking and smoking skunk cannabis.’ (Northern Echo, 15th August, 2009)
    338. Stoned teenager Mark Kane tortured cat: ‘A stoned teenager who trapped a cat in a bag full of cannabis smoke and swung it round like a lasso was caught after he filmed the “sadistic” act on his mobile.’ (Chronicle Live, 31st July, 2009)
    339. Jail for ‘jealous’ man who stabbed rival: ‘Yesterday, the court heard that Moran had been drinking heavily and smoking cannabis on the night in question and, when his partner returned from a night out, he accused her of going out with other men, including Mr Doherty.’ (Derry Journal, 26th June 2009)
    340. ‘Man battered girlfriend in vicious assault’: ‘Jurors heard the couple “fought in short bursts” each snorting one line of cocaine and smoking two or three joints of cannabis between them.’ (29 May 2009)
    341. Exclusive: Most dangerous teen in Scotland vows to murder if freed: ‘In the letters to a penpal, passed to the Sunday Mail, Cornelius admits slashing a fellow prisoner in the face with a makeshift weapon for calling him a “daftie”.  He reveals that he had been smoking cannabis in the prison exercise yard before making the blade by snapping a shaving razor and melting it into a pen.’ (19 Apr 2009)
    342. Jailed for slashing girl’s throat: ‘A man who tried to kill his pregnant girlfriend by slashing open her throat in a drug-fuelled rage has been jailed… Michael Leeming, prosecuting, said: “It was a troubled relationship that was peppered with domestic violence, separations and reconciliations. For the most part, she blames his abuse of cocaine and cannabis”.’ (15 Apr 2009)
    343. Anfield’s ‘Townsend Ten’ drug gang’s reign of terror is at an end: “Every day you would turn up for work at 4pm and there would be 25-30 lads and girls hanging around outside, drinking and smoking weed. You didn’t want to come to work and the community didn’t want to run the gauntlet to come in here.” (13 Apr 2009)
    344. Teenager breaks SAS man’s jaw: ‘He admitted to the jury that he had drunk five cans of lager and half a bottle of vodka, besides smoking cannabis.’ (15 Mar 2009)
    345. Teenagers jailed over mugging which left boy in coma: ‘A grammar school pupil was left in a coma after being mugged by two teenagers “obsessed by cannabis” who wanted money to fund their drug habit, a court heard.’ (13 Jan 2009)
    346. Man beat up girlfriend ‘because she was tired’: ‘Miss Fitzsimmons recalled how Hayes, who has a history of psychological problems and had been smoking cannabis, was kicking her so hard he complained his foot was hurting.’ (27 Sep 2008)
    347. Mail worker stabbed woman six times in the head: ‘A mail worker who stabbed a woman colleague in the head six times with a screwdriver after smoking skunk cannabis has been detained indefinitely.’ (19 Sep 2008)
    348. Two and half years for knife-and-fork offender: ‘Garda Lennon agreed that Kiely had a dispute with his partner about “going or not going to work” that morning and that he had been smoking cannabis and drinking with his uncle during the day.’ (31 July 2008)
    349. Sawn-off shotgun thug is jailed for nine years: ‘Lord Hodge was also told that, in the months before the attack, McFadyen had spent most of the time with a local gang, moving from house to house drinking and smoking cannabis.’ (10 July 2008)
    350. Woman threatened with meat cleaver in Walker: ‘Four years of violence at the hands of her partner ended with two terrifying attacks for a woman. Helen Johnson was slashed with a meat cleaver, hit with a bottle and had a knife put to her throat. Miss Johnson reported the incidents to the police and Robert Pritchard could now be jailed… Prosecutor Jenny Hart said he regularly assaulted Miss Johnson when he was drunk and high on cannabis.’ (23 June 2008)
    351. Lutterworth teen jailed for biting off ear in Rugby: ‘When Sillman was interviewed by the police he said he could not remember the incident because he had drunk a large amount of alcohol, smoked six or seven joints of cannabis, and snorted a line of cocaine.’ (18 June 2008)
    352. Happy slap thugs face years in prison: ‘The teenager, who was living at The Foyer, supported housing in Velyn Avenue, Chichester, at the time of the attack, claimed he had been smoking cannabis hours before the assault and had no control over his actions.’ (30 Apr 2008)
    353. Teenager high on cannabis stabs girlfriend 32 times during bondage game after being wrongly told she had AIDS: ‘Edward Bell, 17, took the 15-year-old to a beauty spot where he persuaded her to take part in a mock bondage scene in which she would be blindfolded and hit with a stick while a friend filmed her on a mobile phone. Instead, he launched the 15-minute knife attack which left the schoolgirl with multiple wounds to the face, neck, back and hands and with two punctured lungs.’ (18 Apr 2008)
    354. Pole jailed for seven years after ‘frenzied’ stabbing of journalist: ‘He told gardai in interviews that he was drunk and high on cannabis and had “heard voices” in his head before the attack.’ (18 Apr 2008)
    355. Concerns over rise in cannabis and alcohol-fuelled violence: “Time and again we are getting cases where alcohol and cannabis seem to have resulted in violence. They just don’t seem to mix.” (5 Mar 2008)
    356. Police officer stabbed as he tried to stop violent knifeman: ‘During a trial the jury heard Kilavuz, who has been held in a secure mental hospital since his arrest, has been assessed by two psychiatrists who concluded at the time he was suffering from a severe psychotic illness. Kilavuz told doctors he believed smoking cannabis had caused his mental condition.’ (1 Feb 2008)
    357. Grandson jailed for brutal attack on pensioner: ‘She challenged him about smoking cannabis and he responded by putting a chain on the door, turning out the lights and attacking her.’ (19 Jan 2008)
    358. Teenager found guilty over knife attack: ‘A teenager who used cocaine and cannabis during a heavy drinking session, ended up stabbing a women with a kitchen knife.’ (18 Jan 2008)
    359. Father stabbed by addict makes plea to parents: ‘Nigel Ellison was stabbed repeatedly by his drug- and alcohol-addicted son Matthew, 22, in a “wicked and violent” attack…Ellison’s mother and father said he started smoking cannabis when he was aged 15. That led to a decline during which he would use crack cocaine, amphetamines, heroin, glue, lighter fluid and crystal meth.’ (11 Oct 2007)
    360. Man broke friend’s cheekbone: ‘Mike Pulsford, defending, said his client accepted what he had done and was astounded to learn of the injuries he had caused. He said in the past Davies had problems with cannabis and amphetamines as well as drink.‘ (18 Sep 2007)
    361. Mauled Ellie’s grandmother ‘nearly twice drink-drive limit’: ‘A grandmother was nearly twice the legal drink-drive limit when her young granddaughter was mauled to death by the family dog, a court heard today. Jacqueline Simpson, 45 – who smoked up to 10 cannabis joints a day – had taken a cocktail of wine, marijuana, sleeping tablets and medication for depression, Liverpool Crown Court was told.’ (Irish Examiner, 5th Sep., 2007)
    362. Fire torture maniac is sent to jail: ‘A MAN who set a friend on fire after dousing him with petrol before laughing as he burned was today beginning an indeterminate prison sentence…Brotherton, he [the judge] added, had been smoking strong cannabis when he hatched his plot to get even and that had clearly affected his thinking.’ (15 May 2007)
    363. Cowards who mugged woman locked up: ‘She was held down, searched, punched, kicked twice in the stomach and robbed. The trio who had been smoking cannabis then tried to sell her bike in Canton, Cardiff.’ (23 Apr 2007)
    364. ‘Shameless’ family: We’re not moving: “Cannabis will still be smoked and sold at the property, it still will be filthy and there will continue to be problems with domestic violence.” (26 Feb 2007)
    365. Four jailed for 26 years after filming brutal knife attack: ‘Mr Gilkes needed 48 stitches following the midnight attack, which took place after the group had smoked cannabis.’ (Scotsman, 29th July, 2006)
    366. Beaten – for asking teenager to be quiet: ‘Durham Crown Court heard that the pedestrian merely said: “Excuse me, could you keep the noise down, other people live here.” But Punshon followed him on his bike and confronted him in a nearby alleyway. Shaun Dryden, prosecuting, said the man told him he did not want any trouble, but Punshon struck him a forceful blow in the face, knocking him to the ground.He then kicked him repeatedly, leaving him unconscious… Police were called and arrested Punshon at the scene, but when interviewed he had no recollection of the incident, having smoked cannabis and drunk heavily that day.’ (Northern Echo, 10th Feb., 2006)
    367. Cannabis user jailed over attack: ‘The judge said if he had not been ill he would not have attacked Lisa Voice, 52, at her north London home last June. He said the illness was exacerbated by the defendant’s prolonged cannabis use. Thomas had smoked the drug from the age of 15 and had recently moved on to smoking skunk – a stronger strain of cannabis.’ (BBC News, 6th Feb., 2006)
    368. Thug jailed for violent attacks: ‘Prosecuting Robin Patton told the court Masserick [the defendant] was a violent man with a history of violent crime. He said when Masserick moved in with his then partner and four-year-old child last year he started taking testosterone to build himself up at the gym. He tried to counter its effects on his personality with cannabis.’ (Chronicle Live, 16th December 2005)
    369. File closed on attack that left young mother paralysed: ‘Detectives believe that 23-year-old Richard Cazaly knifed Mrs Witchalls, leaving her for dead, in a random act of drug-induced violence. His “psychotic” state was a result of his long-term abuse of cannabis and amphetamines, said Mark Rowley, the assistant chief constable of Surrey.’ (Daily Telegraph, 23rd Nov. 2005)
    370. Man jailed for stabbing girlfriend: ‘Three days before a court appearance Miss Harper went to Cumberbatch’s flat, where he had been smoking cannabis, and they argued.’ (Birmingham Mail, 17th Oct. 2005)
    371. Cannabis smoking leads to criminality, judge tells arsonist: “Those whose minds are steeped in cannabis are capable of quite extraordinary criminality.” (Daily Telegraph, 7th Oct. 2005)
    372. Man responsible for ‘chilling’ robberies to be sentenced: ‘Defence counsel Ms Roisin Lacey BL (with Mr George Birmingham SC) earlier told Judge Matthews her client is a heroin addict who has been using cannabis since he was 12 years old.’ (Irish Examiner, 11th May 2005)
    373. Cannabis abuse blamed for ‘very serious attack’: ‘Matthew Buswell, 23, was jailed for five years at Swindon Crown Court after a Christmas Eve attack in Trowbridge that left his victim with a vicious cut from his left ear to his chin.’ (Gazette & Herald, 15th April 2005)
    374. Cue attack man loses bid for jail term cut: ‘The judge said the attack took place in Hartshorne’s home in December, 2003, after he and the victim had smoked cannabis together.’ (Examiner Live, 9th April 2005)
    375. Teenager locked up over role in ‘torture’: ‘The court heard how the victim’s ordeal began on April 27 this year when he and the two defendants went to a house in Coventry to smoke cannabis.’ (Coventry Telegraph, 30th July 2004)
    376. Ten years for car thief who stabbed police officer: ‘The weapon, a chef’s knife with an eight-inch blade, severed an artery in his shoulder, filling one of his lungs with blood, and only a skilled operation at the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough saved his life… The four admitted they were drunk after downing litre bottles of cider and smoking cannabis joints, said prosecutor Christine Egerton. They said that the plan was to steal a car radio cassette player from a Nissan Micra car.’ (Northern Echo, 27th Jan. 2003)
    377. Life for drug attack maniac: ‘Wild tempered Colin Bell, today beginning a mandatory life sentence, snapped as he smoked cannabis at the house his victims were sharing in Park Villas, Leadgate, near Consett.’ (Chronicle Live, 12th Dec. 2001)

And counting.

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